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Adriana Cloud

I help women to stop overdrinking and I teach them how to relax, have fun, and feel confident without alcohol.

Many of us live in societies that normalize drinking, and we’re surrounded by messages that glorify alcohol as the best way to cope with stress and enjoy life. We are taught that alcohol is a reward, that it’s sexy and fun and sophisticated. We are taught that if we can’t “drink normally,” then there is something wrong with us.

But there is no such thing as “normal drinking,” and there is nothing wrong with you if you want to drink less but are struggling to cut back! You don’t have to identify as an alcoholic, and you don’t have to wait until you’ve hit rock bottom to change your relationship with alcohol. If drinking too much is keeping you from being the best version of yourself, I can help you stop!

Judith Lightfoot Clarke

I work with professional actors and creators in all areas of emotional health and relationships.  I work on Broadway, regionally, TV and film, so  I know what the life is and WHY we love it.

We in our industry signed up for a life of Unknowns…

  • Where is the Next Job?
  • How much do I bend to book the role?
  • Where is space for me in this fraught, but beautiful industry?
  • What should I do when I am not acting?
  • How do I live with anxiety and audition tension?
  • How do I not take the Drama home?

We love an industry that does not always love us.  Know that you are Not Alone in this.  NO matter how recently we were on stage or on set, we ALL know the feelings of When Will I Work Again? Where is my power here?

The tension is real.  But so are the rewards.  

I love acting, and I love coaching actors.  I help actors develop the mental stamina for longevity. I teach you the healthiest path to great relationships.


Shelby Leigh Milford

I help devoted parents to cultivate a closer relationship with their children, while clearly defining & honoring their own loving boundaries.  Whether you are estranged, alienated, or just feeling like you are, I help you to rediscover connection with your (maybe not-so) little darlings.

I also help target parents to re-imagine and rebuild their lives following domestic abuse and/or the experiencing the effects of pathogenic parenting.  I show them that it’s entirely possible to live a purposeful & meaningful life, even while experiencing the grief of missing out on milestones and moments in their children’s lives.

If any of the above sounds like you, then I want you to know that you are not alone.  Feeling emotionally distant and/or living apart from your child can feel agonizing. Debilitating, even. This is a far cry from what you imagined parenthood would look like.  I GET IT.

To add insult to injury, there is a stigma associated with not having a “good” relationship with your own kiddo.  This alone has the potential to cause  a great deal of shame.  Not knowing how to respond when someone asks about your kiddos can often lead to you turning down event invites — which only compounds the issue — because now you’re lacking connection with your kids and your network!

The story you’re telling yourself will determine your level of connection with your child.  I work with my clients to become aware of the embedded thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving their needs, and help them to cultivate and implement a new, more useful narrative.

So whether the current tension is as a result of a loyalty conflict with the other parent, or if this is simply due to a fallout between you and your child, I’ve got you.  

If you are in active litigation, I offer support by helping you to prepare for depositions and custody hearings by becoming poised, direct, and crystal clear in your testimony; delivering your message with purpose and integrity.

Leslie Duffy

I help men and women with autoimmune disease feel empowered and in control of their health. I use Functional Medicine, Nutrition, mindset and habit change to create a life full of energy and confidence to deal with any obstacle and most importantly FOLLOW THROUGH.

Andrea Bussard

With over 18 years in a customer facing service role, I’ve learned it’s a reactionary profession where we’re made to soak in judgments and opinions of others constantly. Growing up with my dad as a motivational speaker, this work has changed my life, and I’m looking to change yours by continuing his legacy. I teach my clients to ditch the anxiety and overwhelm so they can feel better at work today. I help restaurant industry leaders stop overdrinking and overeating, without sacrificing the relationship with themselves and others.

Kelly Leugers

Is this you?

  • You have the degree, but you doubt and question yourself all the time. You wonder when you’ll ever start feeling confident.
  • You can start feeling confident now.
  • Outwardly, you’re successful but inwardly you’re still beating yourself up for a mistake you made. When does that little voice ever go away? Doesn’t time heal all wounds?
    • What if the little voice was still there, but it no longer bothered you
    • If time healed all wounds, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this, would you?
  • You want to live a healthier life to improve wellness, stop overdrinking, or stop overeating. You know to eat more vegetables, but after a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, or a night of drinking more than you planned (again), you’re not too sure a carrot is going to even this all out. What is happening?
    • We got you! You’re in the right spot.
  • You want to a little “tune up” and are interesting in improving your growth-mindset. You’ve heard that buzz word being tossed around the office along with “nested”, “game changer”, or “the new normal”.
    • What is a growth-mindset anyway?
    • Yaas. Let’s teach you. This isn’t a buzz word, it’s a whole life word. We’ll get you squared away!

