"You are worthy of the change you seek. Join Get Coached."

Jeanne Ann Cannon, LCSW

All of us have inner strength. I have a talent for tapping into that for you, empowering you to confidently change your thinking, feeling actions and results. Coaching is an opportunity for you to learn new tools that will change your life and sustain your new found glory forever! It works, I’m good at it and it’s a total win for you and your loved ones!

Synthia Simonsen

I coach smart women who want to feel physically and emotionally energized with general life coaching and my weight-loss program called, Mind & Macros. In Mind & Macros, I use a combination of mindset tools and personalized macro-based nutrition plans to help my clients achieve maximal wellness and feel confident with their eating.

Carrie Holland MD, CPT

I help smart women get strong – mentally and physically – through a combination of eating, moving, and thinking. I believe that you should not have to choose between career, family, or wellness, because when you take care of yourself, everyone around you wins. Especially you. Women who work with me get the tools necessary to take care of their minds AND their bodies, so they can feel better and show up as their best version.

Cassi Fackrell

I support bariatric warriors in their quest to live their best life, ensuring they stay on track without the lurking shadow of weight regain.

Sara Tamarin, MD

I help women physicians and other professionals envision and create the life they want–and to start living that life TODAY.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck–stuck in a relationship, stuck in a job or career, stuck in a body size, and even stuck in seemingly endless thought loops and negative thinking that feel impossible to change.

Feeling stuck feels absolutely awful. At times it can feel like the worst feeling imaginable.

Well, I’m so genuinely excited to tell you that transformation is possible, both big and small, and that feeling stuck does NOT have to be the end of your story. In fact, it can be the very catalyst for a life so incredibly awesome that you’ll have to pinch yourself to know it’s real.

I’ve used coaching to make countless transformations in my own life. And now it is my privilege, passion, and purpose to help you make those transformations in your life as well!

We all have this one, finite, precious life to live. I don’t want you or anyone else to regret not having lived it well and according to the life you were meant to live.

You are not stuck. Change is just one first step away.

Judith Lightfoot Clarke

I work with professional actors and creators in all areas of emotional health and relationships.  I work on Broadway, regionally, TV and film, so  I know what the life is and WHY we love it.

We in our industry signed up for a life of Unknowns…

  • Where is the Next Job?
  • How much do I bend to book the role?
  • Where is space for me in this fraught, but beautiful industry?
  • What should I do when I am not acting?
  • How do I live with anxiety and audition tension?
  • How do I not take the Drama home?

We love an industry that does not always love us.  Know that you are Not Alone in this.  NO matter how recently we were on stage or on set, we ALL know the feelings of When Will I Work Again? Where is my power here?

The tension is real.  But so are the rewards.  

I love acting, and I love coaching actors.  I help actors develop the mental stamina for longevity. I teach you the healthiest path to great relationships.


Shelby Leigh Milford

I help devoted parents to cultivate a closer relationship with their children, while clearly defining & honoring their own loving boundaries.  Whether you are estranged, alienated, or just feeling like you are, I help you to rediscover connection with your (maybe not-so) little darlings.

I also help target parents to re-imagine and rebuild their lives following domestic abuse and/or the experiencing the effects of pathogenic parenting.  I show them that it’s entirely possible to live a purposeful & meaningful life, even while experiencing the grief of missing out on milestones and moments in their children’s lives.

If any of the above sounds like you, then I want you to know that you are not alone.  Feeling emotionally distant and/or living apart from your child can feel agonizing. Debilitating, even. This is a far cry from what you imagined parenthood would look like.  I GET IT.

To add insult to injury, there is a stigma associated with not having a “good” relationship with your own kiddo.  This alone has the potential to cause  a great deal of shame.  Not knowing how to respond when someone asks about your kiddos can often lead to you turning down event invites — which only compounds the issue — because now you’re lacking connection with your kids and your network!

The story you’re telling yourself will determine your level of connection with your child.  I work with my clients to become aware of the embedded thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving their needs, and help them to cultivate and implement a new, more useful narrative.

So whether the current tension is as a result of a loyalty conflict with the other parent, or if this is simply due to a fallout between you and your child, I’ve got you.  

If you are in active litigation, I offer support by helping you to prepare for depositions and custody hearings by becoming poised, direct, and crystal clear in your testimony; delivering your message with purpose and integrity.

Vicki Zollinger

I help teachers find new energy by overcoming emotional eating for good. I’ll help you with the tools to get your goal weight, feel less stress each school day, and love who you are and what you do-all over again or for the first time. I know I have answers for you. I know you have answers within you. Let’s discover them together.

Jillian Ochsman

I help new moms navigate the challenges of motherhood and find a sense of joy and calm in their lives again. Whether you just had a baby, are struggling with staying at home, transitioning back to work, or are a few years in, I’ve got you. Together, we’ll find YOU again.

If you’re a new mama ready to “just figure it out”, feel better and create a life you love again (without the guilt), let’s chat.

Sacha Channell

I am passionate about helping people alleviate the mental and emotional suffering associated with losing weight. My approach to weight loss is different from other programs. I help individuals identify and solve the cause of their issue at its root, so they can sustain long-term weight loss. For years I was controlled by my sweet tooth. Now I have the privilege of coaching others who also feel at the mercy of their food cravings to regain control of their life. I can help you end the struggle with food, so you can achieve the weight loss you desire.

I offer coaching from a faith-based perspective and also enjoy working with believers who want to stop being controlled by their emotions and live the life for which God has called them.

Jenna Bear

I help midlife women to feel happier, more alive and excited about their life in six weeks.

After experiencing the power of Life Coaching, I almost immediately left my long-time corporate job in communications, coaching and human change behavior to become a professional certified coach myself.

Now, I’m on a mission to help other women like me to understand how the biggest barrier between you and the life you want (at any age!) is your mindset, and why that is. There are facts about your brain that every human needs to understand for achieving a big, bold, and inspired life.

Together, we will uncover where you are sabotaging yourself through a causal coaching model. Then, I will teach you how to recognize this and use tools to redirect going forward, meaning that your life is improved not for just today or tomorrow, but for as long as you live!

Nothing can be more valuable. Let’s connect in a free consult to see if we’re a good match for this work!

Laurie Adams

“Second Act” your choice results at age 55+ for women who grew up in the 60s and 70s when people-pleasing, putting yourself last and limited future choices defined your expectations. Whether you beat those odds for a fulfilling life, career, family, relationships, financial security or not, I’m here to ensure your second act is your choice, to get you off the back burner and into a fired-up life–yes, at your age! You learn to define what you still want most with my support and go through doable steps to realize true change. People-pleasing no more, but a life where those who mean most to you still feel your love.