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Evelina Zivatkauskaite

I help people who are ready and eager to start making changes in their minds to create the desired results in their lives.

Increased awareness, understanding, and self-compassion combined with self-coaching tools for mind and emotional management are some of the key elements leading to lasting changes, more conscious choices, and fulfilled dreams while enjoying the journey.

I work with clients privately 1:1, with corporate clients in a group setting, and teach children life coaching tools through online group classes.

Ilse Larson, MD

I help busy physicians feel more balanced, more joyful, and less overwhelmed so they can build their dream lives. I am a mother, a wife, an academic pediatrician, and a certified coach. Coaching has helped me be more productive, connected, and gratified in my life & my career – and I work fewer hours than before! I’d love to help you do the same.

Nidhi Agrawal MD

I help physicians recover from being in burnout so they can balance all their life’s responsibilities, be high achievers in their career and live a life they love. I want to show you it is possible to be a great physician, wife, mother, friend and still have time for yourself, and a side gig if you want one!

Grace Albinson

I help high-achieving female attorneys overcome their limiting beliefs, conquer self-doubt, and ease anxiety. I take you from stressed to badass by helping you take control of your brain through thought work.

Lisa Mogi

Hey, I’m Lisa.

I studied economics at Harvard and have worked at some of the world’s top financial services firms, including Goldman Sachs, D.E. Shaw, and Citadel.

I once thought success and suffering were two sides of the same coin.

I know better now.

You can crush your career — get the money, the title, and the prestige — without crushing yourself.

Economists like to say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I used to believe this. I was resigned to doing hours upon hours of work that seemed meaningless, having no time for fun, and waking up in the middle of the night an anxious wreck, thinking, “This cannot possibly be my life.”

But your career isn’t a deli counter.

You can be wildly successful AND wildly happy.

I mean it.

Book your free consult today to find out how.

Audrey Wells, MD

You can be a super thinker if you’re a super sleeper.

But without sufficient sleep, you are constantly coping with some degree of mental fog that keeps you from meeting your full potential.  Your emotions are dysregulated and biased toward the negative.  You gain weight.  You lose focus.  Sleep loss costs you in more ways than one.

You know your brain is your most valuable asset.  But it may surprise you to hear that sleep is one of the most important things your brain does.  Sleep is not just anti-wake.

As a high achiever, you need to view your sleep as a superpower.  An investment in improving your sleep is a step toward fueling your mind and getting more done in less time.

As a sleep medicine physician and fellow high achiever, I know how to get you the sleep you need to perform at your highest level.  Every night, naturally.  And with peaceful confidence as your head hits the pillow.   You may be surprised at how little time it takes.

My approach blends my deep knowledge of all things sleep and wakefulness, causal coaching (The Model), CBT-I techniques, time management solutions, and habit formation.

Our private coaching relationship allows me to tailor to your specific needs at every step.  This is the most efficient way to put your sleep issue to bed, for good.

Rebecca Barnheart

Rebecca helps women become 6-figure coaches all while working only the hours they want.

Martine Thomassen

Start loving marketing as much as you love coaching your clients! 

Marrying my 10+ years as a professional digital marketer with my passion for deep transformational work, I’ve developed the framework Holistic Marketing for Coaches.

Using Marketing as a Tool for (Self) Healing = MAGNETIC Marketing

The reason why you find marketing hard or confusing is NOT because you’re not tech savvy, not creative or just inherently bad at it. It’s because you have core trauma or wounding that requires healing for you to fully step up in your marketing.

Meghan McCaffery

My passion for coaching moms in midlife comes from the struggles I have faced during this transitional time. Whether you’re adjusting to becoming an empty-nester, going back to work after staying home with your kids, are at the top of your profession, or anywhere in between and still feel empty I can help.

Many transitions happen during midlife for moms. Things like:

  • Kids leaving for college
  • Kids moving out or getting married
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • More time on your hands
  • More time with your spouse/significant other
  • Time to actually find a partner if you’re single
  • New role as mom of “adult kids”

All of these changing parts can leave you feeling lost. You may think, “Who am I anymore?” You want to feel like you still matter and know you have a lot to contribute. But how? You feel STUCK. Where do you start? Coaching! This is your path to your future. It’s time to go after the life you want and deserve. I will help you get clear on your vision and start moving forward to reclaim your life!

Marie Motard

I help students get into Ivy League schools. I train them to increase their test scores and coach them to show up at the interview with confidence and ease.

Alyssa Malin

The Stet Collective is a Community for Women in Law.

Our clients come to us for coaching after having pushed aside how they feel for far too long. They’ve changed jobs, gotten promotions, gone in-house, worked harder, worked more, worked less, worked with executive coaches and therapists, taken anxiety meds, sleeping aids, self-medicated, and tried exercise, yoga, meditation, vacation and all the self-help books.

But none of those things work for the long-term because they don’t address the real problem.

We think our job, past choices, our boss, the profession, our co-workers, etc. are making us miserable, but anyone who has changed jobs knows that wherever you go, the same frustrations always manage to resurface.

Without question, law firm/corporate culture and the legal profession need to change. Most of us are operating in a system that was designed for men by men and does not accommodate the realities of a woman’s life.  Not to mention the unhelpful ways women are socialized to diminish/devalue themselves and put the needs and opinions of others first. All of this can make change seem impossible.

But we are in control of our own misery, and conversely our own happiness, more than we know. The key is adjusting the framework through which we see ourselves and the world. This is the work we will do together.

At the Stet Collective we encourage our clients to embrace “stet.”  To let it stand. To stop “editing” your life based on disempowering feelings and beliefs.

You feel stuck with no good options, but the truth is you aren’t. Our work together will show you why and it will teach you how to immediately feel better and manage your life from a place of strength rather than burnout and hopelessness.

Our one-on-one coaching program with Alyssa Malin will teach you concrete, practical, lifelong skills to overcome core work/life challenges and be emotionally resilient in any situation.

Our community will give you access to resources for sustained self-discovery and growth and a supportive network of women doing the same work along with you.

At The Stet Collective you will find the coaching, resources, and community you need to end burnout, be the master of your own well-beingand lead a sustainable and fulfilling life inside and outside the office.

Yolanda Johnson, MD

I help introverted and highly sensitive physicians and healthcare professionals reduce their overwhelm, manage their energy, and protect their peace while pursuing their passion.

Many of us have spent a large portion of our lives focusing almost exclusively on the wants and needs of others, while neglecting and abandoning our own.

My mission is to support clients as they redirect their focus toward honoring their own needs, aligning with their highest, most authentic selves, and creating their best lives.