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Kaia Hunter

I help women 40+ create a freakin’ kick ass second half of life. I help them bring the vision of their second half of life into reality. Whether it be transitioning into being an empty-nester and finding their new life purpose, starting a new business, or simply taking their life from good to great!
Because – it’s not too late and you’re not too old!

Lindsey B. Faucette, D.O.

I help women who are successful and active and busy in many areas of their lives, but feel challenged when it comes to staying healthy and staying connected to fun and satisfying sex. I help them feel like they are in control of their health, more decisive in making health care decisions, and more excited and confident in enjoying great sex!

Through my membership-based medical practice, practical strategies, and laser-sharp coaching, I’m here to help you. My patients and clients tell me they know I’m on their side. They know they can trust me and I help then grow and relax knowing we are making life healthier and sexier.

As a physician trained in Integrative Medicine, and a connected and compassionate provider, I have extensive experience working with patients with unusual health challenges including autoimmune disorders, sexual struggles, and social and emotional conditions that affect their world.

When I’m not supporting women and patients become all they know they can be, you can find me snuggling and reading with my 4 and 9 year old children, planning my next travel adventure, or wine tasting on the beautiful Central California Coast.

Let’s chat! And until then Be Well, Stay Safe and DREAM BIG!

Molly Patrick

You packed up your dreams at some point in your life. This is awesome because it means you can unpack them whenever you want and turn them into reality.

Jennifer Bulbrook

I am here to help you believe that you are worthy and that you are somebody no matter your mental health status.

Jennifer Bulbrook knows she is somebody, and you are too. So she created the I Am Somebody: Transform your Life Organizer to take you step-by-step through a process in order for you to achieve an emotionally balanced life. Follow the steps, do the work, and you will soon realize that I AM SOMEBODY!

Michelle Kapler

I help high achieving, wildly successful, professional mothers create the exact relationship they want to have with alcohol.

I want to examine the deeper reasons why your life might look amazing on the outside – but on the inside, you’re feeling like something isn’t quite right because of your drinking.

You wonder if there is something wrong with you because you feel like you just can’t get control.

You don’t like the idea that maybe you NEED the nightly glass of wine to make it through your busy and stressful life.

You don’t identify as an alcoholic and your drinking isn’t severe enough to mean that you have seriously damaging things happening in your life. But it still feels like a dark cloud hanging over your head.

I know all of this because that WAS me! When I took control of my negative patterns with alcohol, my ENTIRE life changed for the better.

I am on a mission to have a modern conversation about alcohol use (especially in our context as highly successful, driven <and maybe a little perfectionist> mothers).

Can we be normal and still have a drinking problem? Yes.

Are there ways to address this? HECK yes!

Whether you’re looking to stop drinking completely or you would like to simply drink less and feel like you have complete control over your drinking, I’m here for all of it with you. Without labels. Without judgment.

Book your free 60 minute consultation today to find out more.

And be sure to check out my podcast called Just One Glass to learn more about my approach.

Darya Shans

Helping women to open online business and scale it as well as combine it with family life. You can have your ideal life without sacrificing your career.

Sheila Gravely

I help people create their healthiest, most vibrant lives – body, mind, and spirit. Using habit science techniques along with the latest scientific information about diet and lifestyle, clients make small changes to daily rituals to move towards greater vitality, better sleep, improved wellness, graceful aging, and emotional growth.

I help clients make positive and lasting changes to their physical and emotional well-being. I help the client develop a healthy mindset and daily habits, and encourage them every step of the way as they establish and accomplish their goals.

Beth Spenceri, MD

You’ve set and achieved goal after goal, realizing success upon success for years. But between the demanding patients, staff, insurance companies, and even your family, it seems there’s no time or energy left to dream up what’s next for you. The problem is: you’re not done achieving yet. Now what?

I coach high achieving, mid-career physicians develop the sustainable skill of achieving big goals amid their busy lives, make big decisions and move beyond being “stuck”, and regain the control they’ve been missing in their lives. The key? Learning how to effectively manage their physician brains (a skill they never taught us in med school or residency).

Angela Mascenik

I believe that you can have any type of relationship with alcohol YOU WANT.

You are NOT powerless over alcohol.

You have the power inside you to CHOOSE.

My coaching helps you get to the root of WHY you are drinking. Once you understand that, you become powerful and can make permanent changes.


It’s about what you are seeking FROM alcohol that you might not currently have.

Things like relaxation, shelter from boredom, to feel less stress or anxiety, or make you feel happier, more joyful, or connected.

And once you learn how to get what you want from yourself, you stop looking to alcohol to make your life better.

And that’s when you stop over-drinking.

I can teach you how to find what’s inside you to fix this instead of relying on diets, fads, Dry January’s, avoiding social situations, and uncomfortable situations to help you drink less.

Your brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It’s not your fault that you haven’t ‘figured it out yet.’

It’s actually quite normal.

The good news: you can learn how to over-ride this wiring system and once you do, that’s where all your freedom lies.

I ended a 20 year battle of over-drinking included:

  • drinking in response to a high-level anxiety
  • having a bad day and needing alcohol to shut off my brain
  • drinking because I wanted to still be ‘fun’ after having kids

These are just a few examples of how I used alcohol. Heck, I even drank just because ‘it was sunny outside!’

When you learn how to look to yourself for your emotional needs, you can change and never look back.

The other thing we let go of is shaming ourselves when we do over-drink.

This tactic doesn’t work. And you probably already know that.

What works is having compassion and curiosity for WHY you over-drank.

Again, if you understand WHY you do it, you can fix it. But when you are beating yourself up about it, you cut off the access to figuring out how to fix it within yourself.

Having someone who has permanently fixed this issue and has coached hundreds of women to permanently change their relationship with alcohol, is exactly who you need.

Also, I’m a lot of FUN to work with, we keep this topic feeling approachable and nonjudgemental, which is what we need more of.

You deserve to stop over-drinking and start LIVING!

Sterling Jaquith

I help Catholic moms learn how to manage their minds so they can stop believing lies and step into who God is calling them to be.

Mama, you prayed for this life. Let me show you how to enjoy it.

Together, we’ll find the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and dissatisfied. Once we remove those, you can hear God’s voice so much more clearly. Then we work on building your self-confidence and finding the courage to do what He’s asking you to do.

God planted desires in your heart and since He planted them, He will create a path to fulfill them. When you click into alignment with God’s vision for your life, fully trusting Him and yourself to show up, amazing things happen!

Pearl Tong-Ngork

I help overwhelmed high-achievers have it all — without the hustle and burn out.

After coaching over 1000 client sessions, I know that changing your mindset is POWERFUL to help ditch the overwhelm and anxiety.
But thought work only gets you so far when you’re strung out on sugar and coffee all day.
Or when you’re totally out of touch with creating true joy and peace.

So I create the Transformational Triad for true transformation of my clients’ Mind, Body and Spirit.
We dismantle the thoughts causing overwhelm.
We detox from sugar, flour, coffee and alcohol.
We restore your energy from the inside out with Reiki, meditation, connection and being in nature.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
We experiment.
We jigger and figure.
We do it all on your own terms.

My clients signed with me when they knew they were ready for a change, willing to do the work, and able to invest in themselves.

If you’re ready, willing and able, then let’s. get. going.

Cynthia Villacis, MD

Stop overeating, overdrinking, and overworking – and enjoy your life!

I help female physicians stop feeling stressed without numbing themselves…so they can actually enjoy their lives and stop wanting to escape!