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My coaching program is aimed at people who feel that they are missing out on their desires and need to change their mental routines.

I am the right coach if you want to discover a powerful self-coaching model applicable to all situations in your personal and professional lives, learn to trust your knowledge and stop looking for external validations. If you want to feel safe with yourself, cultivate a positive image of yourself, feel aligned with your desires and dare to take control, I am the right coach for you.

Stephanie Romeo

I help women with scars dare to do what they like, feel good in their bodies and minds, have great relationships, and create a life they didn’t expect to live.

I dream, believe, and make things happen. I do it for myself, I do it for the amazing women who work with me.

Camille Mabillard

I help women make decisions that are in line with their values in complete serenity, while revealing them their best support: the nature that surrounds them.

Valerie Cecile

I help women to reach their weight loss goal through nutrition advice, hypnose practice and the great LCS tools.

Elise Lefranc

I help frustrated moms feel better, create more time & energy so they transform their life into one they love.

You feel exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed.

You are constantly helping others, considering their needs first.

You are often pleasing your family, your boss, your friends.

You have the tendency to forget about you.

So at the end of the day, you have no energy left.

You second guess yourself and stay in constant indecisions.

You have no clear goal in mind.

You don’t know where you are going.

You are tired of yelling at your kids and feeling guilty afterwards.

You want to change your life but you have no idea where to start & how to do it.

You wish you had a manual to follow.

You are ready to commit.

If you are a Mom and have this nagging voice telling you that something needs to change, you are in the right place!

I’m really passionate about making sure that no mom is denying her dreams. Because she feels overwhelmed or frustrated by the weight of motherhood.

Damien Valdenaire

I help Engineers, Traders and Managers to enjoy and grow in a competitive environment

I have more than 20 years business experience in a Major Oil Company and I developed my passion for coaching with trainings and practice since 2018.

My professional career, life, and hobbies have not always been full of success and smiles. I’d get frustrated, shy, lose my confidence, doubt and not show up the best version of myself.

… but it did not stopped me, and I’ll teach you these tools that I’ve learned from the best Master coach instructors.

Xenia “Xen” Ayiotis

I am a Life Coach and Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness Coach that helps women 40 and older who are successful in every other area of their lives finally make peace with food, eating and their bodies.

My purpose is to help women who have been struggling with food challenges for decades to finally find peace with food and live a meaningful life of freedom with ALL foods. I combine The Life Coach School Model, Mindfulness, Intuitive Eating to help women break free from feeling hopeless around food.

This is for you if you are ready for a different approach to make peace with food and feel free with food. Life is too short to be wasting anymore time on thinking about forbidden foods!

Marie Le Gall

I help women juggle all aspects of their lives, dare to reveal their potential and achieve their dreams.

Caroline Hurtut

I coach ambitious multi-talented artists who want to level up their career using all their passions, making the most of their very special brains, and taking care of their emotional well-being.


Constance Chapalain

I help overwhelmed men and women to lose weight for the last time without having the fear of putting the weight back on.


Carole Reynaud

I help professional women working abroad to lose weight for good and look after themselves.