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Sandra Crosasso

I help women who experience confusion and are feeling stuck in their life to gain clarity and confidence on what they truly want and how to make their way out and move forward with integrity and full potential.

I’m here to help and support you on your path.

My curriculum encompass a 15y background in the field of True Self Care as a Yoga Teacher first, then as a Certified Life Coach, Naturopath, Nutritherapist and Hypnotherapist.

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Sandy Kaufmann

I help single women to identify why they can’t find the love they want and transform the barriers that exist inside themselves to finally find and live the love relationship of their dream.

I coach online over Zoom in French, German and English.

Jovana Miljanovic

I help coaches stop selling their hours and start selling results to their clients.

Laura De Sans, MD

Looking for a Lasting Weight Loss?

Lasting weight loss goes beyond calories in and calories out.

Finding the root cause of your problem and working from that place, is essential to get the result you want.

Lasting weight loss is about nourishing your body in a way that reduces hunger and your desire for food, about how to talk to yourself and about learning to process your feelings rather than using food to escape from them.

Wouldn’t be fantastic if you feel in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you?

This is also possible for you! and it does not require to feel hungry, deprived & miserable all the time.

I am a Holistic Weight Loss Coach and lifestyle physician. I help working moms to feel better in their own bodies and getting rid of the burden of losing weight by stopping overeating and losing weight Permanently. From inside out. Without depriving themselves.

Jessica de Hody

Through my personal experience, I see that the majority of relationship problems between human beings frequently stem from the discomfort that each person may experience internally and for which he or she does not always have the solution and the tools to resolve it.

This unhappiness has its origin in the emotional dependence that we have with others, which has the impact of preventing us from truly living our lives in our own terms, but according to others (their gaze, judgment, thoughts, etc.).

My coaching philosophy is deeply linked to this point of view : for me, it represents one of the best ways to improve the relationships that people have with themselves because it allows us to take a deep look at the situations of our lives and gives the power back to each person to decide what they want to keep and change in order to live better every day.

I am convinced that improving one’s relationship with oneself will improve one’s relationships with others and ultimately create a better world where each person would more easily take responsibility for his or her emotions and where psychological abuse would be less present.

Julie Mann

I’m a life coach, mindfulness practitioner and educator, helping women at all ages and stages of binge eating disorder and emotional eating become truly free forever.

I have unwavering belief in my clients’ ability to be truly free. I’ve created my own unique blend of coaching using the Life Coach School Model, mindfulness and neuroscience to help women become truly free forever.

After almost 40 years of my own struggle, thanks to the power of coaching, I am now the coach I needed and could never find.

Nina Urman

Declutter your Brain. Unlock your potential. Re-design your Life.

My Coaching Program “Re-design your Life” is specifically designed for Executive Spouses (Wifes of Executives and CEO’s) who want to take their lives to the next level.

These are world-class women that have supported their husbands for many years making sure everything is in “Flow.”

I have worked with Executive Spouses from all around the world, and have developed customized processes and systems to help you to FEEL as good as your Life looks!

Anne-Lise Epaillard

I help women who think it‘s impossible for them to lose weight to regain a peaceful relationship with food with the method that worked for me.

Claire Fradet

I help Engaged Couples and Newly-Weds create the best version of their relationship and prepare for an exceptional marriage.

Diana Delmas

I help mothers who have lost a baby to rebuild their life and rise by identifying the emotional suffering they are creating for themselves so they can have more mental space and energy to accept and manage their emotions of grief. I help them normalizing grief as an inevitable part of the human life and as a major opportunity to connect to themselves and to life at a deeper level. I empowered them through grief so they move forward with self-confidence in the next chapter of their life.

Julie de Besombes

I help people to break free from what limits/diminishes their life (past, hurt inner child, patterns) and consciously create a new version of themselves where they can feel confident again and empowered.

I have followed this path myself: I had a traumatic childhood but I didn’t really realize it for a long time, It took me years to realize the limiting patterns that were diminishing my life, locking me in a spiral of self-deprecation that came from my wounded inner child (and the thoughts errors that created for me). My inner child was waiting for my attention and unconditional love and so do I.

I created a method that helps people who, like me, feel stuck in their lives without sometimes understanding exactly why, a method which helps you to make peace with your past and create a new version of yourself.

Your past is not a fate, it is just a circumstance.

Chrissy Nichols

My goal is to help as many teachers as possible. The three main reasons that teachers seek out my work are to create more time and energy, feel better about their health and bodies, and create better relationships, especially with themselves. Having taught for 19 years, I know that you don’t have time in your day to waste it: I’m direct, no-nonsense, and get to the heart of your issue immediately.  If you are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or dream of leaving education all together, I have the answer.