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Zuza Noirbent

I help women to STOP thinking that their best days are in the PAST and create a life on their terms NOW.

Joanna Zajusz

Hello! It’s a great honor when clients share with me their minds and souls! And I feel most purposeful when I can assist you in your transformations.

If you struggle with emotional eating and overeating, I can help you end the cycle of quitting and transform your relationship with food. We will uncover your limiting beliefs. You will practice using the power of your mind deliberately and lose weight without tricks or painful procedures. You will feel in control in any situation and learn tools for life.

The topics we cover in weight loss often go deep. While coaching is powerful enough, I also offer hypnotherapy (since 2013) to clients who want to explore their subconscious mind.

In addition, I help creatives to stop procrastinating and start expressing themselves while feeling aligned.