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Anne Thomas

I help the families of LEOs and First Responders break through  the anxiety and worry about the stress and safety of their loved ones career. That nagging “what if?” question does not need to be a daily companion. Live in the present and don’t mortgage your happiness unnecessarily.

Nicole Terwey

I help women & men undo their urges to overeat so they can achieve their ultimate fitness results.

Paige Bowman

Paige helps Life Coaches lose weight in a simple way as they build & scale their businesses. You can lose weight with simplicity and ease so that you spend less time thinking about food, your body, & the scale and more time thinking about CEO and coaching things. You’re making money in your coaching business and now you can lose the weight, too.

Kelley Forsberg

I am a Certified Life Coach for Veterans who are transitioning from the Military to Civilian life. It doesn’t matter if you have started your transition leave or if you have been out for 10 years, the transition looks different for all Veterans. I help Veterans create a Civilian life they love with success, significance, and purpose.

I served as both an enlisted Soldier and a Logistics Officer in the Army for 9 years before medically retiring. I loved my time in the military and I grieved it hard when I left. I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how to function optimally without an order or a chain of command to follow.

I learned to navigate my goals and what I wanted for myself on my own, but it was a bumpy ride! I learned that the Military side of me will never go away completely and that I don’t want it to. It is possible to fully embrace the Military person you were and the Civilian person you most want to be as a Veteran, so you can live a life you create and take charge of.

Maria Strange

I help women married to soldiers stop resenting the military and take control of their lives. I help them learn to parent from a place of love, feel in control of their lives, and overall love their perfectly imperfect military and everyday lives. If you are ready to handle deployments, TDY’s, training, or anything else the military throws your way knowing you can handle it all then you’re in the right place! As a military spouse, I have been where you are. You are not alone. I can help.

Marc Hildebrand

I help LEOs and First Responders break through mental, physical, and emotional barriers so they can generate the energy to own their health, connect with their family on a deep and impactful level, and change the trajectory of their career forever.

Sarah Shiozawa

There is no career obstacle I can’t help you solve.

I am the career transition coach.

Ashley Dunnwald

I help law enforcement family members stop letting the challenges of the lifestyle prevent them from living a life they love.  I show them how to experience less stress and anxiety and cultivate more peace and joy.  It is possible to stay rooted in love and unity as a police family.  It is possible to experience more fun and lightness.  Let’s reignite that spark and bring back your passion!

LaQuida Barnett

I help you create more of the romance you read about or see on TV, in your life.

Jessie Ellertson

Simply Resilient Life Coaching is for military wives who know how to handle the challenges of deployments and frequent trainings, but want to improve the experience that they are having in the process.  If you are ready to thrive while your husband is away, then you are in the right place!