Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached.

Cynthia Barabas MD

My mission is to guide people over 50 through a journey of weight loss and maintenance to maximize the fabulous rest of their years.
The achievement of living at your intended weight is impacted by many things, including caring for parents and children, navigating a long-time job or a new career, health issues, and more. These don’t have to keep you from living the life you want at the BMI you choose. Learn how to ROCK YOUR BMI EVERY DAY, starting today.

Joanna Wen

I help busy moms heal their relationship with their bodies physically, emotionally, and mentally so that they lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Kelly Mitchuson

Are you ready to lose weight eating the foods you love? I will teach you to break the perfectionism thinking you have about how you should diet.


I teach my No Gain Weight Loss Solution. I have years of experience in the yo-yo dieting cycle of losing weight to only gain it back – plus more.


The solution is simple. You eat the foods you love, using your body the way it was meant to be used. My solution addresses you mindset about your food. I teach simple tools using 1:1 mindset coaching offering support and accountability. I’ll also call you on the bullshit that has been holding you back from the results you want in your weight loss journey.

Betsy Slay

I help midlife women transform into the next best version of themselves.

Nichole Haugen

I coach Catholic Nurses to follow God’s plan.

Are you struggling in the nursing profession. Do you look up different nursing jobs weekly, thinking at that job I would be happy? Struggle with being a mom, wife, and not bringing work home with you? Do you find yourself thinking that “if only my husband would help me more, then I would be happy.”? “If the kids listened better, then I would yell less.”

Do you feel like you are failing in your faith as well? That God is wagging his finger at you saying how disappointed He is because you should do better.

Brittney Soukhone, LCSW

Happiness comes from within.

I teach people how to create authentic happiness, the kind that’s internal and doesn’t rely on other people or things.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that happiness comes from outside of ourselves and we need to find it.

We’ve been taught the path to a happy life is to: go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get married, and have kids. Accomplishments, partners, friends, family, and material things do bring us joy but it’s the type of joy that eventually fades and leaves us feeling empty, restless, discontent, and unfulfilled.

Without inner connection to self, our outer accomplishments are shallow and fleeting.  We end up in this cycle where we’re spinning in circles and chasing wins that never lead to what we’re truly looking for.

Authentic Happiness.

Heather Aardema

When you address the CLUTTER—in your mind, body and home— you will become your lightest self yet.

Lisa Salisbury

I help women lose weight without counting and calculating their food. If you’ve chronically dieted in the past and are ready to stop obsessing about food and your body, let’s work together to get you in a natural, healthy eating habit.

I believe “diets” with end dates are just about the worst thing you can do for your mind & body. I teach my clients a way of eating that will be a long term, sustainable practice.
I believe attaching moral judgments to food by labeling them good or bad is harmful– especially because we label ourselves similarly for eating those foods!
I believe the key to health & weight management is to pick power foods just 80-90% of the time. No foods are “off limits” in my programs.
I believe that movement is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.
I believe that loving your body right now is the most beautiful path to change.


Lisa Bradley Gann

There’s nothing I love more than empowering midlife women to create and live healthy, fulfilling & inspired lives…on their own terms.

I coach women who want to feel as good on the INSIDE as their lives look like on the OUTSIDE.
Who want some peace and direction for “what’s next?”

If you’re like most women I work with, you’ve followed the rules, ticked all the boxes for a “successful life” and “should” be happy.

And yet, you have questions, feel restless, anxious, overwhelmed or simply, blah.

Maybe, like so many midlife women, you’ve lost touch with YOU- who you are and what you want…your needs, you goals, your dreams, even your health.

I would be honoured to be your coach and guide you through an individualized process to take you from feeling stuck and restless to feeling free & excited about your life!

You deserve to LOVE your life.
You are meant for more.
Let’s discover what that is.




I am a Relationship & Life Coach who helps women create happy marriages and lives. I specialize in the skills and mindset needed to develop happy, connecting and supporting relationships. Good relationships don’t happen by chance – there are skills that make them happen.

The most exciting part of my coaching is that you don’t need anyone else to create what you want in your life. You are enough. You have the power to create happiness around you and build relationships you are longing for. You just need some guidance to step into your power. As a Yoga teacher, I help people stretch their bodies and as a Relationship Life Coach, I help them stretch their minds to recreate their lives in alignment with their dreams.

Aida Makonnen Lopez

I help amazing, motivated women in midlife experience what’s possible in a midlife upgrade and thrive.

  • End overwhelm
  • Achieve goals
  • Release worries
  • Love yourself and the body you are currently in
  • Improve your mindset and relationships
  • Manage anxiety and more
  • Gain control of your life again
  • Find peace of mind

Gemma Keys

I offer affordable, deeply compassionate coaching to women who:

  •  desperately want to eat ‘normally’ … but the binges keep sneaking back in
  • crave energy and passion … but feel trapped in fatigue & crushing low moods
  • long to love their body … but hate it as it is right now
  • dream of stopping bingeing … but aren’t sure if they ever will

These amazing women know there’s something more waiting for them.

I help them uncover a life beyond bingeing.