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Delma Castaneda

I help women build the courage to break free from unloving relationships and start living a life filled with self-love and purpose.

Jennifer Richey

I help caregivers stop hating their parents while they care for them. Caregiving is an amazing gift, but it can come with stress, exhaustion, resentment, and guilt. I help caregivers of aging parents feel better about their lives, take their power back, and love their parents in the final years of their lives. I also help caregivers release their worries through the Family Emergency Plan, which allows families to come together to make sure they are ready for the inevitable.

Meagan Skidmore

I help individuals and families embrace uncertainty and the unknown as they navigate any life transition.  I help them see challenges as blessings and reframe trials as sacred and personal faith-promoting experiences. I help you find and do “the next right thing.”

Alison Jamison

I help ambitious misfits who are ready to rebel against their status quo and do what they really want. I help them identify the societal rules that are holding them back and break them in a way that adds rocket fuel to their dreams instead of burning it all to the ground. We work on not only embracing but celebrating their inner weirdo and creating the life and career they’ve always known was possible.

Jane Charlesworth

I partner with people to explore and unpack the social conditioning that we all absorb from being born into capitalist societies, create more care, connection and community in their lives and build lives and businesses that put people and the planet before profit and where everyone flourishes.

Katie Stolp

I spent more than two decades struggling with confidence and feeling like I was never enough until I found solutions that finally worked for good. Now, I’m on a mission to help other women breakthrough to authentic confidence, live their best lives, and change the world.

Cameron Nichols

I help you get out of the “fake it ’til you make it” energy and change your personal narrative so you can  and step into your authentic confidence that is just waiting for you to uncover it and let it shine!

When you shine brightly, it gives others permission to shine as well.

Chao Sun

If you are an immigrant with a six-figure job but do not feel happy,

If you are an immigrant with more than six months’ worth of expenses in your emergency fund but do not feel safe,

If you are an immigrant with more than five years’ residence in a foreign country but do not feel like you belong,

If you are an immigrant who always compares yourself to others because you feel like other people are living their dreams and you are not.

I got your back.

Lisa Madsen, LCSW

Are you a caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness?

Do you often feel exhausted, trapped, and resentful?

Do you wonder what is wrong with you and how you got here?

Nothing is wrong with you.

I coach caregivers to find their sanity, design a life they enjoy, and to love themselves in the process.

I learned the secret that life can be better – right now  – no matter what your loved one says or does. It is possible.

I have tools that are different and they work.

My clients and I are proof.

Susan Crandall

I help career women and business owners own their authenticity and use those gifts to excel in their careers and businesses. Together we will stop the self sabotaging patterns, and curate a life and business that feels authentic, and purposeful.

Let’s work together to find the badass version of you that is waiting to be discovered.

Tina Gosney

When your child comes out as LGBTQ, it can be a confusing and painful time. Many parents feel torn between being true to their faith and loving and accepting their child as they are, and they think they have to choose between the two.

It is possible to stay true to who you want to be as a member of the church and to fully embrace your child as your love and accept them. I help LDS parents find the peace they are seeking, discover clarity in their thinking, and move forward with confidence in their relationships with their child, with their family and friends, and with their faith.

Kate Bixler

I help women who are tired of struggling to lose weight on their own choose, and get to, their dream goal weight