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Marina Clavet

I help working mums to be finally happy in their professional life, without sacrifying their “me” time and time with their family.

Celine Leclef

I work with ambitious professionals & parents who seek meaningful satisfaction in their CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS and BEST-FIT lifestyle.

We are capable of so much more than we think. And simple shifts in our thinking can make life extraordinary. That’s the beauty of coaching.
If you’re like my clients, you have a great life and a full plate. Yet there’s something more you want to accomplish, experience, and create.

I’m here to speed up your growth and make the inner work more fun.

To help you let go of old definitions of who you are, what you “should” do, and what you “could never,” so you can realize the most satisfying and meaningful possibilities for your life.

Let’s make sure your efforts add up to meaningful satisfaction in your career, relationships, and everyday life you REALLY want.

Aurora Davoli

Style and Coaching services tailored for high-achieving women who have conquered their careers but yearn to synchronize their closets, mindset and branding with their authentic selves. Let’s unlock the true alignment of your inner and outer self !

I’m here to:

1. Elevate your wardrobe with personalized styling.
2. Empower your mindset through expert coaching.
3. Facilitate a transformative evolution of your identity and personal brand

Core philosophy : There is no limit to success when your outside beautifully mirrors your inside.

Jacquie Jhass

Many physicians have lost their passion for medicine and are on the verge of burnout. You don’t have to leave medicine to feel better. Empowered by the transformative benefits of coaching, I went from burnout, to loving medicine more than ever. Having enhanced my skills further with certification as a Deep Dive Coach with Bev Aron, now I help my fellow physicians reprioritize their time and energy so they can show up fully engaged, finding ease and rediscovering joy in medicine and beyond (giving themselves, and the world, the gift of their kick ass selves in the process).

Christelle Soto-Suarez

I help professionals who want to be more intentional in their life / career but feel stuck, frustrated, or worried about their future – in particular, professionals interested in non-linear, unconventional, international careers, and women in STEM / construction. With my “Empower Yourself” program, I empower them to get the clarity and confidence they need to move forward.

Priscillia Andrieu

Because we live in a society dominated by men, our experience of the world as women is: we feel blocked by patriarchy.

When we don’t get a promotion or a salary raise, and when men get more professional opportunities than we do, we tend to feel stuck, as an impostor, to judge ourselves, to feel we don’t belong, or to make ourselves responsible for not getting the advancement we should.

As a consequence, we compensate. For the same opportunities than men. It looks like: working more and longer, networking more, sacrificing our personal and family life, getting more educated, etc.

In the end, we use the tools made by and for men, in a system that discriminate us, no matter our actions.

With coaching, I empower women to create breaks in their career, in a patriarchal work place.

The goal is to pivot your belief system to:

  • advocate for yourself;
  • believe in yourself;
  • become a powerful voice in the world place.

What it looks like in the end: more revenue, more advancement, recognition.

Karen Gombault

I help women Overcome Overwhelm so they can see their potential.
Building a passionate career, while loving life outside of work is possible and available to you.

Cloe Xhauflaire

I am an international actress and acting coach who will guide you towards freeing your instrument and mastering your uniqueness.I believe that an actor who knows his or her instrument is inclined to explore any kind of character. Knowing your instrument will not only give you the tools to create characters and book the roles you want but will also help you with any area of your life where you feel stuck.

Nadia Nadeau

J’aide les professionnels occupés à incarner leur bonheur, décider sans peur de décevoir et prendre soin d’eux maintenant sans devoir revisiter le passé.

Camille Gaudin

I help female entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs and take action.

I assist them in breaking out of autopilot/self-sabotage mode and utilizing the full power of their brains to achieve their goals.

My job is to help my clients develop their businesses.

My mission is to empower these amazing women to take control of their lives by taking control of their brains.

Kelly Palmer

I help exhausted teachers and business professionals set and achieve goals in their health, career, and relationships from a place of worthiness and love, without using their job as a reason not to follow-through.

Virginie Fite-Georgel

I help working moms get rid of guilt and overwhelm to get back to a lighter, happier version of themselves, where they can shine and have fun.

Together we can figure out what you want, where you want to go and how to get there.

I want to help you discover the best version of yourself and drop the shame and guilt that too many working moms carry around.

Don’t be scared, I’ll hold your hand until you’re ready to let go.

Without judgment, always!