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Amy Babiuch, MD

I love helping parents of children with hidden disabilities (behavioral challenges, autism spectrum, dyslexia, chronic illnesses, neurologic disorders, ADHD/ADD, hearing and vision deficits, amongst others) find beauty in the extreme paradox of parenting these amazing and complex human beings!

Parenting is like riding an endless rollercoaster. The spiral of emotions and responsibilities can become exhausting, especially for a highly motivated or “type-A” parent.

Maybe you’ve been described as a perfectionist or “type-A”? Do you ever feel like on the outside you look like you have it all together, but on the inside you feel like you are falling apart?  This is all part of the paradox.

You’re here because you’re ready to step off the rollercoaster, because you know firsthand the constant pressure to make everything seem perfect in a not-so-perfect setting.

I’m here because I help parents like you to navigate this paradox through mindset coaching. You will feel more energy, confidence, and patience in your parenting, but also in your life. Your dreams are still waiting for you, let’s find them together so you can enjoy the freedom and relaxation you’ve been craving.

Rachael R Cunningham

I help women bring joy, passion, and love back to their marriages

When we choose to be in a marriage and create a life with another person, it often starts with fun, excitement, and hope.

And then, well – life happens. From parenting to careers, eventually, our communication suffers, our teamwork feels non-existent, our intimacy dwindles, and we stop connecting. That frustration then affects every area of life.

And before you know it, you feel trapped in this choice you made.

I teach you how to reverse that feeling of being stuck in a marriage.  I teach you how to connect again… because marriage without connection is simply, not fun.

When you know how to connect heart to heart… you will begin to bring back the joy, love, and passion you once felt.

My clients transform their marriages by improving:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Fun / excitement
  • Passion / Intimacy
  • Personal Goals

I believe to have an incredible marriage, you also need to know how to care for yourself and your own desires.

So in my coaching, as you learn to connect with the love of your life, you’ll also improve your relationship with yourself, your body, your kids, career,  and your creativity.

Sherry Price

I help successful women stop overdrinking without feeling like they have to give up drinking completely. You’ll learn how to have confidence and control around alcohol. You’ll learn how to be able to take it or leave it. We do the work of changing your relationship with alcohol while eliminating any shame, guilt, and/or embarrassment.

I’m the creator of the Drink Less Lifestyle podcast and program.

Valerie Bestland

I help women in EMS Lose Weight and improve their Well Being on duty and off.

Kim Jolicoeur

I help you manage your over-desire for alcohol or stop drinking completely.

Claire Cleary

I help my clients take control of their drinking, improve their relationships, reduce stress, get motivated & gain confidence so they can achieve their goals & get excited about their lives.

I believe we all have the power to do amazing things and feel happy & fulfilled. If you’re open to looking at things in new ways & doing some work, you’ll be able to change your life in ways you may not have thought possible.

Debi Talbert

You are not broken. You’ve simply built up a relationship with alcohol that has you relying on it to help you cope with life.

My primary focus is to help my clients explore their beliefs about alcohol and themselves so they can change the beliefs and thoughts keeping them stuck in the cycle of drinking, over-drinking, shame, and regret. Once we change what you drink, we help you rebrand yourself living in the world with your new relationship with alcohol.

Elizabeth Sherman

Do you want to be happier? Do you want to be able to keep promises to yourself, discover what you want, and create healthy boundaries? Its totally possible. I can help you to create habits to lose weight, improve your relationships with yourself and others, and overcome obstacles or barriers that are keeping you stuck from having the life that that you deeply desire.

This is How I Can Help You:

  • Establish habits that will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Manage your stress, which will improve your problem solving and ability to think clearer
  • Improve your sleep so that you can make better decisions and be productive all day long
  • Find the right diet for you so that you can feel energetic and sharp
  • Create and uphold personal boundaries to improve self-esteem, autonomy, and a sense of control
  • Be accountable to yourself so that you can be successful
  • Get out of your own way, and help you create joy and happiness in your life

Learn how to get rid of the obstacles and barriers that are getting in the way of your success.

Michelle S. Williams

I help women create healthy relationships and live a more purposeful life without overwhelm.


I help women in their 50’s and over create the midlife of their dreams so that their second act is way better than the first.

Rachel Hart

Perhaps you’ve heard someone say the following:

I don’t trust people who don’t drink.
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
Beer before liquor.
You shouldn’t drink alone.
Don’t be such a buzzkill.
Alcohol is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
It’s bad luck to toast with water.
Normal people can stop whenever they want to.

Whether or not you agree with these statements, your unconscious mind is filled with thoughts about what it means to drink, what it means to say no, and what it means if you struggle with drinking too much.

From a young age, you absorbed messages from friends, family, and advertisements. The books you read, the shows you watch, and the songs you hear all shaped your belief system, and these beliefs aren’t benign. They influence your drinking habits and your attempts to change.

The model teaches us that alcohol isn’t right or wrong. Neither is your drinking (no matter how much you’ve consumed). You aren’t bad because of how much you drank last night or good because you said no all week. In fact, assigning moral value to alcohol and the habit of drinking is the quickest way to turn it into a forbidden fruit, up your desire, and pour a drink as a way to rebel.

It all boils down to this: if you want to change your drinking and redefine your relationship with alcohol, you have to change your thinking.

Katrina Ubell

I help female-identifying doctors in clinical practice lose weight permanently in a way that’s totally doable within the idiosyncrasies of medical life.