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Paula Chamberlain

My goal is to help as many teachers as possible. The three main reasons that teachers seek out my work are to create more time and energy, feel better about their health and bodies, and create better relationships, especially with themselves. Having been an educator for 21 years, I know that you don’t have time in your day to waste it: I’m direct, no-nonsense, and get to the heart of your issue immediately.  If you are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or dream of leaving education all together, I can help.

Dr. Michelle Solone

I am a practicing OB/GYN and life coach passionate about helping postpartum physicians being pulled in all directions to lose the baby weight and enjoy their growing family while doing it.

I value customization and fun to create a sustainable program that does not compromise milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

Mojo Billington

My vision is of a world of women, at peace with themselves, having wonderful relationships in beautiful bodies!

I help women find their mojo – creating peace within themselves and their lives. Whether it is your relationship to food, family or health I will help you find the eye in the storm; the place from which you can achieve your dreams without the need for willpower or self-criticism – creating a space for you to hold your life lightly.

Stephanie Fein, MD

Studies show that even a small amount of weight loss can make a huge difference to your fertility–regulating ovulation and better rates with IUI/IVF/ICSI. I help women optimize their fertility and get pregnant by shedding excess weight without restriction or deprivation.

Sarah Parker

I coach coaches who want to lose weight and grow their coaching business – at the same time.

I lost weight and built my last business to multiple 7-figures. How did I do this? I figured out how to optimize my coaching tools to achieve my goals. I can help you do the same.

You have the tools for success, so you don’t have to sacrifice one goal for the other. If you are feeling stuck or experience doubt and confusion over how to make progress on your goals, I’m the coach for you.

I am certified at the Life Coach School and Corinne Crabtree’s NOBS Advanced Weight Loss certification. By combining the knowledge from these two certifications, I create individual programs for each client to lose weight and build their business.

Caroline Trickey APD

I help smart, successful women over 40 end the food drama & lose weight without dieting.

Christine Vo, MD

Have you achieved “paper success”, the job, the family, the house, the income, but still feel like it’s not good enough?  Are you thinking that there’s got to be something more than this, but don’t know what it is?

I work with introverted professional women who “have it all” yet feel unfulfilled.  I help them identify their pain point and navigate their way to fulfillment and serenity.

As a refugee and a woman of color growing up in the US, I felt voiceless and powerless.  I joined the military and became a Women’s health physician and passionately served others.  Over time, these career choices only magnified my feelings of guilt and powerlessness, and led to burnout.  As a mother I wanted better for myself and for my children, but knew that it had to start with me.

Coaching has helped me reclaim my power and sharing this with others has become my passion.  I am now dedicated to helping women understand their subconscious habit loops, and show them how they’ve created their reality by default thinking and beliefs.  Through this process they can create a different reality with care and intention, and during the process find their unique voice while expanding their confidence in all aspects of life.

Nicky Taylor

Blow up your life!
Because now is your time

I help dynamic women over 40 discover their true desires and blow up their lives.

There are messages all around
us that as we age we should live less, be less and do less.

These messages can lead us to hide, lead us not to hear our own desires, lead us to be confused and uncertain about what we want, even when though we’re dynamic and successful professionally.

They can lead us to be invisible.

F*&@ Invisible!
You were born to shine.
You were born to stand out.
You were born to share your gifts.
Your best moments are yet to
You’re a sassy, badass and you

I blew up my life over 40.

After a life-time of chronic over-working and believing that my worth came from career success, I still had so much self-doubt. Once I found coaching I found freedom in being able to create my own happiness and success. In partnership with my sister, Stephanie Taylor, I became an award-winning property investor with a multi-million pound portfolio, multi-6-figure business owner and number 1 best-selling author.

We now live lives we never imagined were available to us.
Our only regret is living in limbo for so long and not even realising what was missing.

It’s our passion now to share the message with other women to unlock their desires, see the sparks within them and blow up their lives over 40.

Tracea Jay

We’re taught that once we hit 50 it’s impossible to lose weight. That we should expect (and accept) steady weight gain from that point on.

We’re told “it’s all downhill after the age of 50 ladies. May as well give up, go hide, and settle for what you’ve got.”

Yeah… not on my watch.

It’s totally possible to lose weight and keep it off.

We’re done with the deprivation and dieting though. You’ve more than served your time in diet hell. You deserve WAY better than that.

You deserve to lose weight in a way that feels good. That supports you and the life you want to create. That lifts you up not tears you down.

No giving up foods you love. No following outdated diet rules. No under-eating, over-exercising, counting, measuring, or any other dieting shenanigans.

You deserve to lose weight in a way that solves it forever, that you can easily DO forever. So you can get on with living this one precious life you’ve been given. A life that thrills you.

And that’s what the Fifty Over Fifty Weight Loss Program™ is about. It’s different… and that’s the whole damn point.

Dr Silky Bagga

Lose weight by fasting and meditating. As an obesity doctor and life and weight coach, Dr Silky helps you lose weight and keep it off. She incorporates science-backed techniques of fasting and mindfulness to help you lose weight once and for all. She helps you end your struggles with yo-yo dieting, stress and emotional eating.

Jennifer Alembik

I help women who can’t stop eating find peace and simplicity around food.

Amanda Dinsmore MD

Myself and two other Emergency Physicians started The Whole Physician with the singular goal of Healing the Healer.  Our ideal clients are physicians who are ready to create better lives for themselves.  We have experience with suffering from burnout, excessive self criticism, perfectionism, felt exhausted, and even questioning if a career in medicine had been a mistake (because we’ve been there!).  With over 50+ combined years in busy ERs, we’ve seen a lot and have been through a lot in our careers and also outside of medicine.  Heck, two of us even quit our jobs at least once!  We have found a new peace through coaching.  We have replaced much of our previous misery with contentment through the power of coaching and would love to show you how as well.  Being ER Docs, we believe in rapid results with a sense of (borderline inappropriate) humor.  We want to show you how to feel better STAT.