Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached.

Dr. Ada Sommerfeldt

As a Change Coach, I coach high-achieving executives, entrepreneurs and visionaries to become the best version of themselves.

With my coaching program, they learn to understand their brain, comprehend their feelings and explore the realm of possibilities in a fast-changing world , so that they find their voice in a career they love,  become pioneers in their field, and create the life they want.

Charlene Lam

I help grieving people to feel less alone, more supported and better equipped to deal with the practical and emotional aftermath of losing a loved one. My vision is for you to emerge with your livelihood, health and relationships intact so you can move forward (when you’re ready) with living your own fullest life!

After my mother died suddenly in 2013, I leaned into my creativity to guide myself through grief. I designed my Curating Grief coaching framework to help people process their grief in a creative, accessible way.

Feeling burdened by the weight of stuff, responsibilities, resentments and regrets?
Want to feel lighter? Want to feel better?
It’s possible! Let’s figure out your life after loss.

Nurse TLC

Nurses, Teachers, Moms, Daughters, Wives… we are constantly putting others first.

I meet each client exactly where they are… no need to wait for the “right time,” “more time,” or to be in the “right headspace.”

If there is something you are putting off that you’ve been wanting to accomplish – Know you’re perfectly where you are meant to be. You do not have to do a single thing but show up. I already did all the hard work and heavy lifting. Now, it’s YOUR TIME to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Jonathan Herzog

I help high-achieving gay men who’ve gone to therapy feel better and get exactly what they want in life.

Aida Makonnen Lopez

I help amazing, motivated women in midlife experience what’s possible in a midlife upgrade and thrive.

  • End overwhelm
  • Achieve goals
  • Release worries
  • Love yourself and the body you are currently in
  • Improve your mindset and relationships
  • Manage anxiety and more
  • Gain control of your life again
  • Find peace of mind

Joan Chan, MD

My methods are rooted in
– Science-based understanding of how our bodies and brains work
– Knowledge of how our societies and systems exploit our innate desires for safety and belonging and condition us to think, feel and act in ways that don’t serve us
– Unwavering belief in every human’s inherent goodness and resourcefulness

Maria Lavin

I believe that we all deserve to have thriving relationships and that every single one of us has what it takes to create that for ourselves. We must start by working on our relationship with ourselves first. When we have a solid foundation of self confidence, self love, and self trust, the relationships in our lives begin to improve dramatically.  I will teach you everything you need to know to have the romantic relationship of your dreams, in a healthy and empowered way.

Aida Mosier

Being in a bicultural marriage can be challenging. You can lose your sense of self and identity trying to make your marriage thrive, but your marriage needs you. Whole and imperfect as you are.

Helping people thrive in a bicultural marriage, understanding and breaking barriers and integrating both cultures.

Eleanor Victorioso

I help women develop a healthy relationship with money so that they can overcome the painful stories and systemic challenges that keep them struggling financially. I believe that change happens when we create awareness around our money stories and release them. No amount of financial advice or budget will work unless we look at the root cause behind our compulsive and harmful habits.

Love and connection are a key part of the coaching relationship that I develop with my clients.

Darryl Taylor

I help the families, friends and partners who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer. If you’re dealing with the stress, fear, uncertainty, and feeling overwhelmed that comes with caring for someone that has cancer I help you hold it all together, maintain focus, stop feeling desperate and not give in to fear. Together we got this.

Tracy Lin

I help women stop procrastinating on their goals and dreams, so they can trust themselves to do what they say they’ll do.

I see you as perfect and whole. There’s no “better” version of you out there. There’s just you right now, and I love her.

My coaching container is client-centered and customized to what you want to achieve in your life and who you want to be.

We start with understanding where you’re at. We then define where you want to go, how you want to feel, and who you want to become more of. The journey in the middle is where we overcome the obstacles together through a combination of strategy, mindset, and somatic work.

I’m a guide by your side, partnering with your humanity with love and compassion, through a trauma-informed lens. I’m here to co-create and make inevitable the dreams and goals that keep calling to you.

I love helping my clients access their inner wisdom and authority to make decisions that align with who they are, and not who they think they “should” be. And to do it with peace and ease. This is the work of healing your relationship with yourself, and coming back home to you.