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Courtney Gray

I help women entrepreneurs Kick Ass in their businesses & make tons of money doing it.

With over a decade of experience as a jewelry designer/CEO of a thriving 6-figure jewelry business, I have created a process to create money, and a business that supports an amazing life.

I believe through coaching and thought work we can create a thriving business, wealth, health, and family AT THE SAME TIME.

Whether you are just starting your business, or wanting to make more money, I work 1:1 with my clients to authentically show up as the women they want to be.  The woman who kicks ass in their business AND life!

Amy Sanders

I inspire women to take their power back and learn to realize, believe in, and experience what’s possible for them. Together, we expose your strengths, slay your demons and help you create your own thriving life and business.

Shannon Weinstein

I help professional women create success in their professional and personal lives without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Melissa Francisco, PhD

I help professionals navigate transition by working on their business or career strategy.

Payal Patel Ghayal MD

Live a life of endless “Yay” moments! Advocate for yourself by listening to your inner voice so you can live in freedom, wake up everyday with purpose, and enjoy your work & family. This can only happen when you let go of the expectation society, culture, family and YOU have put on yourself. It’s time to choose you!! Hang up the tiger-mom cape. Hang up the perfect doctor cape. Hang up the perfect partner cape.

Sandra Jarvis

Sandra helps women with a history of trauma or abuse–especially coaches and entrepreneurs–overcome the myth of perfection and other insecurities that lead to imposter syndrome in their personal and professional lives. Using the Model and other mind management tools, Sandra helps you dig deep to find the root of your problems so you can get rid of your nagging doubts for good. As your coach, her goal is to help you stop trying to prove your worth by dropping the judgment and redefining your beliefs about yourself. As you become empowered to make conscious choices, you’ll see an increase in confidence, energy, and overall satisfaction with life. Best of all, you can focus on creating a life–and a business–you’ll never need to escape from again!

Heather Hansen

I help high performing women advocate for themselves, their businesses and their ideas with the tools of a trial attorney. You’ve spent your life advocating for others–I help you start advocating for yourself.

Molly Patrick

You packed up your dreams at some point in your life. This is awesome because it means you can unpack them whenever you want and turn them into reality.

Esperanza Lebron

I use Neuroscience in my coaching practice to help my clients overcome a lifetime of subconscious patterns and beliefs in minutes. My passion lies in breaking possibility open and helping business owners see themselves as confident CEOs.

Sherina Hill

I help You remove your limitations to find your true self, so you can create the true success & impact you desire.

As Entrepreneurs, after success, we start to ask different questions.

What is the point of it all?

Is this all there ever was?

I did all of that to get here…and I’m still not happy.

In fact, you start to feel a little trapped and annoyed by it all.

You’ve created so much success that it is beginning a limitation.

Then you start to wonder, Will I experience true success?  Is there not more”

I can answer that. “Yes, there is so much more.”

My coaching practice focuses on helping you reconnecting to your true self; expanding and embodying your true vision to creating lasting success and impact in your life.

There’s so much more to you and your life that you don’t even know.

So much more to create.

Join me for a deep dive experience to reconnect with you.

Sari Kimbell

There is always a way and I help my clients find their own way to create a profitable and successful packaged food business. I help my clients access their own wisdom and move the obstacles in their own way, including themselves (let’s be real, it is usually them). We make decisions and create a plan that just requires consistent action to achieve their goal.

Gemma Lumicisi

I help coaches create compelling copywriting by getting over their belief they don’t know how and can’t do it.

I  help your write copy that connects without wasting time.

Are you a new coach? I help new coaches sort their websites fast so they can focus on making offers.

Not a coach? But you are an overachiever who’s constantly exhausted yet still doesn’t feel satisfied?

I also help overachieving women find happiness and fulfilment and stop putting their health second, so they eventually burn out.

You can be proud of yourself, and it is possible to slow down without sacrificing your goals.

As a recovered, burnt out, miserable overachiever who now enjoys guilt-free spare time and achieves more than before, let me show you how.