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Stephanie Taylor

Blow up your life!
Because now is your time
I help dynamic women over 40 discover their true desires and blow up their lives.
There are messages all around
us that as we age we should live less, be less and do less.

These messages can lead us to hide, lead us not to hear our own desires, lead us to be confused and uncertain about what we want, even when though we’re dynamic and successful professionally.

They can lead us to be invisible.

F*&@ Invisible!
You were born to shine.
You were born to stand out.
You were born to share your gifts.
Your best moments are yet to
You’re a sassy, badass and you
I blew up my life over 40.

Lost the weight with ease after believing it was impossible for me to stop overeating.

And after decades of thinking that business and wealth were ‘not for me’, I found coaching. In partnership with my sister, Nicky Taylor, I became an award-winning property investor with a multi-million pound portfolio, multi-6-figure business owner, number 1 best-selling author and was voted Inspirational Person of the Year by Potential Unlocked with Les Brown.
We now live lives we never imagined was available to us.
Our only regret is living in limbo for so long and not even realising what was missing.

It’s our passion now to share the message with other women to unlock their desires, see the sparks within them and blow up their lives over 40.

Jen Cui

“Living your best life,” is a mindset.

Life is NOT linear.

I feel like everyone knows this, yet they are SO AFRAID to let go of this idea that there is a “right” path or that there is a path at all.

You can feel like you KNOW how your life is go, have a beautiful plan laid out filled with rainbows and daisies (aka. get the degree, make all the money, meet your soulmate, have kids, save up for retirement, finally live your dreams in your 60’s then die).

Then have the universe pull the fricking rug from under you and take a fat crap on your plans. But guess what.

That’s life. That’s life saying “you’re not supposed to figure it out because there’s nothing TO figure out.”

Because that’s what gives your life the opportunity to evolve, grow, change, experience all of the depths of the human experience.

And in those times? You are STILL living your best HUMAN life.

We can’t ever move backwards, and we can’t predict the future-

So stop telling yourself:
– that you’re going backwards in life
– that things aren’t “working”
– that you wish you could go back to when…
– that life feels so uncertain
– that you don’t know what to do
– that you should have figured it out by now
– that you need more time or feel more ready

That’s all BS.

(Maybe really believable BS, but it’s still BS stinking up your brain)

Learn how to ACCEPT that life has never been more or less uncertain 5 years ago, or in 2020, or in the future.

And then have the AUDACITY to dream big, and create a fantastical life.

Freedom is a result of becoming aware of, and then intentionally surrendering control over, the things you never really had control over.

You’re going to go through shit regardless of what goal you’re trying to achieve- but you get to choose the shit that comes with living your best life instead of what you think you “should” be doing.

Choose the path that’s aligned with who you are and take the steps that light you up knowing that you’re not doing it because you think you’ll escape fear, discomfort, stress, or worry, but because you want to experience it in a way that EXPANDS YOU.

P.S. When I was suicidal AF and came THIS close to unaliving myself, I made peace with death.

I was willing to move up my timeline. I was tired of the hustle. Tired of the pain. Tired of my problems. I felt like escaping.

And in the years that followed the decision to KEEP GOING, I had to show myself time and time again that it’s safe and okay and PREFERRED to slow down, embrace the unknown, and take the next step anyways (in ANY direction).

I realized I wasn’t on a path, I was in a FIELD- a beautiful open field for me to explore without a timeline.

I changed the voices inside my head, and began to dance.

Now, it’s your turn.

Dr. Trina Dorrah, MD

Dr. Dorrah is a certified self-love and body confidence life coach. Her mission is to help women break free from the culture of body shaming that tells women their bodies are never good enough.

Dr. Dorrah was inspired to become a self-love and body confidence coach after recovering from an eating disorder, and after learning that almost everything she had been taught about diets, health, and body image was wrong. She wasted so many years of her life trying to find the magical diet that would help her finally love how she looked.

Ultimately, Dr. Dorrah realized that the key to finding self-love and body confidence starts with our thoughts, and it involves practicing concepts such as radical self-love, intuitive eating, questioning traditional diet rules, engaging in healthy behaviors regardless of our size, and learning to accept our bodies as they are in this moment.

Dr. Dorrah is passionate about using her experience to help other women find the same freedom around food and body image that she has found.

Payal Patel Ghayal MD

Live a life of endless “Yay” moments! Advocate for yourself by listening to your inner voice so you can live in freedom, wake up everyday with purpose, and enjoy your work & family. This can only happen when you let go of the expectation society, culture, family and YOU have put on yourself. It’s time to choose you!! Hang up the tiger-mom cape. Hang up the perfect doctor cape. Hang up the perfect partner cape.

Lindsey B. Faucette, D.O.

I help women who are successful and active and busy in many areas of their lives, but feel challenged when it comes to staying healthy and staying connected to fun and satisfying sex. I help them feel like they are in control of their health, more decisive in making health care decisions, and more excited and confident in enjoying great sex!

