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Virginie Loÿ

I help creative entrepreneurs, coaches and free spirits to jump away from society’s blue printed expectations and create a bigger and more fulfilling life, without sacrificing any personal, financial or professional dream.

I love to work with people who want to create more: more freedom, more passion, more time, more money, more connection, more happiness, more love.
Let’s go, go, go!

Carole Méziat

I coach high achieving executives and managers (men and women) to get back to a healthy relationship with work so that they can make a difference with their professional life. I help them to reduce their professional stress, find a work-life balance and regain a creative energy at work.

Kasia Kozinski

You can create whatever you want but will you let yourself have it ?

I coach women who struggle with doubt, confusion and self-hate into creating the life of their dreams AND actually enjoying themselves on the way.

I coach in English and French about all the things (relationships, confidence, money, business, self-love, time & productivity, stop buffering and sex).

Florence Arnaud

I help women live in integrity with their inner self without having to quit all and everyone they love.

Tiphanie Minquet

I focus my practice on developing the natural creativity and unique strength of each of my clients. My goal is not to fix their discomfort but rather to build an exchange that allows them to access their own internal resources in order to achieve their goals from their current situation. I help them regain their alignment so that they can go to bed each day proud to be fulfilled and without ever giving up.

Jenny Chammas

I coach ambitious female executives and entrepreneurs who want to change the world. I teach them how to hack their brains, allow their emotions and take massive action so they can thrive as leaders, achieve their career goals and create fulfilling work-life balance.

Mélanie Boucarut

I help high-achieving professionals find their way back to confidence, great performance and enjoyment when it feels like they’ve lost their mojo.

I am based in Sweden and coach in English, French and Swedish.

Anne-Laure Laclau

I help women create a strong self-confidence in their career and relationships.

Danielle Bradley

I combine practical and effective “how to” strategies for career advancement and job search together with the most effective coaching and mindset tools and strategies on the market. As a result, clients enjoy a thriving and fulfilling career and a life transformed.

Natalie Bibeau

I help entrepreneurs get known and grow their business using simplified public relations combined with social media to get more clients.

Nadège Saysana (aka Nan)

I help women get free from binge eating so that they can finally find peace.

If you’re tired of the food and weight obsession, if you’re ready to end your struggle, I can teach you how not to react to your urges to overeat and so much more!

You can learn how to finally feel in control around food and your body. And that means that as a consequence you can eat “normally” and thus maintain a healthy weight. You can do it!