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Stephanie Heller

Empowering clients to access and take control of their biggest resource (their brain) and use to create re-occurring revenue in their business.

I do this by teaching tools for entrepreneurs to feel better at failing, stretch for what they want most and capture unbelievable clarity.

In my clients words “Stephanie is a pure gift! She makes you feel unstoppable to reaching your goals. She is beyond present with you and truly listens and helps guide you to your truth with ease. I really enjoy her love for helping reach to knew understandings of yourself and breaking up thoughts and seeing them for what they are… just a thought. I would hands down recommend her.”

Dixie Dunn

When we love ourselves, loving others comes easy.  Love: Self, Others, God; First, Always, Now.  It really can be easy to improve all the relationships in your life by improving your relationship with yourself first.

Beth Goodman

I help successful entrepreneurs live a more balanced and meaningful life!  Improve your health and relationships without sacrificing your business success. Nutrition coaching available to those entrepreneurs that struggle with managing their weight and feeling confident.

Shaun Griffiths

Dreams and Goals can be large, small, or maybe even seen as impossible. I want to help you attain your unattainable dreams. Something you have always wanted but couldn’t achieve, or a journey you are just embarking on. My life experiences and challenges of achieving my ‘unattainable’ dreams have given me a passion to help men and women who face challenges or difficulties in their professional or personal lives.

Also, with my 28 year background in aviation, from cabin crew and then pilot flying Boeing ‘Jumbo’ 747s and 777s for 25 years, I am uniquely placed to show you your mind when it comes to anxiety, fear, or nerves when flying- for pleasure or business.

Gia Guidry

You are FREE!  You are unlimited.  I help young women discover their own voice.  At the beginning of adulthood, most women don’t even know what ‘be yourself’ even means.  There is so much joy and peace in discovering what is true for YOU…. falling in love with YOU!  Freeing yourself from limits that really exist only in your mind…. that’s what my work is all about.

Gunila Pedersen

I’m a veterinary surgeon that helps busy women overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with a busy life.

As a female small animal vet, mum  and business owner I fully understand what it’s like to try to multitask and combine work-, family- and personal life.

It really doesn’t have to be that hard! I show you how you can have EVERYTHING you want – without the hustle

I coach in English, Danish and Spanish.

Rachel Thompsen

Rachel shows coaches how to love using Instagram to market their coaching packages, and therefore to sign more clients! She also provides general business coaching so you walk in to your office in the flow and focused, accomplishing your business goal this year. You’re flowin’ with your Instagram marketing, now what?

Jacquel Tholl

I help Christian moms create a life they love without the mom guilt! You’ve tried to follow Christ but for some reason you still aren’t loving your life. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I help Christian mom’s of all faiths create the happy in God’s great plan of happiness!

Jessie Mahoney, MD

I coach women who are “successful on the surface yet struggling underneath.”  I help them find calm, ease, connection and a clear and meaningful path forward in their relationships, career, and lives as a whole.  I understand the frustration of not being able to find contentment, peace, and joy after having put in years and years of work and energy into your relationships and career.  As a pediatrician, physician wellness expert, yoga instructor, mom of 3 sons, and wife for over 27 years, I am a nurturing, wise, and skilled guide for your journey to a life better-lived.  Whether you are just getting started, stuck in the middle, or are at a pivot point, I help you learn to listen to your heart, eliminate the mind chatter and internal angst, and move forward with mindful loving intention for yourself and those you love.  From this place, so much more becomes possible.   My coaching passions are relationship struggles, parenting challenges, career frustration, and eliminating emotional and physical clutter.  I have special interest in supporting those who have a partner who struggles with their mental health.

Susie Pettit

Do you ever ask yourself “Why am I not happier?” or “Why I am so tired?!”

Do you think: “I followed all the rules, did what I was ‘supposed’ to do and yet….” Why am I not happier?!

I’m your coach. I’ve been there. I’m magical at helping women live a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

I help women get rid of the drama in their life.

I kid you not; it’s possible.

I coach intelligent, high-functioning women who want to feel better yet don’t know where or how to start.

I’d be honored to help you navigate your mid life awakening.

Jane Charlesworth

I partner with people to explore and unpack the social conditioning that we all absorb from being born into capitalist societies, create more care, connection and community in their lives and build lives and businesses that put people and the planet before profit and where everyone flourishes.