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Steve Haase

I help men create better relationships without sacrificing their authenticity.

Johanna Chen

Do you feel stressed or stuck in your life? There is a way out of it and chances to thrive, without needing to quit your job (except you really want to).

No matter if engineer, product manager, marketing or sales manager, designer or HR. The work in the tech industry can sometimes feel stressful, competitive and demanding.

But often you do love your job, but just feel stuck or like you do not have a work-life balance or that you are just not sure how to go the next step.

I help people in the tech industry or in startups to get unstuck and thrive, because you deserve to feel great while you create great new things.

Valerie Bestland

I help women in EMS Lose Weight and improve their Well Being on duty and off.

Tara Epes

I help active, professional women succeed with how to keep weight off, without deprivation, by identifying and changing the behaviors causing overeating to stop the habits for good.

Diane Lynn

I help smart, powerful women permanently end their struggle with the one thing they’ve felt powerless over, their weight.  I teach them how to change their mindset about food so they don’t need willpower to lose weight and they’ll be at peace around food.  And I teach the simple physiology of how certain foods are used in the body, why some foods cause excess stored fat and how to use that knowledge to become their natural weight.  My program is customized to each client’s needs and goals so it fits easily into their busy lives, ensuring permanent success!

Rachel Paul, PhD, RD

I help 20 & 30-somethings lose weight permanently and stop obsessing about food, so they can achieve their life goals.

Charmaine Platon

Charmaine Platon, RN, is a Sugar Cravings Coach, Certified Keto & Carnivore Coach, and a Registered Nurse. She is the creator of “Sugar-Free Self-Care”, and is an expert at managing food cravings.

Charmaine teaches people how to eat consciously and intentionally so they can finally reclaim power over their food and their weight.

Years ago, Charmaine was prediabetic even though she was in the best physical fitness and shape of her life (as a 27-year-old personal trainer and competitive athlete)!

She is now on a mission to prevent diabetes across the globe, and to help people stop caving in to sugar and carb cravings so they can live their healthiest lives.

Tiphanie Minquet

I focus my practice on developing the natural creativity and unique strength of each of my clients. My goal is not to fix their discomfort but rather to build an exchange that allows them to access their own internal resources in order to achieve their goals from their current situation. I help them regain their alignment so that they can go to bed each day proud to be fulfilled and without ever giving up.

Ariel Boyle

I show high achieving women how to stop dieting so they can lose weight for the last time. My clients learn how to stop spending so much time thinking about their weight and food because they have more important things to think about. Because I believe in permanent solutions, I show my clients how to become their own coach. They leave The Lose It & Leave It Program knowing they never have to worry about falling back into old patterns.

Kirstin Sarfde

I help people to stop binge eating and start living their ideal lives.

If you feel out of control around food, like you can’t trust yourself around food, you eat until you feel sick, and you feel guilty, ashamed, and frustrated, then I know exactly how you feel. I was the exact same way for about 10 years.

To stop binge eating, you have to stop trying to change the food and start changing YOU. Your thoughts, how you respond to your urges and feelings, and how you make your eating decisions is what needs to change. I teach my clients how to eat according to their true wants, their body’s wants, and in a way that they love. No more diets and quick-fixes. It’s time for you to create your ideal eating and the best version of yourself.

Clair Mackenzie

I help female professionals and entrepreneurs, in the 40s and 50s, create a relationship with food and themselves that they love, so that they can stop overeating and lose weight for the last time .

Don’t embark on another diet, set sail on an adventure that will take you…

  • from diet deprivation to enjoyment of tasty nourishing food
  • from battling will power to total food freedom
  • from self loathing to self-loving
  • from living to eat to eating to live
  • step-by-step from overweight to permanently slim

I lost 6 stone after struggling with my own weight for decades when I learned how to look inwards and create a better relationship with myself, food and my life though mindset work and coaching. Would you like to find food freedom, feel self-appreciation and live a life you love too?

Julie DeWitt

OMG! You’ve Got to Hear This! My program uses a commonsense process which includes NO counting calories, NO measuring food portions & NO meal plans. My process works 100% if you put the work in. Food is not good or bad, it’s just food. Diets are ineffective because they treat the “symptoms” of weight gain, not the “root causes.” My program focuses on the “CAUSES” of why you are overweight. It’s not about your love for food, it’s what you’re “THINKING” about food.

You will learn why your brain is not the problem, it’s your ANSWER & the solution to being overweight in not out there, ALL your answers are inside you. I will help you uncover what is keeping you stuck on your weight loss journey because I can see what you can’t. I will guide you to identify what thoughts & feels are holding you back from losing weight. You will learn strategies to overcome ALL the obstacles that are getting in your way.

I solely work 1 on 1 with clients. I have the exact process that takes away overeating & overhuger for permanent results. It’s simple, you are overweight because you are overeating & over desiring food. Weight loss is not complicated. It take understanding how your thoughts & feelings contribute to you being overweight. I will teach you hunger awareness & how to stop using food to escape or numb out from what you are thinking &/or feeling. You will get a customized plan just for you. Are you ready to create the life you always wanted? I’m ready to help you.

I know from personal experience that once you understand what is blocking you from reaching your goals,

the weight comes off for good. My training & specialty is to teach you how to end yo-yo dieting for good.