Through my membership-based medical practice, practical strategies, and laser-sharp coaching, I’m here to help you. My patients and clients tell me they know I’m on their side. They know they can trust me and I help then grow and relax knowing we are making life healthier and sexier.

As a physician trained in Integrative Medicine, and a connected and compassionate provider, I have extensive experience working with patients with unusual health challenges including autoimmune disorders, sexual struggles, and social and emotional conditions that affect their world.

When I’m not supporting women and patients become all they know they can be, you can find me snuggling and reading with my 4 and 9 year old children, planning my next travel adventure, or wine tasting on the beautiful Central California Coast.

Let’s chat! And until then Be Well, Stay Safe and DREAM BIG!

Jennifer Dent Brown

It’s time to get off of the weight loss struggle bus. When your current weight loss plan doesn’t seem to work, you quit that one and go start another, right?

Sounds insane, but unfortunately, it’s very common. Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight-loss related products.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This little bit of information is NOT new to you.

It’s finally time to realize the next new diet isn’t going to solve your weight loss problem. The diet is not the issue. It’s you.

Your relationship with food, your mindset, and your lifestyle are the things that are keeping your weight up and your spirits low.

It’s time to do weight loss in a completely new way.

Esperanza Lebron

I use Neuroscience in my coaching practice to help my clients overcome a lifetime of subconscious patterns and beliefs in minutes. My passion lies in breaking possibility open and helping business owners see themselves as confident CEOs.

Paula Rosecky

I help high-achieving daughters of immigrants who are wildly successful at living someone else’s dreams start confidently designing the life THEY want.

Your life looks great on paper, but you wonder if there’s something more.

You’re questioning if this is the life YOU want.

I’d love to meet you to see how I can help.

Ursula Lang, MD PhD

I help moms with small children and advanced degrees in the STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Medicine) fields to overcome the overwhelm and better manage their time and relationships so they can live an authentic life that integrates their true desires and bucket-list dreams.

I also empower Latina Physicians to fully embrace their voice and authority over their work-life integration in order to live a more balanced life.

Michelle Ofreneo, M.D.

I help introverted High Achievers overcome stress, reach bold goals, and live life on your own terms.

I help you BE the Truest & Highest Version of Yourself in your personal and professional life without compromising who you are.

I am a physician, an anesthesiologist, a mom, a spouse, an introvert.
I am a recovering perfectionistic procrastinator, self-doubter, & people-pleaser.
I am a Thriver emerged from the ashes of my own burnout, a goal-getter, and a lifter of weights & minds.

I felt stuck in the rat race of life. I always had to get to the next thing before I could arrive and allow myself to feel good about where I was.
I was in this cyclical state of dis-ease… feeling this need to fill this void that I didn’t realize was there… trying to meet societal, cultural, and self-imposed expectations and pressures of being “good enough”.

I would take out my frustrations on my family or myself.

When finally, I thought — enough was enough.

Sometimes we need a coach, a mentor, a guide to help us see what we don’t see… to help pull us out of the same old story of our lives.

I had tried to DIY my personal development. I read the self-help books, listened to podcasts, tried meditation and yoga, studied philosophy, theology, positive psychology, and neuroscience.  But it wasn’t until I personally experienced coaching that I got the guidance and traction to overcome my old thought patterns and reactive habits.

And so, It is my mission and vision to share the power of coaching to help you shed the limiting stories within you and re-write your story and create new ones beyond the same old limited soundtrack.  I want to help you uncover what is keeping you stuck… help you reveal your highest self even in the most “triggering” situations. Our brains are neuroplastic, and it is absolutely possible to become the person you want to be and create a life you love… and enjoy it!

  • Maybe you’re working through bettering your relationship with your spouse, your kids, or your work place.
  • Maybe you’re working on getting over your self-doubt or imposter syndrome.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to perform better in your work or business.
  • Maybe you’re going through some major life or career transitions.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to manage your time better.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to get out of over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, … over-doing.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to feel less angry and just… feel better.

Together, we create a process to do just that.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ―Marcus Aurelius

Let’s build some mindset muscle.

Laura De Sans, MD

Looking for a Lasting Weight Loss?

Lasting weight loss goes beyond calories in and calories out.

Finding the root cause of your problem and working from that place, is essential to get the result you want.

Lasting weight loss is about nourishing your body in a way that reduces hunger and your desire for food, about how to talk to yourself and about learning to process your feelings rather than using food to escape from them.

Wouldn’t be fantastic if you feel in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you?

This is also possible for you! and it does not require to feel hungry, deprived & miserable all the time.

I am a Holistic Weight Loss Coach and lifestyle physician. I help working moms to feel better in their own bodies and getting rid of the burden of losing weight by stopping overeating and losing weight Permanently. From inside out. Without depriving themselves.

Natasha Tekeste

I’m a money mindset coach for women who want to earn more money.

I work with two kinds of clients – women who want to make more money at work and women who want to grow their business.

I teach my clients how to love the money they have, while also loving the process of earning and creating more – because it’s possible for money to be easy & fun. Let me show you how!