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Jo Renshaw

I help mothers in their 40s be fit, healthy and energetic and be an outstanding example to their daughters.

I’m passionate about helping my clients enter midlife feeling confident and energised. In order to do so I help them implement lifestyle and mindset changes. This can include exercise, diet, sleep, time management and navigating relationships.

I teach my clients how to work with their natural female cycle post 40, rather than against it, to maximise their energy without having to hit the gym 5 days a week, count calories, or depriving themselves of pleasure.

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Emma Jones

Coaching you into success, Growing you into prosperity

Caitie Daidone

Does this sound familiar?

As a busy entrepreneur you…

  • Find yourself turning to food for fun and comfort, even though you’d love to lose some extra weight.
  • Want to play bigger in business but don’t feel confident on stage or in front of the camera.
  • Struggle to carve out time to take care of you, thinking something’s got to give.
Imagine playing as big as you want in your business, no longer feeling held back.
Picture yourself…
  • Nothing but excited picking out the outfits for your next photoshoot.
  • Feeling completely confident in front of the camera and in-person at networking events, able to focus all of your attention on connection and service to the people you’re showing up for (including yourself!).
  • Not even thinking about your weight anymore – it’s effortless to maintain, and you feel completely in control and at ease around food.
This is your after story – a life filled with unwavering confidence, vibrant energy, and increased capacity to live life full out.

Are you ready to step into this new chapter of your journey?

I help women entrepreneurs like you stop stress-eating so they can lose weight and show up confidently in their business.

Renée G. Pardo, Esq.

Renée helps women attorneys who are struggling with  over eating, drinking and spending, stop doing those compulsive behaviors against their own interest, so that they can take back control over their lives.

Connie Linton

My primary focus is to assist adult women through the transitions of life while gaining confidence along the way.  Confidence in your relationships with family members, friends and yourself.

Tanya Valentine

I help overwhelmed moms who often feel like they’re drowning in the chaos of daily life. I help you regain clarity, set meaningful goals, and craft actionable plans to achieve the life you desire. I work with my clients on building resilience, managing stress, and creating a roadmap towards a more balanced and fulfilling life as mothers and individuals.

Dr. Melissa Fransky

I help female physicians solve overwhelm so that they can enjoy work again.

Sandhya Mudumbi, MD

I’m a palliative care physician and certified life coach. I want my woman physician clients to know that I’ve GOT them. I too have delayed gratification for decades and wondered why I didn’t feel better when I technically arrived at my destination. While my journey started with weight loss with Corinne Crabtree, it then went so much deeper with Self-Coaching Scholars through The Life Coach School, and eventually with getting certified as a life coach. I feel compelled to share this with every woman physician that I know.

Neesha B.

I’m Neesha B., Life Coach & Educator, and I help women, tween, & teen girls learn how to live with the thoughts and emotions that can cause stress, anxiety, and burnout.

As an experienced teacher and a mom to two teenage daughters, I am acutely aware of the many challenges tween and teen girls face as they try to navigate adolescence.

So I have developed a unique 8-week program to help tween and teen girls feel empowered to deal with those challenges. My program helps pre-teen and teenage daughters in a proactive rather than reactive way, and helps them develop the tools they need to navigate the teen years and beyond.  I work with both neurotypical and neurodiverse children. Parent/caregiver coaching support is also available.

I also help women, tween, and teen girls explore and choose go-to stress management strategies that can help them de-stress and deal with day-to-day challenges such as overwhelm in the short term. We can develop a long term plan to manage stress and anxiety: a plan that centers your priorities and values so that you can meet your goals and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.





Tyler Suzuki Nelson

I help introverted creatives thrive and succeed in a world that puts the spotlight on extroverts. You already have everything you need to get started. Overwhelm and confusion aren’t inevitable parts of the creative process. I can help you build the confidence and develop the systems to tap into your creative potential.

Whitney Meza

Whitney Meza

You aren’t “stuck” because you haven’t found the right gym, meal plan, partner, career, spandex attire… You’re not moving forward simply because of your brain.

Think of me as your fun, judgement-free lifestyle mentor and hilarious, muscular best friend.  Except I hold you accountable to eat the food, lift the weights, ask for the raise, and focus on your brain.

I have coached over 800 individuals and am a movement specialist at heart who gets a kick out of the human mind.

I’ve worked with competitive athletes, competitive laptop-users, cancer survivors, grandparents, young adults, pregnant and postpartum parents, those rehabbing injuries, and those allergic to a traditional gym. I am a life and health coach and focus on getting to the meat behind your current behaviors and help you to address what is stopping you from elevating yourself to where you belong.

My approach is tactile and involves concrete, sustainable lifestyle changes.  Think of a steady stream of long-term motivation and health.

Julie Merrill

I specialize in guiding women of all ages on a journey to cultivate their unique sexual well-being. Through personalized coaching, my clients discover how to enhance their connection with themselves and their partners, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life!