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Evelina Zivatkauskaite

I help people who are ready and eager to start making changes in their minds to create the desired results in their lives.

Increased awareness, understanding, and self-compassion combined with self-coaching tools for mind and emotional management are some of the key elements leading to lasting changes, more conscious choices, and fulfilled dreams while enjoying the journey.

I work with clients privately 1:1, with corporate clients in a group setting, and teach children life coaching tools through online group classes.

Robyn Spens

Struggle to enjoy sex without alcohol.

I help women disentangle their relationship with alcohol without dampening their desire.

If you are ready to ditch the drink and dial up the intensity.

Learn how to drink less to feel more because  Sober is Sexy

Audrey Wells, MD

You can be a super thinker if you’re a super sleeper.

But without sufficient sleep, you are constantly coping with some degree of mental fog that keeps you from meeting your full potential.  Your emotions are dysregulated and biased toward the negative.  You gain weight.  You lose focus.  Sleep loss costs you in more ways than one.

You know your brain is your most valuable asset.  But it may surprise you to hear that sleep is one of the most important things your brain does.  Sleep is not just anti-wake.

As a high achiever, you need to view your sleep as a superpower.  An investment in improving your sleep is a step toward fueling your mind and getting more done in less time.

As a sleep medicine physician and fellow high achiever, I know how to get you the sleep you need to perform at your highest level.  Every night, naturally.  And with peaceful confidence as your head hits the pillow.   You may be surprised at how little time it takes.

My approach blends my deep knowledge of all things sleep and wakefulness, causal coaching (The Model), CBT-I techniques, time management solutions, and habit formation.

Our private coaching relationship allows me to tailor to your specific needs at every step.  This is the most efficient way to put your sleep issue to bed, for good.

Deanna Marie

I help women who feel torn in their alcoholic relationship create clarity so they can confidently decide their future in this relationship whether they choose to stay or decide to leave.

Julie Harrison

As a RN with an extensive background in addiction I have witnessed the hard work that is done to get sober and then watched as people struggle staying sober. In combining my background as a certified addiction nurse with life coaching, I offer a different approach to what is available beyond addiction. My philosophy is based in curiosity, not shame, it allows for grace and kindness as we explore new ways to interact with ourselves.    This is available to anyone affected by addiction.

This is for anyone who life has been defined by past addiction whether it is you or someone you love.



Patrick Fox

What I do

I help men stop drinking alcohol.


I spent most of my adult life drinking, taking drugs and not taking responsibility for myself, my actions or my future.

Some might say that sounds like fun.

Well, what started out as harmless fun (mostly), gradually became a dependence on drinking, not only to escape life challenges but to also have fun in life.

Bit of a double bind you might say.

The last time I woke up hungover, I realised I had become the father I’d always promised myself I wouldn’t be.

Distracted, resentful and prioritising my life around alcohol.

Something had to change.

That day I made a decision to stop drinking for a year. Within months I knew what was true for me. A life without alcohol was far greater than one with it.

I got clear on WHY I had to make this change in my life no matter what.

I stopped drinking because I wanted to be a positive role model to my children.

I wanted to break the chain of generational alcoholism of males in my family.

I wanted to do more, be more, and feel more, because I knew it was possible but alcohol was holding me back.

Why I Work With Men

I work with men because I see how hard it can be for guys to ask for help, to admit they need support. Especially when our identity (ego) is under threat.

The conditioning I received growing up around being a man was to just get on with it, man up and that crying was weak.

This led to me thinking I had to deal with things on my own, to not show any vulnerability…. for my very manliness was at stake.

I repressed and denied any emotion with alcohol or so I thought.

The trouble with repressing how you feel is that emotions are like water, they always find a way out and not in the way you want.

I want to show men that they’re not alone and that the habit of drinking means f*ck all about who they are as a person.

We’re at an amazing place in evolution where we can change the narrative of what it means to be a man in this world.

We can have a positive impact on future generations of men by embracing our vulnerabilities, understanding our emotions are what make us human and giving ourselves the love and acceptance we always wanted.

The How

Together we work on creating a life where you are no longer making decisions based on whether you can have a drink or not.

We uncover and unlearn all of the beliefs, rules and associations you have created around alcohol and why you think you need it.

By focusing on all that sobriety has to offer, instead of focusing on what you think you’ll be missing out on.

We’ll create awareness around your thinking and how powerfully it can change your life.

You’ll learn how to be present with your body and your emotions. You’ll learn how to respond vs reacting to life’s events. You’ll discover the truth about alcohol and its effects on you.

By developing a relationship with yourself that is so solid that you can do f*cking anything in this world.

The Result

– More time, money and energy
– Better relationships with yourself, your partner and your family
– Improved health, sleep and skin
– Less anxiety, self-loathing and resentment
– Increased self-esteem, discipline and purpose

These are just the results of what stopping drinking looks like.

You’ll also learn how to manage your own mind, how to overcome your primitive brain’s desire for survival and pleasure. You’ll know what your values are and how you can live by them and so much more…

“Every ending is the beginning of something else” – Marc Chernoff

What do you want your something else to be? ….. it’s waiting for you.

We only get one ride of this thing called life, I want yours to be one you look back on and feel f*cking proud of how you’ve shown up in this world.

Stacy Bahnsen

I help women over 50 create a fulfilling life they look forward to every day without the fear that its too late.

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.

Lisa Christy

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot of dedication. But you certainly are worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth.

Allyson Cole

Divorced? Are you ready to move on and create your own version of happily ever after? I help divorced women make peace with the past, rebuild their self-confidence, and find renewed purpose. Your divorce can be a stepping stone towards the life you’ve always wanted. If you are ready to fall in love with your life and what is possible, let me show you how.

Lauren Brown

I work with women who are ready to quit living a life where they’re constantly doing it all, feeling resentful, and putting themselves last. Together, we create an ultra personalized self-care plan and uncover the root cause of each client’s unique form of self-sabotage. Through compassionate yet laser sharp coaching, I hold my clients in a space of love as they learn the tools and concepts to eliminate resentment and self-sabotage.

Ultimately, I take my clients through the journey of cultivating self-compassion, self-care, and truly radical self-love.

Cecilia Minano

I help high achieving professionals feel normal again despite their chronic gastrointestinal issues. I also help with professionals overcoming burnout to help them live their best lives. My methods include learning about how the nervous system impacts their health and state of being. learning about somatic practices, reframing thoughts, and helping them build up their own resiliency toolkit for long-term success.

Amanda Dinsmore MD

Myself and two other Emergency Physicians started The Whole Physician with the singular goal of Healing the Healer.  Our ideal clients are physicians who are ready to create better lives for themselves.  We have experience with suffering from burnout, excessive self criticism, perfectionism, felt exhausted, and even questioning if a career in medicine had been a mistake (because we’ve been there!).  With over 50+ combined years in busy ERs, we’ve seen a lot and have been through a lot in our careers and also outside of medicine.  Heck, two of us even quit our jobs at least once!  We have found a new peace through coaching.  We have replaced much of our previous misery with contentment through the power of coaching and would love to show you how as well.  Being ER Docs, we believe in rapid results with a sense of (borderline inappropriate) humor.  We want to show you how to feel better STAT.