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Hélène Logothetis

I help people understand what causes their emotional suffering, find how to alleviate their pain and go after what truly resonates with who they are to live a more authentic life, whether their journey includes weight loss or not.

Camille Grandidier

I help business women to be well in their bodies and in their lives. I help them find their own balance.

My journey in dealing with my body and food has allowed me to understand what I really want and has led me to trust myself enough to make it happen. This is what I humbly propose to guide you towards.

  • Allowing yourself to be fully yourself, unconditionally.
  • Feeling all the emotions that are part of life.
  • Finding your balance and the path to your fulfillment.

I teach the use of coaching and personal development in a simple and intuitive way.

Marie Motard

I help students get into Ivy League schools. I train them to increase their test scores and coach them to show up at the interview with confidence and ease.

Aster Sanda-Phipps

I help black women entrepreneurs who are fed up with no time for self-care.

Merced Fityan

Stop trading your time for money. Time is the most precious resource we have. I’m passionate about helping others live their dream life through financial freedom. I want to help you live a life you design with the freedom to pursue your passions and interests and stop trading your time for money. My life’s mission is to help people achieve their dreams and find their purpose as a way to reach self-actualization. I help you focus on finding your “why” (purpose) then support you with a custom plan, tools, and tactics to empower you make your dream life a reality. I believe when we have freedom from financial concerns many people turn to doing work that ends up contributing to society through creating art, innovation, volunteering or fostering community. People will contribute because they are doing work they love that they find fulfilling and it drives them.

Flora Maurincomme

I help expatriates & travelers manage and improve their mental health using coaching, to thrive in their new lives & make the most out of their adventures.

Fanny Loustalet

Are you an ambitious professional who has achieved success but you still aren’t happy?

I help you create a strong stress-proof mindset, by teaching you all the tools you need to understand your stress patterns and learn how to down regulate them quickly.

I will also help you build your own efficient routine and workflow that will allow you to have more time to rest and have fun with your loved ones.

During our time together I will guide you back from stress or burnout to a life where you can thrive at work and in your relationships. It IS possible to enjoy your career and a family and not feel worn out and guilty every day.

We will be working on your feelings of :

–      Overwhelming
–      Stress / Anxiety
–      Scarcity
–      Guilt
–      Frustration
–      Missing out
–      Sadness
–      Stuck
–      Demotivation

Let’s make space for fun and relaxation!

Elsa Ren

I coach women through the fear of breaking up, so they can confidently leave and live a new life.


My coaching program is aimed at people who feel that they are missing out on their desires and need to change their mental routines.

I am the right coach if you want to discover a powerful self-coaching model applicable to all situations in your personal and professional lives, learn to trust your knowledge and stop looking for external validations. If you want to feel safe with yourself, cultivate a positive image of yourself, feel aligned with your desires and dare to take control, I am the right coach for you.

Stephanie Romeo

I help women with scars dare to do what they like, feel good in their bodies and minds, have great relationships, and create a life they didn’t expect to live.

I dream, believe, and make things happen. I do it for myself, I do it for the amazing women who work with me.

Camille Mabillard

I help women make decisions that are in line with their values in complete serenity, while revealing them their best support: the nature that surrounds them.