Weight Loss Is Hard, Get Coached in Overeating.

Sue Campbell

I help writers, from newbies to bestsellers, transform their inhibitive mindset around marketing and realize their full potential as authors. Using the model and other tools, I’ve coached my clients to step out of their comfort zones to exponentially increase their author platforms and book sales, and —most importantly— finally prioritize their own creativity.

Shelley Ciupak

I help take high achieving moms from burned out, bored, overwhelmed to reinventing their lives to fit their purpose, their priorities and their dreams.  Through my program, I will walk you through a Reinvention Roadmap, so you have the exact steps you need to take to create a life that fits your exact desires moving forward.  Together, we will bust through your old belief systems that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Michelle Barry Franco

Some of us are called to share our stories, expertise and voice bigger and wider in our world. We know it by the feeling in our center, a fire in the belly. When you know you are meant to serve in this way, it can feel both exciting and overwhelming.

And yet, aligning with that desire to serve in this way is your greatest power. Stepping into your message and your voice is magic, magnetic.

Knowing how to craft your message into a keynote address, TED or TEDx talk… that book you know you’re meant to write – no one teaches us this.

Whether you’ve been in business for a couple of years or for a couple of decades, you know when you’re ready to serve from a larger platform. That’s the perfect time for us to work together.

I’ve spent 15 years working with business leaders, world-renowned thought leaders and award winning founders to turn their story, message and voice into their speaking and thought leadership contributions. From clarity of the stand you take at the heart of your work, to a gorgeous crystal clear vision for your life & work integration… to a plan for creating an impact and growing your business, I’m here to support you.

I’d love to support you in feeling clear, confident and excited to make the impact you’ve known you are meant to make in our world. Let’s chat about it.

My clients say it better than I can…

Working with Michelle was a game-changer for me. I’ve always been a fairly good public speaker but Michelle helped me take my talks to the next level. I have used the tools I learned with her on subsequent talks on my own and they were better too – it’s truly a set of practices that you can use for the rest of your speaking life! ~Kara Loewentheil, Founder of Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching & Host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast

You can read more from my clients here.

Jenna Bear

I help midlife women to feel happier, more alive and excited about their life in six weeks.

After experiencing the power of Life Coaching, I almost immediately left my long-time corporate job in communications, coaching and human change behavior to become a professional certified coach myself.

Now, I’m on a mission to help other women like me to understand how the biggest barrier between you and the life you want (at any age!) is your mindset, and why that is. There are facts about your brain that every human needs to understand for achieving a big, bold, and inspired life.

Together, we will uncover where you are sabotaging yourself through a causal coaching model. Then, I will teach you how to recognize this and use tools to redirect going forward, meaning that your life is improved not for just today or tomorrow, but for as long as you live!

Nothing can be more valuable. Let’s connect in a free consult to see if we’re a good match for this work!

Sarah Elizabeth Latham

We are our Brain (Mind), our Body (Health), and our Business (Purpose).

I help midlife entrepreneurial women create confusion-busting, CLARITY-bringing resources that brush away the cobwebs of confusion.

Confidence and clarity are crucial to finding purpose, and building a business.

If our brains are clouded with cobwebby eating, drinking, thinking, and feeling habits, forward motion is sloggy and not very fun.

Negar Farahmand

Are you a successful corporate professional who suffers with anxiety at work?

I help corporate professionals conquer their anxiety so that they can take their power back in any situation and ultimately enjoy life during times of intense anxiety.

Kaitlyn Rapai

I help individuals combat burnout by organizing their mind, time and life.

Karen Gombault

I help women Overcome Overwhelm so they can see their potential.
Building a passionate career, while loving life outside of work is possible and available to you.

Cloe Xhauflaire

I am an international actress and acting coach who will guide you towards freeing your instrument and mastering your uniqueness.I believe that an actor who knows his or her instrument is inclined to explore any kind of character. Knowing your instrument will not only give you the tools to create characters and book the roles you want but will also help you with any area of your life where you feel stuck.

Dr. Richard Mitchell

I help high achieving professionals overcome burnout so they can get fired up about their personal and professional lives.

Nadia Nadeau

J’aide les professionnels occupés à incarner leur bonheur, décider sans peur de décevoir et prendre soin d’eux maintenant sans devoir revisiter le passé.

Elise Sinha

I offer leadership coaching to leaders who are looking to create the careers they love, from early careerist and new leaders to seasoned executives.   I  create psychologically safe environments to explore, empower, and achieve their highest goals and possibilities.  I work with clients to discover and unlock hidden potential and purpose using evidence-based thought models.  Together, we provide a positive and supportive environment with patience and kindness to achieve transformation.