"You are worthy of the change you seek. Join Get Coached."

Arthur Patton-Hock

I help grad students, postdocs, and professors in the humanities and qualitative social sciences think expansively about careers for which their PhD has qualified them. You can build the professional life you want – within the academy or beyond – without “selling out.”

Nicole Perrotte

I help mid career women physicians who are stuck, overwhelmed and burned out from doing all the things pivot to find time, flexibility and freedom.

Anna Summers

I am a Life Coach for Athletes and Artists, helping them to level up in their performance and in their lives without burning out!

Serena Hicks – Holy Wow Money™

I teach folks how to have, make and steward Holy Wow Money™

I teach my clients how to DO less to HAVE MORE.

I teach you the tools to CREATE the life you have been dreaming of and then I will LOVINGLY BUT TOTALLY hold your feet to the fire if needed.

Deedee Lloyd

I am a cisgender educator and relationship coach that helps people obtain more peace in the relationships that matter most to them. I can help you quickly and systematically develop the internal processes that dramatically alter your external relationships. My passions involve helping parents and loved ones of transgender and/or neurodiverse children overcome personal struggles, so that they can best support their child. I first learned about the beneficial nature of coaching after overcoming a lifelong battle with weight by using mindset tools to sustain a 70 lb+ weight loss. However, it wasn’t until my 15 year old came out as transgender that I truly marveled at coaching as being a defining life-altering element in the lives of parents that love their children, but may still struggle with their child’s identity. After quickly transforming my own parent-child relationship and other meaningful relationships with those I love; I wanted to make sure other people were fully equipped to  do the same.  As founder of P.R.I.D.E Relationship Coaching I live out my personal  mission to empower others to develop peaceful and fulfilling relationships with the most important people in their lives.

Franchelle Caesar Boateng MD

Fran helps you pay off debt, including the mortgage, in as little as 5-7 years without budgeting or changing your spending habits. The rules for success with money have always been written by Savers. Fran’s program was created by a Spender, exclusively for Spenders, and guarantees that Spenders thrive.

Tracey Coates

I help busy professional moms go from feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and stressed in their day-to-day life to reclaiming their overall well-being & sanity and finding inner balance. Through personalized coaching, we address the root causes of their stress, restore their energy levels, strengthen their relationships, and boost their overall confidence with grace and resilience.

Ashley R. Wright

Dear Black Woman, you’re ready to show up in all your light and glory– but you’re hesitant. You’re scared. Doubt makes more decisions for you than a little bit & hunniii, it’s time for you to get over yourself!

I give Black women the space they need to redeem the time they’ve lost because they didn’t think they were good, worthy, or ready enough. I help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs so you can thrive and create a life you look forward to daily!

With journaling as an optional supportive tool, you’ll embrace emotion, tell your story your way, and write your way to freedom. It’s time for you to own your story and let it work in your favor. We’ll identify your life’s desires and work through how you’re getting in your own way love – It’s time for you to shine and thrive!

Roberto Candelaria

As a Business Profit Strategist, I help coaches and entrepreneurs find the money gaps in their businesses, and fix them.

Through a combination of results driven coaching and strategy, I’ll help you create a plan to build a business you love without sacrificing community or connection.

Work With Me If You…

  • Desire more platforms to share your message and increased lead generation leading to profits
  • Lack Confidence in who to partner with or how to partner with them.
  • Overwhelmed because the right infrastructure and processes in your business are not in place.
  • Stuck in your current phase of business and don’t know how to move forward.
  • Interested in speaking on more stages and/or crafting the right product or program for the platforms you have access to.
  • Confused by all the “free resources” online and ready to get a customized strategy and plan for your business.
  • Tired of leaving money on the table.
  • Excited about having others promote you to generate more passive affiliate commissions.

Ready to tell your story, partner with others, and propel your profits.

Yvonne Cao

When the pandemic hit, I thought I had it figured out. I had been working from home for years, surely this was going to be no different. Soon after, I felt completely drained, unable to distinguish work from personal life. I needed to get myself out of this situation for the sake of my family. So I turned to LCS. My LCS-trained coach taught me the skills to align my thoughts and emotions to fuel productive action, in service of the vision that I had for my life. Clear boundaries between work and personal life. Improved relationships with husband and kids. Stronger connections with friends. All while continue to kill it at work. That is what I will do for you – with compassion, non-judgment and curiosity.

Laura Cazier, MD

Physicians spend decades training to care for others, but we are too often negligent in caring for ourselves. We often don’t have a “safe space” to talk about and reflect upon the many stresses we experience in our lives, both at home and at work. My passion is to provide that space, to help physicians “heal themselves,” find joy in their lives (including in their work), and set and achieve goals so they can become the version of themselves they always dreamed was possible.

Nicolassa Galvez, Chingona Coach

I founded Chingona Coach to support women who are undervalued by their bosses. I want you to learn how to love your job and then leave it. Love it… so you don’t bring your baggage to the next opportunity. And leave it… because I don’t believe traditional workplaces are set up for badass chicas who have big dreams and lean into being too much.

After years of feeling tempered at work, coaching helped me rekindle my internal Chingona fire, and now I coach other women to do the same.