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Billy Nam Seol

Bay area technology workers (especially immigrants and visa holders) go through a continuous cycle of wanting one better job, one more promotion, one more offer, one more chance to be recognized only to realize that none of those give them the happiness and fulfillment in life. If this is you, we will discover the full, free life you were meant to have together.

Lydia Han

We all go through some sort of “fall” in our lives. Whether it be our jobs, health, relationships, or finances that test us, challenge us, and leave us feeling stuck, lost and unhappy.

For me, there were two very distinct “falls” that shaped me into the person I am today:

1) A traumatic experience with acne in my 20s that completely turned my life upside down.
2) Severe burnout from my successful corporate job that eventually led to a 3 month medical leave from work.

Experiencing a fall is inevitable — it’s part of the human experience.

But how you come out of the fall is a choice you get to make. You can either fall down, or you can fall upward.

Reflecting back on the two pivotal moments of my life, I wish I had someone who could help me navigate the daily struggles I was faced with in my personal & professional life. I wish I had someone who could catch me as I was falling. I wish I had someone who could support me, guide me and challenge me to see beyond what I thought was possible at the time.

And that’s why I’m here today.

Hoping to be that person for you.

Because life is too short and you deserve to live an extraordinary life NOW.

Sandy Ro

I help women to become unstuck from low self-esteem and negative thoughts and move forward to living a passionate life with more freedom and confidence.  Women are powerful influencers to family, society, and the whole globe.

Clare Hahn

I help people Get Unstuck and Pivot their personal and professional life in a new direction after 40.

Clients who come to me are smart and accomplished individuals who, despite their seemingly “good” life, feel unfulfilled and discontent with where they are in life.

The “good” life they are living isn’t cutting it anymore.
And they want more out of life and of themselves.

But the realists and pragmatists in them keep them in the land of improbability and the fear of what-ifs.
So they continued to play small, recycling the life they know and ignoring their true desires and wants.
In the meantime, the feeling of stuckness and longing for more grows bigger.

I know exactly what that feels like.
I’ve been there and lived through it.

I’ve also successfully pivoted my life and career in my mid-40s through the power of coaching.

So I know firsthand that Reinventing Yourself and Redesigning Your Second Half of Life is not only possible, but it is completely achievable when you have the right guide supporting you every step of the way.

When you coach with me, you will cultivate Powerful Mindsets, Priceless Skills, and Practical Strategies to

• Find clarity that inspires change from the inside out
• Redefine your self-concept that aligns with your values
• Rebuild your relationship with yourself and others
• Master emotional resilience to overcome challenges
• Break free from self-sabotaging patterns
• Discover your true potential to become who you’re meant to be
• Turn your visions and goals into an actual reality
• Simply make your life better in every way

I genuinely believe the life you want is 100% possible and available for you.
And you’re way more ready, capable, and stronger to make it happen than you tell yourself.

Give yourself permission to pivot in pursuit of the life you truly want.
Bet on yourself to be what you might have been.

You can do this.
I can help.
Let’s do this work together.