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Germaine Foley

When women have plenty of money good things happen!  It’s my passion to help you stop impulse spending so that you can have plenty of money & fully experience life with joy and financial ease.  All of this is possible for you without going on a strict budget or giving up your lifestyle.

Stella Evans

I help parents of special needs children stop grading themselves based on their thoughts, beliefs, and prior experiences.

The parent that you truly want to be is just one thought away.

As a life coach with expertise in neurolinguistic programming, clinical self-hypnosis, and The Model, I know that our thoughts transform our lives and our future experiences.

Leave guilt behind.

Stop traveling to a future full of the worst possibilities you can imagine for yourself and your child.

Be present for quality experiences with your child.

Focus on work when you are at work, and be at home when you are home.

It is all possible.

Li Huo

I help busy Asian moms working in health care avoid overwhelm by letting go of guilt and obligation, thus reclaiming their time and achieving their work/life balance goals.

Jamie Lee

I help smart women in STEM who hate office politics get promoted and better paid without throwing anyone under the bus.

Pearl Tong-Ngork

I help overwhelmed high-achievers have it all — without the hustle and burn out.

After coaching over 1000 client sessions, I know that changing your mindset is POWERFUL to help ditch the overwhelm and anxiety.
But thought work only gets you so far when you’re strung out on sugar and coffee all day.
Or when you’re totally out of touch with creating true joy and peace.

So I create the Transformational Triad for true transformation of my clients’ Mind, Body and Spirit.
We dismantle the thoughts causing overwhelm.
We detox from sugar, flour, coffee and alcohol.
We restore your energy from the inside out with Reiki, meditation, connection and being in nature.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
We experiment.
We jigger and figure.
We do it all on your own terms.

My clients signed with me when they knew they were ready for a change, willing to do the work, and able to invest in themselves.

If you’re ready, willing and able, then let’s. get. going.

Susie Castellanos Hansley, Ph.D.

Coaching is about showing you your own mind. You’ll gain clarity and build confidence as you realize what you can control and change in your life. You’ll be able to see where you can change your current life to create the future you want – without all the self-judgment and stress, and with a lot more ease and fun.

My mission is to help you see your own innate worthiness. You can stop the cycle of self-judgment and fear of failure. Together, we can help you build the self-trust, self-confidence, and self-love that will serve you in not only getting what you want, but in becoming the contribution you are meant to be in this world.

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Sade Curry

I help Divorced Women date with confidence and get married again. I help them use divorce as a stepping stone to create the life they always wanted.

Shawna Samuel

If you’re a working mother in a demanding professional role, you’ve probably experienced the tension between achieving big things at work and being a great mom. You may be wondering whether you need to change jobs to get more of the life you want. I help women just like you to:

  • Become more productive with your time, so you can spend the time you want with your family
  • Negotiate with confidence for what you want at work, whether that’s more flexibility or a role that reflects your true potential
  • Get more help at home from your partner, so you aren’t feeling like the “default parent”
  • Be in the driver’s seat of your own life

Achieving work-life balance is possible. It just requires learning some new skills. That’s exactly what we teach you at The Mental Offload.

Paige Bowman

Paige helps Life Coaches lose weight in a simple way as they build & scale their businesses. You can lose weight with simplicity and ease so that you spend less time thinking about food, your body, & the scale and more time thinking about CEO and coaching things. You’re making money in your coaching business and now you can lose the weight, too.

Katie Stolp

I spent more than two decades struggling with confidence and feeling like I was never enough until I found solutions that finally worked for good. Now, I’m on a mission to help other women breakthrough to authentic confidence, live their best lives, and change the world.

Vanessa Calderón, MD MPP

I help Latinx professionals create the success they deserve in all domains of their lives. My clients learn to thrive in stressful situations, gain confidence and mental clarity, and learn how to manage their money and create financial freedom.

LaQuida Barnett

I help you create more of the romance you read about or see on TV, in your life.