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Jessi Ely

I help queer hairstylists who think there might be (or are pretty sure there is) something (anything) wrong with them figure out how to truly believe in themselves and quit faking it.

Hillary Talbott Roland

I help women women that are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF who want to protect their time, energy, relationships & investments without loosing their identity in the process. I blend my background of being an acupuncturist, board certified in reproduction & obstetrics for over 10 years, with meditation and life coaching certifications to provide a truly holistic approach to serving women in this special phase of life.

Laura Jurgens

I help people over 40 reinvent their relationships with their erotic selves, their bodies, their pleasure, their emotions, and their partners. All genders and sexual orientations are supported in my practice.

Mikala Grosse

I help women build a business and life they love by using tech in a smart, minimal and manageable way. So they can reclaim their time and energy and open up their lives to the things they really want to do.

I show them how to cast aside tech-overwhelm and use self-awareness to find a more peaceful path, creating more intentional and effective work-lives using only the most useful mindset, habits and essential tech.

Elana McKernan

I help creative people believe in themselves and their voices so fiercely that creating and selling their work (if they choose to do so) becomes easy and joyful.

I use an intersectional feminist framework to help artists and entrepreneurs heal their relationship to creating and build a thriving business that reflects their values and feels like coming home.

Daniel Lim

I help good folks build purpose-driven businesses that create true wealth and freedom on their own terms.

Jenie Hunter

Helping families of LGBTQ family members learn to love and support without losing their faith.

Jennifer Opoku

I coach teen girls and women who struggle with perfectionistic thinking, low self-confidence, lack of individual worth and a general sense of unhappiness despite high achieving efforts and outcomes.

Susie Ruth

I help people navigate and plan for major life transitions and death. It is not just about having a good death; it’s about living a good life up to the end. Along with end-of-life planning and coaching, I specialize in helping people fearlessly move forward through the complex emotions associated with loss and grief.

Patrice Byas

I help high performing and achieving women learn who they are and how to be her without guilt or shame.

Emily Tycksen

I love to help people see the thoughts that are keeping them stuck in their lives. I work with many moms, LGBTQIA and their family members, people interested in health and weight loss, pornography addicts and their spouses, and every kind of human there is. I believe anyone can benefit from having a life coach. I am outgoing, loving, and willing to work with just about anyone! I have an LDS background but am open to any and all.

Jake Knight

I work with busy business owners to create compelling copy and content that converts.

With insider industry knowledge in the digital and marketing space, I have had the great honour of crafting strategic content for some of the most-loved brands. From burgers to chocolate, coffee to tea, I’ve written thousands of branded words that have converted into the millions.

In my private coaching practice, I extend the copy and content knowledge to my clients and pass on the wisdom I’ve proven that works.

Come join me if you want killer copy and content, if you want a word nerd specialist on your team and if you like to have oodles of fun along the way!