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Dori Sharvit

It’s so easy to live life on default mode. well duh! that’s why it’s default mode.

But it’s also painful.

We don’t get what we truly want when we are stuck in default mode. And that sucks.

I love coaching because it helps you life on purpose!

And when you live on purpose, you can literally create anything that is important to you.

You can lose weight, stop procrastination, have better relationships, transform your career (the list is endless).

What you want matters.

And I love using coaching to help bring what you want to life.

Armony Mangin

Helping divorced working moms turn their desires into decisions, find their direction and commit to their future plan so they can create the life they haven’t yet imagined was possible.

Sheli Singhvi

As a decision coach, I’ve had the privilege of guiding individuals through the maze of choices life throws at us. I enable individuals to undergo the necessary emotional experiences that facilitate better decision-making.

Sarah Tolbert

I help overwhelmed and stressed-out working moms and dads achieve harmony between their professional and personal lives. I firmly believe that it is not only possible to balance the demands of work and family but to do so with dignity, grace, and a renewed sense of self.

I personally went from being stressed out daily trying to get it all done, housework, managing the kids, making time for my partner, saying yes to everything because I felt guilty if I didn’t, paying the bills, wearing all the hats (even hats I didn’t know existed!) to eliminating my stress (or at least making it much smaller) and feeling happy and calm most of the time!

Stress will come, especially if you are a working parent, it’s part of life, but it no longer has to overwhelm your life and you don’t have to carry the guilt and shame that comes with it.

My mission in life is to help busy working parents feel happy, enjoy time with their families, and make everything feel less tricky.

Jennifer Collins

Jennifer Collins

I help moms with teens who feel overwhelmed by frustration, anxiety, guilt or sadness as their teens grow up, test boundaries, and pull away. Small Jar offers one-on-one life coaching to to help empower you to re-connect and strengthen the relationship you have with your teens and create peace, confidence, and new purpose as a woman approaching the next chapter of your life.

Whitney Meza

Whitney Meza

You aren’t “stuck” because you haven’t found the right gym, meal plan, partner, career, spandex attire… You’re not moving forward simply because of your brain.

Think of me as your fun, judgement-free lifestyle mentor and hilarious, muscular best friend.  Except I hold you accountable to eat the food, lift the weights, ask for the raise, and focus on your brain.

I have coached over 800 individuals and am a movement specialist at heart who gets a kick out of the human mind.

I’ve worked with competitive athletes, competitive laptop-users, cancer survivors, grandparents, young adults, pregnant and postpartum parents, those rehabbing injuries, and those allergic to a traditional gym. I am a life and health coach and focus on getting to the meat behind your current behaviors and help you to address what is stopping you from elevating yourself to where you belong.

My approach is tactile and involves concrete, sustainable lifestyle changes.  Think of a steady stream of long-term motivation and health.

Ken Williams

Too many people have bad bosses and have to deal with difficult people at work. Do you have a job you love but a boss you hate? You don’t have to leave your job. I help people who can’t change jobs survive the Boss from Hell.

Julie Merrill

I specialize in guiding women of all ages on a journey to cultivate their unique sexual well-being. Through personalized coaching, my clients discover how to enhance their connection with themselves and their partners, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life!

Melanie McNamara

I help high achieving women design a business that feels meaningful, profitable, and delightful with less time & stress, selling with integrity without feeling “salesy”, and attract more clients who are raving fans – without burning out!

If the coaching and training you’ve received in the past has felt out of alignment with how you want to live your life and run your business, let’s talk!

I’m here to help you fill in the missing pieces that have kept you from growing your business WHILE enjoying your life.

After a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent chemo and radiation journey felt like a relief from the deep burnout I was feeling in my chaotic life as a real estate agent, I knew I had to do something different!

I learned the secrets and now I can show you how to create peace and ease in your business and relationships.

Dr. Erica Bove

I help professional women to thrive while undergoing fertility treatments. This involves an evidence-based and compassionate approach to empowering my clients to achieve their highest potential.

Stacey DiVerde

I help women in their second half of life create a life they love & the health they desire. You’ll create your best health in your mind and your body starting with the food you eat and body you already have!

Unapologetically put yourself and your desires first, maybe for the first time in your life. Let go of all the “should’s”, people pleasing, perfectionism & avoiding and start doing! No more wasting your time! It’s time to stop settling and just surviving and start thriving.  Make you a priority, your dreams and ideas come to fruition with clarity, courage and confidence!  We’ll get to the root cause of your health & chronic conditions as well as your life problems so you actually feel amazing — more self-trust, better self-esteem, and love for who you already are but might be holding yourself back and you know it!

Let’s get unstuck and create a future you are in love with, letting go of any chronic stress you might be holding onto unknowingly in your body so you can thrive in your 2nd half.  I bring a holistic eastern approach in food and nutrition for your body for your health to flourish.  As well as connect your whole life experience with your mind and body as it’s not separate, it’s whole and should be treated as such when creating your best health & life.  Often women in the 2nd half of life, have some resistance to change unknowingly that you’ve been following your entire life up, until now!.  We get to the root issues so you can let go of anything holding you back.

I’d love to help show you how to create:

  • More confidence.
  • More clarity.
  • More courage.
  • More authenticity.
  • More energy.
  • More time.
  • More money.
  • More self-trust.
  • More self-love.
  • More productivity.
  • More time.
  • More focus.
  • More direction.
  • More excitement.
  • More thriving.
  • And, better health.
  • And, better relationships.

Harmony H Heslop

I help parents of Autistic kids shift out of overwhelm and self-doubt by providing them with tools and skills so they can gain confidence as a parent. Their kids are diagnosed with ADHD, PDA, and Autism.

Let me help you lose the guilt and shame so you can focus on your child again and be the parent you want to be. I provide you with the steps to calm the chaos and find connection with your kids.