"You are worthy of the change you seek. Join Get Coached."

Brianne Downey

I believe in creating a safe space, where you can leave your BS at the door and truly discover who you are, what you want your life to be, and how to have it.

Jeanne Ann Cannon, LCSW

All of us have inner strength. I have a talent for tapping into that for you, empowering you to confidently change your thinking, feeling actions and results. Coaching is an opportunity for you to learn new tools that will change your life and sustain your new found glory forever! It works, I’m good at it and it’s a total win for you and your loved ones!

Shelby Leigh Milford

I help devoted parents to cultivate a closer relationship with their children, while clearly defining & honoring their own loving boundaries.  Whether you are estranged, alienated, or just feeling like you are, I help you to rediscover connection with your (maybe not-so) little darlings.

I also help target parents to re-imagine and rebuild their lives following domestic abuse and/or the experiencing the effects of pathogenic parenting.  I show them that it’s entirely possible to live a purposeful & meaningful life, even while experiencing the grief of missing out on milestones and moments in their children’s lives.

If any of the above sounds like you, then I want you to know that you are not alone.  Feeling emotionally distant and/or living apart from your child can feel agonizing. Debilitating, even. This is a far cry from what you imagined parenthood would look like.  I GET IT.

To add insult to injury, there is a stigma associated with not having a “good” relationship with your own kiddo.  This alone has the potential to cause  a great deal of shame.  Not knowing how to respond when someone asks about your kiddos can often lead to you turning down event invites — which only compounds the issue — because now you’re lacking connection with your kids and your network!

The story you’re telling yourself will determine your level of connection with your child.  I work with my clients to become aware of the embedded thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving their needs, and help them to cultivate and implement a new, more useful narrative.

So whether the current tension is as a result of a loyalty conflict with the other parent, or if this is simply due to a fallout between you and your child, I’ve got you.  

If you are in active litigation, I offer support by helping you to prepare for depositions and custody hearings by becoming poised, direct, and crystal clear in your testimony; delivering your message with purpose and integrity.

Doreen Yaffa

Are you a going through the pain and emotional distress after your divorce and trying your best to move on to the next chapter of your life? I will show you how to regain confidence and create your best life on the other side. When you work with me, you will learn how to manage your mind so you can stay focused and let go of what’s holding you back and experience your full potential after divorce.

Using everything I learned in my own divorce and my knowledge from more than 25 years of experience practicing family and divorce law, I will help you discover who you want to be and guide you into the best years of your life.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me with my husband, fellow coach, and business partner, Jeff Wilson, and our beautiful four adult children. To get a feel for what it’s like working with me, check out the Life After Divorce podcast.

Katie Lee

I help driven, Christian women create their comeback during and after divorce so they can move forward with confidence, while not wasting any more time!

Glenn Lovelace

Your Goal Is My Goal

So your wife has transformed from coaching and now it’s your turn…

I’ve taken all things LCS and filtered through my beard to help “mansplain” WTH your wife has been spending all of this time, money and energy on so that you can NOT only reconnect with her in the MOST INTIMATE of ways…

BUT also produce all the RESULTS men are focused on…

I’m not going to sugar coat it – if you want to feel ripped in your clothes, make more money and have more sex let’s talk. I’m all about adventure, fun and living while you create real RESULTS. You’re never going to be this age again so let’s learn to live it up.

Before I sound like the typical man let me also say if you don’t harmonize and balance the EXTERNAL results with real INTERNAL work you’ll be left like most men – constantly chasing success BUT never arriving at real happiness and fulfillment.

There is literally NOT 1 coach for men out there like me…not 1.

Jenna Bear

I help midlife women to feel happier, more alive and excited about their life in six weeks.

After experiencing the power of Life Coaching, I almost immediately left my long-time corporate job in communications, coaching and human change behavior to become a professional certified coach myself.

Now, I’m on a mission to help other women like me to understand how the biggest barrier between you and the life you want (at any age!) is your mindset, and why that is. There are facts about your brain that every human needs to understand for achieving a big, bold, and inspired life.

Together, we will uncover where you are sabotaging yourself through a causal coaching model. Then, I will teach you how to recognize this and use tools to redirect going forward, meaning that your life is improved not for just today or tomorrow, but for as long as you live!

Nothing can be more valuable. Let’s connect in a free consult to see if we’re a good match for this work!

Sarah Elizabeth Latham

We are our Brain (Mind), our Body (Health), and our Business (Purpose).

I help midlife entrepreneurial women create confusion-busting, CLARITY-bringing resources that brush away the cobwebs of confusion.

Confidence and clarity are crucial to finding purpose, and building a business.

If our brains are clouded with cobwebby eating, drinking, thinking, and feeling habits, forward motion is sloggy and not very fun.

Jeff Wilson

Your divorce is final, now what? Your life after divorce can be amazing. It’s totally up to you.

Kendra Last

I help my clients heal after experiencing narcissistic abuse from a parent, romantic relationship, sibling, or other person. I help men and women gain sure, immovable self-confidence, so they forever create safe spaces for themselves to feel and process any emotion. I believe each human to be their own expert.  I act as a guide, helping them to see that the answers are already inside them.  I love helping my clients find the power in their own mind, and move forward creating amazing lives they love and want.

Cathi Whaley MD

Do you believe you live a privileged life but something is missing? Are you hiding that belief like a shameful secret? Are you overwhelmed, confused, or trapped without any idea as to how to feel better? Do you hold on for dear life for the next vacation where you can take care of yourself just a smidge or show up for your family reliably?

As the Everything Coach for busy mid-career professionals, I help you improve the quality of your life without burning your life to the ground.

Sound impossible? It’s not! I along with the many people I’ve coached are proof otherwise.

But sometimes as we clarify our goals, we find out that we truly do wish to burn it all down. So if that is you, we ride at dawn! I will help you gain clarity about the path forward and walk alongside you as you execute it.

My philosophy is simple. I meet you where you are, help you reconnect with your true priorities for your personal life, professional life, work-life balance, and anything else you can think of and then we go out and get it.

In me you will have a dedicated support person to walk alongside you as you create a life you don’t need a vacation from and work towards feeling better permanently.

Laura Cazier, MD

Physicians spend decades training to care for others, but we are too often negligent in caring for ourselves. We often don’t have a “safe space” to talk about and reflect upon the many stresses we experience in our lives, both at home and at work. My passion is to provide that space, to help physicians “heal themselves,” find joy in their lives (including in their work), and set and achieve goals so they can become the version of themselves they always dreamed was possible.