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Hélène Logothetis

I help people understand what causes their emotional suffering, find how to alleviate their pain and go after what truly resonates with who they are to live a more authentic life, whether their journey includes weight loss or not.

Marcy Kocher

I specialize in helping smart but stressed women create lives of passion, purpose and peace. I do that by teaching you how to create the life you want by retraining your amazing brain so you can get there fast – without the stress or overwhelm.

Megan Doyle

Being a single mom involves a lot of circumstances outside of your control.

It can be overwhelming dealing with your ex, having limited free time, working, managing the kids, etc.

The good news is, how you respond is always within your control.

When working with me, we coach on all aspects of the model.

We focus on your T line and what you are thinking.

We focus on your F line and making sure you are willing to feel alllll those feelings!

We focus on your A line, so you can have more time for YOU!

And, most importantly… we focus on your results.  What are they?  Are they want you want?

What are your wildest dreams?  And what is keeping you from getting there?

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Allison Anderson, MD

As a board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and certified life coach, I’m on a mission to help women physicians create personal lives as extraordinary as their careers by reigniting the connection and passion in their marriages. Through our work together, you will stop the creeping loneliness, resentment and boredom that are starting to feel inevitable. You will infuse your marriage with intimacy and connection. You’ve spent years creating your impressive career; now it’s time to take your marriage to that same high level. Life is too short to just rinse and repeat! I can’t wait to guide you in making your marriage magical.

Susanna Kamon

My coaching philosophy is to help you tap into your raw human power, using the combination of your body, mind and momentum to create the life you want, rather than continue to grind away against what slows you down.  Each of us has incredible power, yet it mostly just sits there, vastly underutilized, until we learn to pick it up and use it masterfully and intentionally!  I’m excited about overcoming overeating coaching, because that was my first big personal win, but I can help you find your power in anything!

Deanna Marie

I help women who feel torn in their alcoholic relationship create clarity so they can confidently decide their future in this relationship whether they choose to stay or decide to leave.

Kim Jang

I help single moms create an exceptional life with ease.

I’ll show you how to create a life where you can be your best at work and also able to be present with kids at home.

Luke Shillings

Luke helps individual parents in their 40’s let go of blame and shame, whilst navigating their future following divorce and/or separation,

Laura Jurgens

I help people over 40 reinvent their relationships with their erotic selves, their bodies, their pleasure, their emotions, and their partners. All genders and sexual orientations are supported in my practice.

Melinda Lowell

I guide you through relationship challenges so you can go from feeling anxious, hurt, and overburdened to respected, happy, and thriving. I empower you with results-oriented tools that last for a lifetime, not just the struggles you’re going through right now.


Melinda Gerdung

I help divorcees overcome traumatic marriages & divorces.

Mindi Burke

I help parents stuck in an unhappy marriage make their decision of whether to stay or go and teach them the secrets to living a more vibrant, fulfilling life no matter what they decide.