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Tommy Geary

I guide dads questioning their 9-5 to change course.

Life is a fun adventure.

I work with men that want to live in line with their values and principles without having to change careers or make huge life changes.

I bring the tools to make you better for yourself, your family, your community and your company.

Steve Haase

I help men create better relationships without sacrificing their authenticity.

Johanna Chen

Do you feel stressed or stuck in your life? There is a way out of it and chances to thrive, without needing to quit your job (except you really want to).

No matter if engineer, product manager, marketing or sales manager, designer or HR. The work in the tech industry can sometimes feel stressful, competitive and demanding.

But often you do love your job, but just feel stuck or like you do not have a work-life balance or that you are just not sure how to go the next step.

I help people in the tech industry or in startups to get unstuck and thrive, because you deserve to feel great while you create great new things.

Charise Naifeh

I help Lawyer Moms (and other ambitious moms) get happy in their career and personal lives.

Kim Christiansen

Do you ever have the thought:  “If I could just get through the my ‘To Do’ List, then I could finally relax”?

However, that list just keeps growing…

As a single mom with a demanding career and business, I know what it is like to feel like I “have to” do everything.   I get it.

I’ve been there.  I’ve been stressed out, burned out, and finally ready and committed to making some real changes in my life.  That’s when I hired my first coach.

Now, I am a Certified Life Coach, Lean Productivity Expert, and a CPA who specializes in working with busy professionals who feel overwhelmed by their ‘To Do’ List.  They are ready to bring balance back into their lives.

This was the genesis of my POWER Productivity Program.  An empowerment program that shows you how take back control of your schedule, and ultimately, the balance in your life.

In the POWER Productivity Program, you will learn a highly effective process to help you overcome the 3 biggest time wasters: perfectionism, procrastination, and people pleasing.

Balance is available to you now.  Not at the end of your ‘To Do’ List.

Bonnie Koo

My mission is to help women physicians achieve financial freedom.  We are not only free to create the lives we want, we make the world a better place for everyone.

Marisa Lopez

I help mompreneurs to live a life and a business that’s both productive and calm. If you are tired to feel tired, to multitask and be in a hurry all day long, to postpone taking care of yourself and your business; check out my podcast Productividad En Equilibrio, where I teach you how to create an effective business in balance with your life.

Shanen Sadowski

I help women create and live the abundant life they were created for (spiritually, mentally, relationally, and provisionally) without doubt or confusion.  Using neuroscience and Scripture, I’ll help you understand why you do what you do and how to get the results you’re looking for….with Jesus at the center of it all.

Jen Moulton

Do you hold back your unique contribution because you question your value? Does fear or unworthiness prevent you from taking action?

You are more than enough, right now.

As a former big dreamer who doubted my worth and let fear dictate my choices, I understand the desire to do big things but feel uncertain, question worthiness, and not know where to start. I also understand the pressure of believing that you need to whittle all those creative interests down to just one in order to be successful.

I help women transform self doubt into unshakeable self belief. So they can go for what they really want in life. Whatever is calling you is meant for you. You don’t have to do anything to be worthy. But I can help you clear the path so you can start on your soul work and achieve your dreams.

Ashwini Nayak, MD

I help physicians and other healthcare leaders achieve deep, fulfilling personal transformation through conscious living and leadership that’s focused on creativity, curiosity, and connection.

I believe that:

Leadership in the world first starts with how we lead ourselves.

We can make our impact and leave a legacy while having a lot of fun — life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

We find answers when we slow down and get present.

There is opportunity for intense joy in an authentic human connection — whether it’s a brief, silent glance, or a life-long relationship.

Michelle Simms-Reiter

I help business owners and leaders with successful, proven businesses achieve the next level without losing time, revenues or focus.

Our focus provides leadership courses and coaching so you can create the best company where your employees have ever worked.

Jill Wright


I’m a Money Mindset Coach for Life Coaches. Because a strong secure mindset means a strong secure business.
Too many coaches wind up spinning, stuck and staying small – not making the money or the impact they’re meant for. I help them create a healthy relationship with money to strengthen the foundation of their growing business so they can build a strong, healthy business creating MORE — MORE impact, MORE money, MORE value.

Together, we expose the Money Beliefs keeping you from building the life and business you’ve dreamed of and uncover the TRUTH about making money as a coach.

Like my clients, you’ll go from stuck to unstoppable in your business when you learn how to think about money, how to talk about money and how to handle money when it comes to building your business. You’ll learn how to attract your best, most ideal clients by removing the underlying beliefs about yourself and about money that have been limiting you and limiting your business.

In my best-selling book MONEY LIES: The Sneaky Way Your Brain Sabotages Success in Your Business, I expose ten of the most common lies women believe about themselves as entrepreneurs and about making money in their business. I uncover the truth that sets them free to sign MORE clients, help MORE people and make MORE money. Get your FREE PDF of the book by visiting my website: click here.

Every week on my MONEY LIES podcast, I bust myths about making money in your business or drop a truth bombs about money that help you stop spinning and start taking laser-focused action.

I don’t coach ON money — I coach FOR money — the money you are MEANT for.