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Jennifer Knittle Rose

I help single women parenting sons with an ADHD diagnosis work toward releasing shame and guilt to be the parent they want to be.

Amy Koch

As a parent of 4 children (who, at one point, have all been teenagers), I understand the struggles that teenage life can bring. My goal is to help teens, young adults, and parents navigate the anxiety that often accompanies this stage of life and deliver the tools that build confidence through this process.

As someone who has experienced anxiety on a very personal level, I was motivated to search for real solutions. Finding answers has changed everything for me.

My passion is teaching and helping others who are tired of feeling anxious to move forward once and for all. I believe we have the power to meet any challenge, find greater peace within, and build on essential life skills—most importantly, managing our minds.

Denita Bremer

I help Latter-day Saint (Christian) women stop feeling like they aren’t good enough. Once you finally feel good enough, you’ll have better family relationships, better habits, and be on your way to reaching all your goals. I help you be yourself unapologetically and follow the Spirit so you can fulfill your purpose in life and feel confident and successful.

Susan Estringel

I help YOU create an intentional, balanced life without having to sacrifice your own emotional and physical health in the process.

Stephanie Rosenfield

I teach moms of toddlers how to start enjoying motherhood. Without yelling, threatening or feeling guilty.

Mel Peirce

I help parents that desperately want to be the best parent that they can be, but they are constantly struggling and second-guessing themselves, questioning their parenting skills and if they’re doing the right thing.

With my Conscious Parenting Approach, I help parents raise the emotional health and well-being of their children by becoming conscious and confident parents themselves.  I help parents understand how their child’s brain is wired, and coach using brain-based parenting techniques and strategies, so parents can foster self-awareness, confidence, and resilience in their children and teach their children how to navigate negative emotions.

I’m on a mission to build a new emotionally healthy and happy generation from the ground up, and I believe it can start with the parents.

Dr. Michael Hogue

Overcome obstacles by understanding the true impact of your thoughts while also learning how your brain governs your life.  Improve commitment, execution, and follow-through.  Change your vitality, motivation, emotional regulation, and executive function.

Clotilde Dusoulier

I am the founder of Change ma vie, the #1 reference for life coaching in France, and I host the top-rated podcast Change ma vie.

If you feel stuck in a life that’s too small for you, join us and we will take you on the path to develop your VISION, FOCUS, and DRIVE, and create the life you want.

Serene Shereef

I am a mindfulness & productivity life coach who helps professional women struggling with burnout and overwhelm to take control of their time, mind & energy. I use an integrated mindfulness and productivity program with tools such as habit building, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, & other productivity systems, to build clarity and take control of your life so that you have time for everything that is important to you.

I am here to help you do less and live more in your best authentic joyful life!

Jacquie Mills

I teach mums confidence from the inside out so they can start saying no to others and yes to themselves.

Most people identify their mum as being the biggest influence in their life. Yet, mums are constantly putting themselves last and sacrificing their own happiness for their families. So when our children look to us pleasing others, afraid to say ‘no’, stuffing food in our mouths to cope with anxiety, spending money we don’t have to cheer ourselves up and talking negatively to ourselves what kind of message are we sending to them?

I believe a mothers mental and emotional health should be the #1 priority above all else. Because a mum who is confident and fulfilled is going to have a much greater impact on her child’s life.

Jay Rush

Jay believes it is never too late for parents and children to rebuild and strengthen their connections. Borrowing from his experiences as a son, husband and father, he understands the pain and uncertainty that all family members endure when they feel unheard, unseen, or even betrayed. Working to dismantle rigid (and often invisible) belief systems and rediscover compassion, joy and fun, along with learning new tools to cope with tough feelings is just part of Jay’s expertise in bringing families together.