Weight Loss Is Hard, Get Coached in Overeating.

Heather Ross

There is hope!  You can help your child who is struggling with substances. I use a family-centered, compassionate approach to help you motivate change in your child, reduce conflict, repair your relationship, and support yourself whether your child is actively using substances or in recovery.

Csilla Fee

Conflict is on purpose. When life offers a challenge, seeing what’s in it for us is freedom. We live by our learned understanding and skill set and continue to experience the same discomfort. I help people uplevel that experience. Though a heart centered approach to this work, I offer space for healing and creating thoughts that are meant to guide us.

Samara Potter, MD, MBA

As a pediatric oncologist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by mothers of children with cancer. As a mother and practicing physician, I have experienced the stress of negotiating motherhood with a career in medicine. I help mothers in both areas manage their minds so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and navigate life’s challenges with calm, clarity, and confidence.



Chad Hermansen

As a former MLB Player I know how important the mental game can be on and off the field.   I work with athletes who are lacking confidence in their abilities and who are getting in their own way of performing to their potential.   I have certifications in Mental Performance Mastery and offer a combination of Life Coaching and Performance Coaching.

Nicole Ellis

I help dads “STOP the FIGHT!” and move from survival to SUCCESS at home and in life.

I empower motivated, hardworking dads who are already achieving SUCCESS at work but feel stuck in their ability to create that same SUCCESS at home and in their personal lives.  I help dads develop and enjoy strong family relationships, based on love, trust and mutual respect.   I enable dads to create a life for themselves and their family that they can’t wait to get home to!

Maureen Michele, MD

I am a physician life coach who helps parents of chronically ill children regain control of their lives and learn to thrive. I help parents learn to feel joy and excitement while being the best parent to their medically challenged child. I help parents turn their overwhelming chaos into meaning action towards their goals.

Lamia Rarrbo

I have always been an optimist but when I was confronted with events that turned my life upside down (deaths, miscarriage, etc.) it was for me the trigger for the beginning of my life change!

Before, I never really ”DARE” because:
– I had confidence, but not enough;
– I had a master’s degree in engineering, but not the doctorate;
– I had a only child, but not a large family;But, Now, I am enough!

What I have become: the person who helps you boost your Confidence to Dare to make massive action and give Meaning to your life

You are enough!

Shamarie Hart

Shamarie helps women who have married children shift from worry, create more confidence and find joy in being a mother-in-law.

Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School specializing in relationships, over-eating, money, becoming a first time entrepreneur, and how to feel better about yourself and your life.

My philosophy is to help women over 50 and on their way to retirement remain healthy, maintain their mobility and their brain through my Life Coaching and Mobility program. I offer group coaching, 1 on 1 coaching, courses on relationships and mindfulness and to top it off, I offer an excellent weight loss program. Weight management is difficult as we age, and especially if you are petite, but I have all the tools to help you be successful and reach your desired weight. I’ve lost 35 pounds on my program to ensure it works!

I am also a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and teach my clients how to eat according to their own desires without having a crazy eating plan no one likes nor will do.

Join my Life and Mobility coaching programs and maintain your healthy lifestyle through retirement and beyond! I offer group coaching, 1:1 coaching, masterminds and courses.

Fausto Montalvan


What I Do

Everything I offer is to empower you to make simple but powerful shifts to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. These strategies and tools are simple to apply, but when compounded daily – make a huge impact in your life.

Yvonne Cao

When the pandemic hit, I thought I had it figured out. I had been working from home for years, surely this was going to be no different. Soon after, I felt completely drained, unable to distinguish work from personal life. I needed to get myself out of this situation for the sake of my family. So I turned to LCS. My LCS-trained coach taught me the skills to align my thoughts and emotions to fuel productive action, in service of the vision that I had for my life. Clear boundaries between work and personal life. Improved relationships with husband and kids. Stronger connections with friends. All while continue to kill it at work. That is what I will do for you – with compassion, non-judgment and curiosity.

Laura Cazier, MD

Physicians spend decades training to care for others, but we are too often negligent in caring for ourselves. We often don’t have a “safe space” to talk about and reflect upon the many stresses we experience in our lives, both at home and at work. My passion is to provide that space, to help physicians “heal themselves,” find joy in their lives (including in their work), and set and achieve goals so they can become the version of themselves they always dreamed was possible.