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Irene Silva

I help optimize vacation rental spaces with innovative interior design solutions. My tailored approach effectively utilizes each property’s unique needs, enhancing its appeal and functionality.

Dori Sharvit

It’s so easy to live life on default mode. well duh! that’s why it’s default mode.

But it’s also painful.

We don’t get what we truly want when we are stuck in default mode. And that sucks.

I love coaching because it helps you life on purpose!

And when you live on purpose, you can literally create anything that is important to you.

You can lose weight, stop procrastination, have better relationships, transform your career (the list is endless).

What you want matters.

And I love using coaching to help bring what you want to life.

Jonathan Herzog

I coach the world’s leading founders, and you.

Endorsed by Matt Mochary (coach to Sam Altman, Naval Ravikant et al) as “the best coach in the world”.

Tamara Pflug

I’m Tamara – born and raised in Switzerland and I’m a certified fun & confidence coach.

This little nagging voice in your head can be quite annoying!!

When you get coached by me, you’ll have this little voice under control…

So that you can finally accept and love yourself like you never did before!!

Debbie Sassen

I help midlife women in business make more money and build wealth, without burning out or sacrificing their families.

Too many women (and a few men) never learned how to understand money, earn abundantly, and manage their finances to build wealth. They feel belittled and diminished by professionals in the financial industry.

It’s time we changed that narrative! No woman should have to dim her light and brilliance to create wealth for herself and her family. When we own our wealth and take responsibility for it, we give other people permission to shine their brilliance brightly, too.

Nicole Oren

Nicole helps entrepreneurs DOUBLE their businesses, without burning out or beating themselves up along the way.
When you prioritize your mind, body, and actions you can create a one of a kind business that feels like home.