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Taylor VerBerkmoes

I help service-based entrepreneurs capture the value of their offer and speak about it in a way that moves the people.

I believe that deep down we aren’t trying to do something new or different. We are simply trying to tell our truth.

As a specialist and coach, I listen for you, your sound, your message. Then I echo it back until no matter where you are or who you’re with, you hear and share authentically as you.

I love to incorporate tools like Human Design to aid in guiding clients to greater self-clarity.

Claudine Holt, M.D.

I am The Embodied M.D. and I help women in medicine who struggle with burnout, overwhelm, and stress learn to honor themselves so they can create a life and career they love.


Melissa Eich, RN

I coach busy women to establish their health through functional nutrition practices and discover a body that feels like theirs.

Meiling Aw

I help people go from fear to freedom, without willpower, white-knuckling or sacrificing what’s important to them.

Prerika Agarwal

I help women leap into their next career within 90 days. If you have been trying for six months or more, spending hours and hours, frustrated and wondering what is going wrong, I can help you. My coaching program is 3 Simple Steps:

Clarity- I will get you focused and clear on your next career, so you’re not frustrated by a sea of options.

Alignment-I will match YOUR values to opportunities that are a fit, so that you don’t waste time and energy on those that don’t resonate.

Action-I help you design a unique roadmap, so you know exactly what to do next and never have to wonder why it’s not working.

Sharell Weeams

You know how some people start a business because they want more freedom, but end up overworked and glued to their laptop 24/7? (This used to be me!)

Well… I help experts go from Booked & Burnt Out to Leveraged & Liberated. We start by turning your high-end 1:1 coaching and consulting services into a premium group program and then design a signature sales system to convert clients by the dozens.

Why? Cause… liberation!

… And because having a leveraged group program and recurring revenue is what allowed me to take months off when I had a health crisis… without ever having to worry about money, bills or taking care of my clients.

I want that for you too! More Freedom. Limitless Income. Infinite Impact.

Mike Weekley

I help young people thrive by showing them how to think on purpose; and I help parents have their kids’ backs.

I help young athletes win at life through mindset training. I’ll help them love their playing time and help them get the most out their training and athletic coaching. Together we’ll develop their focus, build resilience, and gain mental endurance. Mindset coaching builds stronger-minded kids, and smarter young athletes – who not only stay on the right path but succeed wildly at whatever they set their hearts on.

I help teens thrive after living in a residential treatment facility. Teens moving back home after living in this controlled environment is a huge adjustment for the entire family. Everyone is different – they need to be, if the teen is to be successful. No one automatically knows what to do. The trauma has been dealt with during the treatment stay and continues to be dealt with in therapy. But what about the other stuff … the day-to-day stuff? The household, school stuff, that is “too small” to mention, that still matters to the teen and the family? That can be managed by thinking on purpose.


Sukhi Kaur

I use mindset coaching to help high-achieving Women of Color (WOC) understand that Imposter Syndrome is not a diagnosis or inherent as a WOC, instead it’s an internal experience created by their beliefs about themselves. I guide WOC to create self-awareness around the truth of who they are and see their ability to change how they experience themselves and the results they create in their lives.

I’m passionate about doing this work to help high-achieving WOC work less and get paid more, and no longer be at the effect of Imposter Syndrome.

Patrice Byas

I help high performing and achieving women learn who they are and how to be her without guilt or shame.

Kristine Glass

Helping with mindset for Latine, Veteran, or Health Care workers to achieve their full potential while navigating barriers.

Neha Awasthi

I help Life Coaches & Practitioners to UNMUTE their superpowers and get fully booked in their practice. I do that with my 5S framework: soul, strategy, social media, storytelling, sales. Words are the currency of internet & online coaching business. When you know how to use them intentionally – you have a superpower to share your message powerfully & create the change you want to create in the world. I teach you how to do it with substance, strategy & skill so that you can inspire your people to take action.

I also work with woman of colour afraid of being “authentically” visible – which I call becoming UNMUTED.

Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD

I believe we’ve been conditioned to follow a preset path concerning our lives and career, some unwritten rules we follow so blindly that we deny who we are, what we want, and what we’re meant to do in the world.

We need to wake up and free ourselves from running on autopilot, so we can be liberated and honor those parts of ourselves we’ve suppressed, denied, punished, or ignored so we can step into our power and brilliance and do the meaningful work we’re meant to do in the world.

I don’t believe work is just about paying the bills, building a 401(k), or waiting patiently for retirement. It’s about an expression of your greatest gifts and highest calling.

I’m against building a resume and in favor of building a life. It’s the contribution you’ll make to the world that will both sustain you spiritually and support you financially. It’s never an either-or…it’s always an and.

Everything you’ve been taught about how to get a career and life you love is outdated, ineffective, and just plain wrong.

I’ll help you learn a new and proven approach to get what you want. So get prepared to roll up your sleeves, clear a path, manage your limiting thinking, and unapologetically step into who you’re meant to be and the work you’re meant to do in the world. If you’ve been waiting for permission…you now have it.

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