Crystal Thompson

I help female entrepreneurs lose weight permanently

You’re not overweight because you don’t have enough willpower or motivation. You’re also not overweight because you don’t know enough about diets and working out.

You’re overweight because you regularly eat more than your body requires.  Now.  Your brain might kick up a bit of fuss at that statement, but only because you think it’s bad news.

This statement is very good news because you get to narrow your weight-loss focus.  You can stop wasting time and energy looking for the perfect diet and exercise plan.  You can get to the real root of the weight: WHY you’re overeating.

Once you understand the root cause of overeating, you can fix it.  This is 100% possible for you.  I know because I’ve done it.

I dieted for 27 years with zero lasting results.  When I understood why I was overeating and figured out how to stop, I lost 25 pounds.  That was 7 years ago.

Since then I’ve taught women what the diet industry cannot teach us: how to overcome overeating so that they lose weight permanently.

Imagine how much easier it will be to lose weight when you:

  • No longer struggle with overeating
  • Stop starting over on Monday
  • Quit trying to solve the problem with another diet

I will teach you how to overcome overeating and coach you to your goal weight.

Barbara Katz, MD

I help women over fifty to lose weight without dieting.  I also use techniques from self-hypnosis and mind management to help with habit change and management of cravings.  I also do general life coaching with women over 50.

Pamela Treand

As a modern spirituality transformation coach, I’m committed to helping people live their full human lives in the age of artificial intelligence by giving them the skills, support, and direction they need to connect with their inner selves, live authentically, and design a life that is harmonious.

Christine Heinisch

I help middle-aged women who are done raising their children, refocusing on themselves and wanting to lose the weight for the last time without restrictive diets or excessive exercise, while loving life.

Kelly Leugers

Is this you?

  • You have the degree, but you doubt and question yourself all the time. You wonder when you’ll ever start feeling confident.
  • You can start feeling confident now.
  • Outwardly, you’re successful but inwardly you’re still beating yourself up for a mistake you made. When does that little voice ever go away? Doesn’t time heal all wounds?
    • What if the little voice was still there, but it no longer bothered you
    • If time healed all wounds, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this, would you?
  • You want to live a healthier life to improve wellness, stop overdrinking, or stop overeating. You know to eat more vegetables, but after a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, or a night of drinking more than you planned (again), you’re not too sure a carrot is going to even this all out. What is happening?
    • We got you! You’re in the right spot.
  • You want to a little “tune up” and are interesting in improving your growth-mindset. You’ve heard that buzz word being tossed around the office along with “nested”, “game changer”, or “the new normal”.
    • What is a growth-mindset anyway?
    • Yaas. Let’s teach you. This isn’t a buzz word, it’s a whole life word. We’ll get you squared away!

Let’s change what isn’t working for you.

Now. Permanently.

Are you ready to do the work to live the life you imagined? Let’s get started today!

Kelly Palmer

I help exhausted teachers and business professionals set and achieve goals in their health, career, and relationships from a place of worthiness and love, without using their job as a reason not to follow-through.

Jaime Jensen

I am a life coach who wants to help women change their lives before they change their size. Weight loss through thought work is the only way to lifelong health and change.

Heather Awad, MD

I help professional women over age 50 achieve permanent weight loss. Some women at this age think they are unable to lose weight anymore because their bodies have changed, and what worked before doesn’t work anymore. Some are worried because they’ve had that first abnormal lab value at the doctor’s office and they think weight loss could make them healthy again. I guide professional women over 50 to a simple, personalized plan so they can lose all the weight they want, and live in the body they choose.

Mary Wall

Turning Big Birthday dread into Big Birthday delight, not just for the day itself but for the rest of your life!

Taylor Ann Macey

Having a rare autoimmune condition myself, I encounter many women who want to conquer an autoimmune condition and create fat loss along the way, but they feel confused by the excess of conflicting “autoimmune wellness” information and hopeless because their body seems completely out of their control. Thus I created a program unlike any other where I take you step by step through the process of conquering an autoimmune condition and together we create the weight and health you’ve always wanted.

Helena Ashbridge

I offer a real solution to your sugar addiction that addresses the root problem. You can stop feeling trapped by your sugar cravings and start feeling in control around sweets.

Karen McClure

I’m a life coach for lawyers who are unhappy. As a long-time practicing attorney, I understand the struggles that come with being a lawyer, and I’m passionate about helping you feel better. My coaching is agenda and judgment free. I’ll help you identify the cause of what’s happening in your life and help you decide whether you want to change it.