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Sarah Tolbert

I help overwhelmed and stressed-out working moms and dads achieve harmony between their professional and personal lives. I firmly believe that it is not only possible to balance the demands of work and family but to do so with dignity, grace, and a renewed sense of self.

I personally went from being stressed out daily trying to get it all done, housework, managing the kids, making time for my partner, saying yes to everything because I felt guilty if I didn’t, paying the bills, wearing all the hats (even hats I didn’t know existed!) to eliminating my stress (or at least making it much smaller) and feeling happy and calm most of the time!

Stress will come, especially if you are a working parent, it’s part of life, but it no longer has to overwhelm your life and you don’t have to carry the guilt and shame that comes with it.

My mission in life is to help busy working parents feel happy, enjoy time with their families, and make everything feel less tricky.

Jennifer Collins

Jennifer Collins

I help moms with teens who feel overwhelmed by frustration, anxiety, guilt or sadness as their teens grow up, test boundaries, and pull away. Small Jar offers one-on-one life coaching to to help empower you to re-connect and strengthen the relationship you have with your teens and create peace, confidence, and new purpose as a woman approaching the next chapter of your life.

Esther Mbabazi

I help moms who are smart, figure things out, but struggle with yelling at their preteen daughters.

Dr. Erica Bove

I help professional women to thrive while undergoing fertility treatments. This involves an evidence-based and compassionate approach to empowering my clients to achieve their highest potential.

Harmony H Heslop

I help parents of Autistic kids shift out of overwhelm and self-doubt by providing them with tools and skills so they can gain confidence as a parent. Their kids are diagnosed with ADHD, PDA, and Autism.

Let me help you lose the guilt and shame so you can focus on your child again and be the parent you want to be. I provide you with the steps to calm the chaos and find connection with your kids.

Kimara Gustafson

I help parents and caregivers find ways to best support, encourage and empower children of all ages and their families to ensure they can reach their fullest potential.

Aerica Sanders

I help moms create calm in their life even when there’s chaos all around them. I help moms who feel disconnected, unappreciated, and alone find more fulfillment in their life. Everything from divorce (even those contemplating) to yelling at the kids and anything in between I can help you.

Life won’t be perfect but it can be better!

Mindy Kyle

Hey Stepmom, ever feel like you’re barely hanging on?
Like this stepmom role has completely taken over your life? You’re struggling to make sense of it all and at the same time feeling completely caught off guard by all the challenges you didn’t see coming. Maybe the resentment and frustration are beginning to build. Your relationships are starting to suffer and yet, you still don’t even know where to begin to change things. Nothing you have tried has created the kind of blended family life you thought you’d have or the one you hope to have.

Yep, I’ve been there too. I’ve been a stepmom myself for over 15 years. I’v struggled with all of it and then some. I know what it feels like to be in your shoes and thats exactly why I am so passionate about what I do as a stepmom coach.

If you are TRULY ready to feel empowered and aligned in your stepmom role, have more meaningful and connected relationships, a deep sense of belonging in your own home and not feel constantly controlled by the actions or behaviors of your partners Ex on a daily basis, I am the coach for you!

Keira McMullin

I help stay at home moms enjoy life and feel confident again without changing their family dynamics. Lear to take ownership and find joy in life again.

Becky Smith

Ready to quit people pleasing, find your voice, and be yourself… without the resentment? I’m Becky Smith, a life coach for women of faith. I help you set healthy boundaries, drop the guilt, and build resentment-free relationships. You will feel deeply connected in your relationships,  be able to support others without feeling responsible for their feelings and  know what you want and how to ask for it.

Heidi Allsop

As the ‘Boymom’ Coach, I specialize in empowering moms to transform their relationship with their son.

With a Bachelor’s degree in social work, 28 years of experience raising five boys, and certification as a life coach from the Life Coach School, I’m well-equipped to guide moms through the challenges of parenting. I understand the frustrations of poor communication, media concerns, and parenting confusion firsthand.

My passion is to help moms stop feeling like they’re doing it all wrong. I offer tangible tools and proven strategies that lead to effective communication, reduced stress, improved resilience, and greater confidence in your ability to teach and guide your son.

My ‘Strong Moms, Strong Sons’ philosophy has transformed families, offering clarity, confidence, and a fulfilling motherhood experience. Imagine parenting with confidence and truly enjoying your son at every age.

Francini Estes

I help Mothers feel better so they can help their children thrive.

How I help you:

By Identifying what is causing your burnout.( the root cause)

Find calm amid chaos.

Create more time to spend on yourself without spoiling time with your family.

Improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse, and your children.

Start Loving yourself and your body.

Get your mind, body, and spirit in shape.

Simplify your life.

Create a life full of joy and fulfillment.

Find who you are outside of your role as a mother.

Become the best version of yourself.

Helping you with nervous system regulation.

Teaching parenting tools that will help you be more responsive and less reactive.