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Julie de Besombes

I help people to break free from what limits/diminishes their life (past, hurt inner child, patterns) and consciously create a new version of themselves where they can feel confident again and empowered.

I have followed this path myself: I had a traumatic childhood but I didn’t really realize it for a long time, It took me years to realize the limiting patterns that were diminishing my life, locking me in a spiral of self-deprecation that came from my wounded inner child (and the thoughts errors that created for me). My inner child was waiting for my attention and unconditional love and so do I.

I created a method that helps people who, like me, feel stuck in their lives without sometimes understanding exactly why, a method which helps you to make peace with your past and create a new version of yourself.

Your past is not a fate, it is just a circumstance.

Chrissy Nichols

My goal is to help as many teachers as possible. The three main reasons that teachers seek out my work are to create more time and energy, feel better about their health and bodies, and create better relationships, especially with themselves. Having taught for 19 years, I know that you don’t have time in your day to waste it: I’m direct, no-nonsense, and get to the heart of your issue immediately.  If you are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or dream of leaving education all together, I have the answer.

Clotilde Dusoulier

I am the founder of Change ma vie, the #1 reference for life coaching in France, and I host the top-rated podcast Change ma vie.

If you feel stuck in a life that’s too small for you, join us and we will take you on the path to develop your VISION, FOCUS, and DRIVE, and create the life you want.

Cristi Schiopu

I work with people in their mid-30s-40s that change careers to create something on their own, more aligned to their calling. You may be having a corporate career background, and wish to have more impact and a more personal contribution to the world. The first steps in entrepreneurship are often sprinkled with doubt and disbelief. We work through beliefs that are disempowering and create the fuel you need to shine and thrive. It is sometimes hard. And it is always beautiful and rewarding.

How else can a transformation take place?

Alice Greetham

I help women change their thoughts about their chronic pain and use it as a tool to uncover their beliefs about themselves and the world, and to overcome the anxiety that’s keeping them stuck. The coaching I offer allows them to reduce their pain and live their best lives!

Natacha Portier, PH.D.

You are a university professor and you worked hard to have that job. But you are embarrassed to admit you’re not feeling as fulfilled as you think you should.

You sometimes feel like an imposter. Other members of this committee you’re in seem to be so much more competent than you are! There are parts of your job you really hate (grading papers anyone?). You’re stressed and have bouts of procrastination where you can’t seem to motivate yourself to act. How will you get rid of so many unanswered emails in your inbox? Students and colleagues are waiting for you to respond! You spend hours polishing a paper. Why are you such a perfectionist and can’t you seem to decide this paper is ready to be submitted?

In the long term, you’re not sure how you want to evolve in your career, and you feel stuck. What should you change? What should you pursue and where should you put your energy in?

Why are you not happy with this job that was once your dream job? What’s wrong with you?

Well, the good news is there is nothing wrong with you, and you’re not alone! I’ve been there and I know exactly what you are feeling at the moment. My program is designed for people exactly like you. On a day to day level, I will teach you how to love your work, beat procrastination and alleviate all unnecessary suffering. It will give you a quick relief so you can enjoy your life and look to the future with serenity. I will then help you build your self-confidence, get organized and define success for yourself. From this place, you will be able to enjoy your life and make plans for a future you will look forward to!

So, are you ready to live at the fullest the life you built for yourself?

Caro Szabo

Are you tired of yoyo-dieting and not being able to lose the excess weight once and for all? Are you tired of feeling stuck in fear and anxiety? Tired of not being able to love yourself enough and create meaningful relationships in your life? If this resonates with you, you can now breathe knowing that I have the tools to help you put an end to your struggles and help you create a LIFE you can truly LOVE. My program is designed FOR YOU, tailored to your needs.

“Un programme sur mesure pour une vie de rêve!”.

Dominique Vandal

I help women embody their mindset work so they can be present in their lives and bodies NOW.

Claudia Meloni

I help introvert people pleasers to get out of their bullshit job and find their life mission in life through professional life, to create a life with meaning so that they can be happy.

Sybille Destandau

I help expat women struggling with anxiety and the fear of missing out.

Thomas Couëpel

I help people to create a strong self confidence by managing time and goals in their business and life.


Virginie Loÿ

I help creative entrepreneurs, coaches and free spirits to jump away from society’s blue printed expectations and create a bigger and more fulfilling life, without sacrificing any personal, financial or professional dream.

I love to work with people who want to create more: more freedom, more passion, more time, more money, more connection, more happiness, more love.
Let’s go, go, go!