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Susan Strasshofer

Is it possible to eliminate overwhelm and reduce anxiety? Can you really feel inner peace and start feeling happy right now?

Yes, you can!

It begins with learning how to manage your feelings, instead of it managing you. Feelings may seem fleeting and unimportant, but it is the driver of all of our actions that create our end results. The ability to allow and understand feelings make you more or less effective at anything you want to do in life.

I teach young adults how to think consciously, to stop getting bloated over media consumption, and to eliminate the overwhelm so they can start living into their purpose and pursuing their hopes and dreams.

What’s on the other side of being overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed?

  • Gaining control over habits you have that you don’t want: such as over eating, over spending, over scrolling, or over watching TV
  • Taking actions to find out what you want to do with your life
  • Finding your true purpose and passion
  • Feel better so you can pursue your calling and live into who you were meant to be

Phylis J. Speedlin

I have spent a lifetime helping people resolve their toughest problems. Today, I provide both mediation and arbitration services. I also coach executives, businesses, and attorneys on how best to create success in their jobs and lives.

Charlotte Rooney

I help purpose-driven, determined people to build a life/work balance that they love, while also doing good – because working for what you believe in and making the world a better place shouldn’t burn you out.  Imagine looking at your to-do list, smiling and knowing that you have it all under control – and that you can figure out anything that comes your way.  Imagine feeling motivated, confident & powerful again.

You can do good, make money and have a life you love.

Virginie Fite-Georgel

I help working moms get rid of guilt and overwhelm to get back to a lighter, happier version of themselves, where they can shine and have fun.

Together we can figure out what you want, where you want to go and how to get there.

I want to help you discover the best version of yourself and drop the shame and guilt that too many working moms carry around.

Don’t be scared, I’ll hold your hand until you’re ready to let go.

Without judgment, always!

Cathi Whaley MD

Do you believe you live a privileged life but something is missing? Are you hiding that belief like a shameful secret? Are you overwhelmed, confused, or trapped without any idea as to how to feel better? Do you hold on for dear life for the next vacation where you can take care of yourself just a smidge or show up for your family reliably?

As the Everything Coach for busy mid-career professionals, I help you improve the quality of your life without burning your life to the ground.

Sound impossible? It’s not! I along with the many people I’ve coached are proof otherwise.

But sometimes as we clarify our goals, we find out that we truly do wish to burn it all down. So if that is you, we ride at dawn! I will help you gain clarity about the path forward and walk alongside you as you execute it.

My philosophy is simple. I meet you where you are, help you reconnect with your true priorities for your personal life, professional life, work-life balance, and anything else you can think of and then we go out and get it.

In me you will have a dedicated support person to walk alongside you as you create a life you don’t need a vacation from and work towards feeling better permanently.

Dr. Megan Mistry

I coach physicians 50 plus to find joy and clarity in their career and lives.

Samara Potter, MD, MBA

As a pediatric oncologist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by mothers of children with cancer. As a mother and practicing physician, I have experienced the stress of negotiating motherhood with a career in medicine. I help mothers in both areas manage their minds so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and navigate life’s challenges with calm, clarity, and confidence.



Miguel Villagra MD

I am here to hold space and offer perspective to my clients.

The goal is to get to a place of self-awareness and I will help clients to understand the why behind their Thought pattern.

All within a place of of trust and caring environment to practice and apply a positive change in our life.

I found coaching after being burnout while working as Hospitalist Chief in South Carolina.  I also started coaching after Completing the Alpha Coaching Experience through Private Physicians Facebook groups and LinkedIn, along with my network from prior positions (including while I was chief).

Now I am a Certified Physician Coach with Life School and I am looking forward to bringing value coaching to burn out physician.

Lamia Rarrbo

I have always been an optimist but when I was confronted with events that turned my life upside down (deaths, miscarriage, etc.) it was for me the trigger for the beginning of my life change!

Before, I never really ”DARE” because:
– I had confidence, but not enough;
– I had a master’s degree in engineering, but not the doctorate;
– I had a only child, but not a large family;But, Now, I am enough!

What I have become: the person who helps you boost your Confidence to Dare to make massive action and give Meaning to your life

You are enough!

Karen McClure

I’m a lawyer turned coach for solo and small firm lawyers who are unhappy. As a long-time practicing attorney, I understand the struggles that come with being a lawyer, and I’m passionate about helping you feel better. My coaching is agenda and judgment free. I’ll help you identify the cause of what’s happening in your life and help you decide whether you want to change it.

Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

My coaching program is called ADHD Integrative. I coach women over 40 diagnosed with ADHD who are having difficulties managing their executive function, impulsivity, and emotions. I am an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider along with being a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coach School and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I know what it is like to have ADHD as I was diagnosed two years ago at 67 years old after having Neuro Covid.

ADHD Impacts the whole self, meaning your emotions, your relationships, your ability to focus and organize. ADHD treatment must therefore touch more than just your inattention and impulsivity. Integrative Medicine Is the approach I use that addresses not only the symptoms of ADHD, but also promotes general Health And Wellness. I use methods such as Meditation, Reiki Healing, Nutrition, and some bio-hacks for the brain that I have discovered and found to be amazing for my own brain!

My goal as your Coach is to introduce you to not only Mindfulness, but also Mindful Awareness to help you understand and manage all the symptoms of ADHD. I will help you learn how to bring your attention back to the present moment with Curiosity & Openness and make your life much easier to manage and to help you build some new neuro-pathways. I will also be your Life Coach to help you become your best self to yourself and your family.

Elyse Segebart

I help people who want meaningful careers, are career transitioning, or leveling up their career decide what they truly want and continue going after it by working through some of the mental drama that comes with doing something new while building a lasting set of tools they can use to continue building the life they want.

I also coach people on ADHD, life after addiction, relationships, and business.