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Glenn Lovelace

Your Goal Is My Goal

So your wife has transformed from coaching and now it’s your turn…

I’ve taken all things LCS and filtered through my beard to help “mansplain” WTH your wife has been spending all of this time, money and energy on so that you can NOT only reconnect with her in the MOST INTIMATE of ways…

BUT also produce all the RESULTS men are focused on…

I’m not going to sugar coat it – if you want to feel ripped in your clothes, make more money and have more sex let’s talk. I’m all about adventure, fun and living while you create real RESULTS. You’re never going to be this age again so let’s learn to live it up.

Before I sound like the typical man let me also say if you don’t harmonize and balance the EXTERNAL results with real INTERNAL work you’ll be left like most men – constantly chasing success BUT never arriving at real happiness and fulfillment.

There is literally NOT 1 coach for men out there like me…not 1.

Kelly Leugers

Is this you?

  • You have the degree, but you doubt and question yourself all the time. You wonder when you’ll ever start feeling confident.
  • You can start feeling confident now.
  • Outwardly, you’re successful but inwardly you’re still beating yourself up for a mistake you made. When does that little voice ever go away? Doesn’t time heal all wounds?
    • What if the little voice was still there, but it no longer bothered you
    • If time healed all wounds, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this, would you?
  • You want to live a healthier life to improve wellness, stop overdrinking, or stop overeating. You know to eat more vegetables, but after a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, or a night of drinking more than you planned (again), you’re not too sure a carrot is going to even this all out. What is happening?
    • We got you! You’re in the right spot.
  • You want to a little “tune up” and are interesting in improving your growth-mindset. You’ve heard that buzz word being tossed around the office along with “nested”, “game changer”, or “the new normal”.
    • What is a growth-mindset anyway?
    • Yaas. Let’s teach you. This isn’t a buzz word, it’s a whole life word. We’ll get you squared away!

Let’s change what isn’t working for you.

Now. Permanently.

Are you ready to do the work to live the life you imagined? Let’s get started today!

Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School specializing in relationships, over-eating, money, becoming a first time entrepreneur, and how to feel better about yourself and your life.

My philosophy is to help women over 50 and on their way to retirement remain healthy, maintain their mobility and their brain through my Life Coaching and Mobility program. I offer group coaching, 1 on 1 coaching, courses on relationships and mindfulness and to top it off, I offer an excellent weight loss program. Weight management is difficult as we age, and especially if you are petite, but I have all the tools to help you be successful and reach your desired weight. I’ve lost 35 pounds on my program to ensure it works!

I am also a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and teach my clients how to eat according to their own desires without having a crazy eating plan no one likes nor will do.

Join my Life and Mobility coaching programs and maintain your healthy lifestyle through retirement and beyond! I offer group coaching, 1:1 coaching, masterminds and courses.

Deb Anderson

I help People maintain or reclaim their health through
Whole Food Plant Based Living

I use my 12 years of experience to help you do this in weeks not years
We make it Simple + Easy & Fun
We make it doable in your real life

If this is what you want to do then Simply Planted is for you
It’s not about living longer
It’s about LIVING and Feeling Well for your WHOLE life

It’s about staying healthy and free of medications that make you Feel Terrible
(I’ve watched relatives go down this road – it is not FUN)

You might be told, it’s just bad genes, it’s not your fault
But – we know today – that Gene expression is influenced by lifestyle & environment

If you are wanting to prevent disease
OR have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer (yes even cancer)
Your Lifestyle Matters – This is GOOD news – You can do this – You can LOVE Whole Plant Foods
Learn how and all about Whole Food Plant Based LIVING inside my signature small group coaching program
Simply Planted
I will be there when you are ready

Andelin Price

My purpose is to create more connection and collaboration in the world.

I do this through coaching individuals and couples on their lives and their long term relationships. I help you create more love and fulfillment in your life.

I help my clients create more expansive relationships, with each other, and themselves.

A little bit about me:
I’ve been married to my husband for over 20 years. He has been in Law Enforcement for most of that time.
We have six sons together
One of our kids has Type 1 Diabetes
I’m a Christian, and I accept all religions and beliefs as valid and beautiful

I am the coach for you if:
You want to expand your life and your relationship
You are ready to fully step into your life purpose and claim your power
You want more love, fulfillment, and connection with your significant other
You believe this is all possible, but you don’t know how to get it.

I can’t wait to work with you!!

Donald Pemberton

I believe that first responders are industrial athletes. As an athlete, having a coach is completely normal. I know from my own experience that coaching provides a competitive advantage. Why not use a coach to be your best in every aspect of your life?

Carissa Grisso

Find joy in your motherhood journey.

Coaching Specialties


Discover more here.

Nina Vasquez

I help Veteran Women lose weight for the last time.

Kristine Glass

Helping with mindset for Latine, Veteran, or Health Care workers to achieve their full potential while navigating barriers.

Janessa Dean

I help healthcare workers, first responders, and military personnel learn how to balance work and home life, by creating emotional and mental wellness.

Esperanza Lebron

I use Neuroscience in my coaching practice to help my clients overcome a lifetime of subconscious patterns and beliefs in minutes. My passion lies in breaking possibility open and helping business owners see themselves as confident CEOs.

Nola Gephart

I work primarily with mothers who are looking to discover purpose after parenting. It is easy to lose yourself when you are pouring into your children and family. I help women uncover their purpose, self worth, improve relationships and to love their lives during or after their parenting journey is fulfilled. I help women shed the coat of shame, blame and resentment and look toward a life they create. I help women discover that they have everything they need to achieve whatever they desire. I believe deeply in every one of my clients ability to “have it all” if they are willing to explore what thoughts are keeping them “living in limitation”.