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Käte Davis

I help working women achieve sanity without self-recrimination, for all of the mind drama that comes from balancing office and home life.

Sterling Jay

I help Catholic moms learn how to manage their minds so they can stop believing lies and step into who God is calling them to be.

Mama, you prayed for this life. Let me show you how to enjoy it.

Together, we’ll find the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and dissatisfied. Once we remove those, you can hear God’s voice so much more clearly. Then we work on building your self-confidence and finding the courage to do what He’s asking you to do.

God planted desires in your heart and since He planted them, He will create a path to fulfill them. When you click into alignment with God’s vision for your life, fully trusting Him and yourself to show up, amazing things happen!

Jennifer Grasseschi

So many creative people feel stuck, discouraged and powerless to live the creative life they long for. I help these beautiful people learn how to overcome obstacles and generate the confidence, courage and clarity they need in order to joyfully go after and achieve their wildest creative dreams.

Pearl Tong-Ngork

I help overwhelmed high-achievers have it all — without the hustle and burn out.

After coaching over 1000 client sessions, I know that changing your mindset is POWERFUL to help ditch the overwhelm and anxiety.
But thought work only gets you so far when you’re strung out on sugar and coffee all day.
Or when you’re totally out of touch with creating true joy and peace.

So I create the Transformational Triad for true transformation of my clients’ Mind, Body and Spirit.
We dismantle the thoughts causing overwhelm.
We detox from sugar, flour, coffee and alcohol.
We restore your energy from the inside out with Reiki, meditation, connection and being in nature.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
We experiment.
We jigger and figure.
We do it all on your own terms.

My clients signed with me when they knew they were ready for a change, willing to do the work, and able to invest in themselves.

If you’re ready, willing and able, then let’s. get. going.

Kathleen Drennan

I help creative women build businesses. Whether you’re a graphic designer, interior designer, photographer or floral designer, I provide the tools you need to build a successful 6-figure business. I’m here to be your guide, your mentor and your teacher and make it easy for you to turn your passion into profit.

Andrea Nordling

I teach holistic nutritionists and health coaches how to grow their businesses to $100K+ online without using social media.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too: All the freedom and profitability of an online practice without sacrificing your sanity, your own health, or being a slave to your laptop.

Kathrine Weissner

I help women in their midlife (approx. ages 30-55) find their spark and self again. Does it feel like your life is suddenly falling apart – from your job, to your relationships, to your personal identity? Or that your body & soul are staging a revolt and are saying no more to your old lifestyle? Welcome officially to the midlife awakening club. It’s a wonderful place to be – it’s a time of great change and freedom – a time to reconnect back in with who you truly are and create clarity, passion and deep meaning in your life for years to come.  I’ve been there and helped countless women navigate back “home”.

Christina A Arnold, MD

I help professionals uplevel their careers, relationships, and life by working LESS! Learn how to get the best sleep of your life, negotiate like the boss, how to feel amazing in a terrible job (or how not to feel terrible in an amazing job),  ditch work-life balance/integration (be the boss instead, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!), stop letting your To-Do list ruin your life, learn how to deal with “toxic people” without becoming one, forget about the boss’s mood influencing yours, and let go of guilt and overwhelm. Forever. The secret is that it’s not our job’s job to make us feel valued. That’s our job. This is the best news ever! You are just a few thoughts away from your dream life. I can help guide you there.

Allie Lieber

I help ambitious Jew-ish women ditch their anxious, looping thoughts so they can be present and enjoy life.

I can help you, because I was you. Even though I was living the life I thought I always wanted – I had an amazing senior management job at Google, a loving husband, and a beautiful house by the beach – my life was dictated by anxiety. 

As a third-generation Holocaust survivor, I was constantly assuming the worst-case scenario, worrying about “letting anyone down,” chasing external validation, agonizing over decisions, and burying myself in my work.

When I plateaued in therapy, Life Coaching gave me the tools to finally feel calm, clear, and confident.  I “graduated” from therapy, stopped taking SSRIs, and got so much time & energy back. I’ve packaged up what I learned in coaching, yoga, meditation, and my Jewish upbringing into a highly effective, structured yet mind-blowing anxiety relief program.

You can feel calm, clear, and confident, too. I will work with you to get there.

Alana Schramm

There’s more to life than “fine”.

And it’s accessible when you’ve created a safe and loving place inside yourself to come home to,

When you trust yourself to follow through on your commitments to yourself,

And when you know that the choices you make come from within you, and not some arbitrary road you’re supposed to follow.

When we’ve created that deep partnership with ourselves, all the external things fall into place as a natural by-product.

Through mindset coaching and inner voice work, let me show you how you can tap into your mind and your heart to create the life that reflects the version of yourself you truly want to be.

Megan Tong

What do you really want?

More freedom?

More time?

The ability to do what you love?

To have more impact in this world?

There is an amazing thing that makes all of this a lot easier.

It’s money.

I have met my financial goals, and now I have absolute freedom.

Freedom with my time.

I have the means to pursue my greatest passions.

I work four days a week, because my business is an expression of who I am. Not because I need it to meet my basic needs.

I don’t worry at all when when my windshield gets cracked, I miss a flight, or have a cavity.

I know I have the means to solve these problems.

It’s an amazing way to live.

If you want to have more money in your life, it is absolutely possible.

And I can help.

Anna Thalman

I help film professionals create their own roles, make their first feature film, and subsequent films until they have achieved their dream career. And we do this in a unique way that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health, relationships, values, or your sanity!