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Laura Jurgens

I help people over 40 reinvent their relationships with their erotic selves, their bodies, their pleasure, their emotions, and their partners. All genders and sexual orientations are supported in my practice.

Melanie Schaefermeyer

I help ordinary people create extraordinary results by offering simple strategies and insights that allow them to design a life they love.

Monette Van Lith

I help parents develop a parenting framework to align their individual parenting styles and strengths so that they can work together as a team. I coach individual parents to tap into their inner wisdom to be the parent they want to be. I coach young people to build self-confidence, develop life and social skills, deal with stress, emotions and difficult relationships and find purpose and direction.

Stacy Bahnsen

I help women over 50 create a fulfilling life they look forward to every day without the fear that its too late.

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.

Melinda Lowell

I guide you through relationship challenges so you can go from feeling anxious, hurt, and overburdened to respected, happy, and thriving. I empower you with results-oriented tools that last for a lifetime, not just the struggles you’re going through right now.


Tyson Raff

I help endurance athletes with kids achieve their performance dreams without ending a relationship, neglecting their kids, or leaving a day job.

Taylor VerBerkmoes

I help service-based entrepreneurs capture the value of their offer and speak about it in a way that moves the people.

I believe that deep down we aren’t trying to do something new or different. We are simply trying to tell our truth.

As a specialist and coach, I listen for you, your sound, your message. Then I echo it back until no matter where you are or who you’re with, you hear and share authentically as you.

I love to incorporate tools like Human Design to aid in guiding clients to greater self-clarity.

Michelle Joiner

I believe that we were created by God fearfully and wonderfully and that He makes no mistakes.  I help single Christian women desiring marriage with three things.  Confidence.  Connection. And Chemistry.  As your coach, I take you from “just pray and wait” to cuddles and pancakes on the weekends with the love of your life.

Kirthi Lilley, MD

I help busy physicians create extraordinary and fulfilling lives by helping them overcome burnout and time scarcity. I help you bust through the most common limiting belief of “I don’t have enough time” so you can create a joy filled life exactly as you envisioned it. Loving your life again shouldn’t have been so hard and I can help you achieve it.

Pam Tronson

I help women who feel stuck in a midlife transition to build a clear path to the life they always imagined.

Empty nester?
Midlife divorce?
New business?

All you ever wanted is always an option.

Juli Hicks

I believe that your best life is still to come – regardless of your age.  I’m an experienced life coach that supports women in midlife get unstuck and move forward with more clarity, confidence, and excitement.

I offer a 1:1 coaching program, Flourishing After 50, where I blend the science of positive psychology with the art of coaching to support women navigating the significant transition of midlife.

Are you ready to stop the cycles of doubt and confusion, and finally get excited about your life?

Jennifer Vollmann

Coaching to help YOU find MORE

I am here to help you find more in your fitness, more in relationships, more in your career, more in your LIFE! I combine my knowledge, experience, skills, and enthusiasm to help you create what you want in your life.

I stood where you stand today. I was a 33 year old stay-at-home mom who lost herself in motherhood. With zero experience in swimming, biking, or running, (or let’s be honest, any athletics at all. Seriously, throw a ball at my face and I cover my head and duck every… damn… time!) I used triathlons as a way to start creating what I wanted in life and connect with parts of me dormant for years.

It wasn’t enough. It is still not enough.

What I learned about myself in sport – my grit, resilience, my abilities to fail and keep going, problem solve, connect my mind and body are of the most powerful parts of who I am. I wanted to bring these parts to all areas of my life, not just the race course. I knew if I could show up in life like I show up in training and racing, I would be unstoppable! But I had no idea how to do it. Until…. I started using thought work to understand what my thoughts were creating in my life. This powerful teaching was the key to bring these amazing parts of myself from my athletic life to my entire life. It was the key to creating a life MORE and the life I WANT.

​Now its your turn! I am passionate about helping other people GO ALL IN on what they want in their lives. I want to help you create what you want!

​Want to race your first triathlon? Let’s go!

Qualify for Worlds! I can help!

Get unstuck from a career? Yep, I got you!

Quit overeating? I got that too!

Connect your incredible athletic resilience to being a better parent? 100%

I am here for all of it and I am here for you! The time to start is RIGHT NOW!