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Monica Sosa

To help women shine is my passion, and today I do it by helping Spanish-speaking women who want to reach their ideal weight forever to do it consciously.

After more than 25 years of trying diets and exercise routines, I was able to discover what really allowed me to lose weight and learn to keep it off was something more than that.

What was that?  Transforming my thoughts.

Understanding the effect of my thoughts on the results I generate in my life has allowed me to not only achieve my weight goal, but to adopt the lifestyle I so desired and with it transform my entire life.

I learned this thanks to coaching, and it is how my program “Puedes Hacerlo” was created.

I am committed to share what I know with any woman who has decided to put an end to her weight struggles for good.

Sheila Gravely

I help people create their healthiest, most vibrant lives – body, mind, and spirit. Using habit science techniques along with the latest scientific information about diet and lifestyle, clients make small changes to daily rituals to move towards greater vitality, better sleep, improved wellness, graceful aging, and emotional growth.

I help clients make positive and lasting changes to their physical and emotional well-being. I help the client develop a healthy mindset and daily habits, and encourage them every step of the way as they establish and accomplish their goals.

Amy Langford

I help you move from stuck in a relationship to thriving! I help show you how your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your children and your body is created by you and your mind. When you’re feeling stuck in your relationships, you are unable to see how to create the results you want.  Through my one-on-one coaching, I can teach you the tools to empower you move from stuck in your relationships to thriving!

Anna Story

I work with my clients 1:1 to improve their relationship with exercise, learn to be accountable to themselves, break the cycle of falling off the wagon and stop hiding from fear of failure. Ultimately, my clients learn to trust themselves, lean in to their inner strengths and create life long lasting change.

Kim Tanner

I’m the After Before Birth Coach. I help mamas AFTER a tough birth and BEFORE their next birth experience.

There are a whole lot of emotions that flood in after a tough birth which can lead to a lot of anxiety for a future birth.

I help moms create more resilience and confidence with their births. Birth transforms us.

I help mamas powerfully step into that transformation.

Angela Mascenik

I believe that you can have any type of relationship with alcohol YOU WANT.

You are NOT powerless over alcohol.

You have the power inside you to CHOOSE.

My coaching helps you get to the root of WHY you are drinking. Once you understand that, you become powerful and can make permanent changes.


It’s about what you are seeking FROM alcohol that you might not currently have.

Things like relaxation, shelter from boredom, to feel less stress or anxiety, or make you feel happier, more joyful, or connected.

And once you learn how to get what you want from yourself, you stop looking to alcohol to make your life better.

And that’s when you stop over-drinking.

I can teach you how to find what’s inside you to fix this instead of relying on diets, fads, Dry January’s, avoiding social situations, and uncomfortable situations to help you drink less.

Your brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It’s not your fault that you haven’t ‘figured it out yet.’

It’s actually quite normal.

The good news: you can learn how to over-ride this wiring system and once you do, that’s where all your freedom lies.

I ended a 20 year battle of over-drinking included:

  • drinking in response to a high-level anxiety
  • having a bad day and needing alcohol to shut off my brain
  • drinking because I wanted to still be ‘fun’ after having kids

These are just a few examples of how I used alcohol. Heck, I even drank just because ‘it was sunny outside!’

When you learn how to look to yourself for your emotional needs, you can change and never look back.

The other thing we let go of is shaming ourselves when we do over-drink.

This tactic doesn’t work. And you probably already know that.

What works is having compassion and curiosity for WHY you over-drank.

Again, if you understand WHY you do it, you can fix it. But when you are beating yourself up about it, you cut off the access to figuring out how to fix it within yourself.

Having someone who has permanently fixed this issue and has coached hundreds of women to permanently change their relationship with alcohol, is exactly who you need.

Also, I’m a lot of FUN to work with, we keep this topic feeling approachable and nonjudgemental, which is what we need more of.

You deserve to stop over-drinking and start LIVING!

Maureen Kemeny, MA

As a body and mind transformation coach, I help women 50 and older lose weight, reclaim their health and optimize their wellness. Once you learn age-relevant approaches to nutrition, exercise, and mindset you will lose weight, have more energy, and be able to make the most of your precious life. Your health is your greatest wealth!

Kathleen Hargrove

I help empty nester women  flip the script  on their thoughts that – because their kids are grown and moved out, their lives have peaked and they are on the downward slope of middle age.   I help empty nesters realize that they can still lead a vibrant life with dreams and desires and that their thoughts have them thinking it’s the end when in reality it is just the beginning.

Michelle Keil

I help women face the overwhelm of parenting, family and multiple schedules, let go of the shame and people-pleasing perfectionism they place on themselves as women of faith, and create a life they love with intention and purpose.

I can help you find your own answers for any problem, reach for any goal, and discover how to be more of yourself as you learn tools to use your own gifts to strengthen yourself emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

In choosing to design your life and live into compassion and lessen the guilt and judgment, you can teach your family to do the same. Find the real you by showing up authentically for yourself and the ones you love.

And remember… It’s ALL good!!!

Jaime Schrenk, D.O.

Helping female physicians end the cycle of shame and guilt associated with being a mom in medicine while embracing their worthiness and creating the life of their dreams.


Carola van Bemmelen

I help women over 40 getting a healthy relationship with food and their body. Ik help them to quit dieting and fighting with food for once and for all. So that they can become happy eaters again!

Sarah Grace Powers

Want to reinvent your life in your second half? I help women shift their relationship with food and their body so they can find the courage to leap. Midlife and menopause is a portal. It’s time to ditch the diets, forget the deprivation and reclaim your Divine Feminine wisdom. The world needs you now. Let’s go!