Let’s change what isn’t working for you.

Now. Permanently.

Are you ready to do the work to live the life you imagined? Let’s get started today!

Cathi Whaley MD

Do you believe you live a privileged life but something is missing? Are you hiding that belief like a shameful secret? Are you overwhelmed, confused, or trapped without any idea as to how to feel better? Do you hold on for dear life for the next vacation where you can take care of yourself just a smidge or show up for your family reliably?

As the Everything Coach for busy mid-career professionals, I help you improve the quality of your life without burning your life to the ground.

Sound impossible? It’s not! I along with the many people I’ve coached are proof otherwise.

But sometimes as we clarify our goals, we find out that we truly do wish to burn it all down. So if that is you, we ride at dawn! I will help you gain clarity about the path forward and walk alongside you as you execute it.

My philosophy is simple. I meet you where you are, help you reconnect with your true priorities for your personal life, professional life, work-life balance, and anything else you can think of and then we go out and get it.

In me you will have a dedicated support person to walk alongside you as you create a life you don’t need a vacation from and work towards feeling better permanently.

Mary Wall

Turning Big Birthday dread into Big Birthday delight, not just for the day itself but for the rest of your life!

Lamia Rarrbo

I have always been an optimist but when I was confronted with events that turned my life upside down (deaths, miscarriage, etc.) it was for me the trigger for the beginning of my life change!

Before, I never really ”DARE” because:
– I had confidence, but not enough;
– I had a master’s degree in engineering, but not the doctorate;
– I had a only child, but not a large family;But, Now, I am enough!

What I have become: the person who helps you boost your Confidence to Dare to make massive action and give Meaning to your life

You are enough!

Karen McClure

I’m a lawyer turned coach for solo and small firm lawyers who are unhappy. As a long-time practicing attorney, I understand the struggles that come with being a lawyer, and I’m passionate about helping you feel better. My coaching is agenda and judgment free. I’ll help you identify the cause of what’s happening in your life and help you decide whether you want to change it.

Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School specializing in relationships, over-eating, money, becoming a first time entrepreneur, and how to feel better about yourself and your life.

My philosophy is to help women over 50 and on their way to retirement remain healthy, maintain their mobility and their brain through my Life Coaching and Mobility program. I offer group coaching, 1 on 1 coaching, courses on relationships and mindfulness and to top it off, I offer an excellent weight loss program. Weight management is difficult as we age, and especially if you are petite, but I have all the tools to help you be successful and reach your desired weight. I’ve lost 35 pounds on my program to ensure it works!

I am also a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and teach my clients how to eat according to their own desires without having a crazy eating plan no one likes nor will do.

Join my Life and Mobility coaching programs and maintain your healthy lifestyle through retirement and beyond! I offer group coaching, 1:1 coaching, masterminds and courses.

Michelle Kapler


How come no one talks about this transition?

Why do we only know about it through memes about erupting in flames or losing our minds?

Why don’t we learn about it in highschool sex ed, so we know what to expect?

Why is it that society tells folks who are socialized as women that they are no longer valuable beyond this transition? We are told by society that if we are no longer young, hot, fertile and attractive to the male gaze – we don’t matter anymore.

This extra layer of bumping up against societal messaging (while also experiencing some major changes in the way our bodies look, feel and work) can be complicated.

As a Reproductive Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Board Certified Reproductive Specialist, I have seen hundreds of folks through this transition in my clinical practice. I have seen what we do to ourselves with our own minds and how that makes it harder for us.

But what if we could look at perimenopause as a gift and a gateway to the REST. OF. OUR. LIVES?

And that’s exactly what I help my clients do.

We dive deep.

We look at everything.

We examine our thoughts about our bodies and our relationship with ourselves and others.

We decide ON PURPOSE how we want to step into this next version of ourselves

to become the next level badass humans we know we are meant to be.

*My coaching community prioritizes inclusivity. If you are experiencing (or are on the cusp of experiencing) the perimenopausal transition, you are welcome – regardless of your gender, age, race, ability, sexuality or any other identity you hold.*