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Fausto Montalvan


What I Do

Everything I offer is to empower you to make simple but powerful shifts to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. These strategies and tools are simple to apply, but when compounded daily – make a huge impact in your life.

Yvonne Cao

When the pandemic hit, I thought I had it figured out. I had been working from home for years, surely this was going to be no different. Soon after, I felt completely drained, unable to distinguish work from personal life. I needed to get myself out of this situation for the sake of my family. So I turned to LCS. My LCS-trained coach taught me the skills to align my thoughts and emotions to fuel productive action, in service of the vision that I had for my life. Clear boundaries between work and personal life. Improved relationships with husband and kids. Stronger connections with friends. All while continue to kill it at work. That is what I will do for you – with compassion, non-judgment and curiosity.

Laura Cazier, MD

Physicians spend decades training to care for others, but we are too often negligent in caring for ourselves. We often don’t have a “safe space” to talk about and reflect upon the many stresses we experience in our lives, both at home and at work. My passion is to provide that space, to help physicians “heal themselves,” find joy in their lives (including in their work), and set and achieve goals so they can become the version of themselves they always dreamed was possible.

Sara Camak

I help moms of children with rare genetic disorders find relief from caregiver burnout.

Jo-Anne Karlsson

I work with professionals age 40+ drill down to the heart of an issue. We all have fears and doubts. I work with those who hide from reaching out due to fear and shame of what others think and believe. We explore anything and everything by drilling down to the heart of the matter and get you working on yourself.

Bryan Goodwin

My core philosophy is that you have the power to do whatever you want in your life. Nobody can make you miserable nor can they make you happy. That is all up to you. I do live my life with the 4 pillars of a relaxed male. These pillars don’t provide you with fulfillment but they give you a good foundation to pursue that fulfillment.

The 4 pillars are

Man’s Mind – Keep reading, keep learning never stop learning.

Man’s Body – Keep moving. Eat right and get some movement n each day.

Man’s Soul – This is the passion project you want to work on. What feeds your soul? This right here feeds your soul.

Man’s Community – This pillar is the one that is the most egregiously ignored in today’s man. Men don’t have a group of strong masculine men in their life. They often turn to their wife or girlfriend and this creates more aggravation and resentment. It doesn’t fix the problems found in a good strong marriage.

With these 4 pillars, men are able to find the purpose and energy needed to help build a better relationship with their family, neighborhood, town, and society.

We are meant to find fulfillment and purpose in our life. When we are aimless and aren’t striving for the better this is where our unhappiness and discontent come from.

Meg Gluckman

I’m passionate about helping parents navigate divorce & co-parenting with ease and in a way that feels good to them.

When we can feel grounded moving through divorce & co-parenting, our kids can feel safe, secure and supported.


Your dream list post-divorce:

You want….

~ to have co-parenting be like your dishwasher– set it and forget it. It works how it needs to and you don’t spend any energy thinking about it.

~ to feel great at work and when you’re home. No more parent guilt!

~ to feel financially secure and abundant. You want to be making plans for the future, knowing you’ll have plenty of money.

~ to have a new romantic relationship that feels steamy, fun, and completely nourishing.

~to feel more peaceful & rested, more often.

~ to feel like you’re doing life right and proud of how you’re modeling your values to your kids.

All of this is possible. I’d love to support you in making it happen!

Chelsea Winterholler

I am a Certified Life Coach who helps moms process the fears that come from living day to day with a child with food allergies. I have a child with anaphylactic peanut allergy, and I used to go at facing it all alone. Until I found a life coach who would help me process all of the fear I was having about my son’s future. Not just the day to day risk of exposure, but also the spinning that my brain does when I am all alone just anticipating the next disaster….an exposure, a vacation, upcoming birthday parties, explaining to caretakers, and relationship and financial struggles. Work with me to finally find freedom and clarity around your child’s food allergy so you can keep moving forward.

Amber Titensor

Being a teenager is a trip and parenting them is a wild ride! I coach teens through all the ups and downs that come with being a teenager. The main attraction of my coaching practice is my Teen FLAME Program. It is focused on helping teens build mental & emotional strength and resilience. Both teen and parent(s) learn the foundational concepts of:

Mind Management

1:1 Coaching Sessions lend an opportunity to dive deep into their very unique and individual needs and situations.Teen/Parent workshops help teens and parents problem solve and connect on a deeper level.Unlimited questions via email offer endless support during the program.

The Teen FLAME Program is for any teen in any situation who is open to growth and learning.
It’s fun, it’s personal, it’s concepts are life-changing.

I truly believe in today’s teens. I teach them to believe in themselves.

Maryse Giroux

I help busy Hockey Mom create a life balance by figuring out their minds, their emotions, themselves, their schedule and stop taking emotional responsibility for their kids without the unnecessary mom’s guilt.

In short “How to do it all with CLARITY, SIMPLICITY and FUN”

Nichole Haugen

I coach Catholic Nurses to follow God’s plan.

Are you struggling in the nursing profession. Do you look up different nursing jobs weekly, thinking at that job I would be happy? Struggle with being a mom, wife, and not bringing work home with you? Do you find yourself thinking that “if only my husband would help me more, then I would be happy.”? “If the kids listened better, then I would yell less.”

Do you feel like you are failing in your faith as well? That God is wagging his finger at you saying how disappointed He is because you should do better.

Amy VanOverloop

Helping others move from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and purpose during life’s challenging transitions.