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Thais Glenn

Thais Glenn is a Certified Personal Coach helping mums with picture-perfect get out of the rut they’re in and create happier and more fulfilling lives using unique tools based on Neuroscience to rewire their brains so that they show up as their best version of themselves.

Thais Glenn is also an expert at creating the future deliberately.  Having changed her life completely several times, she has studied and developed a process to help you do the same. Professional Certified Life & Mindset coach, with Advanced training in Future Self, her passion is assisting women to stop feeling stuck in a picture-perfect life and design the future they love and enjoy.

Mariana Fávero Bonesso

I help people break free from external expectations so they can create a life on their terms authentically.

We often want to be perfect in other people’s eyes because we don’t feel safe to be who we are. We may be using perfectionism as a safety blanket against rejection that are often linked to a survival fear. Living from this space seems paralyzing, full of self-criticism and a stack of numbing habits in which we buried our deepest desires.

I offer the latest and updated causal coaching tools to help you create the mindset and align it with the actions to sustain the results you are after.

I create a safe space for you to bring your deepest desires, unravel who you really are and living your life anchored in your authentic self. You will learn to trust yourself, relating to your self-critic in a productive way, and ultimately you will learn to how feel better.

I believe that the more you become your own point of reference for what you want, that is when your results become effortless.

Madeleine Strasburg

I use what I love most – my LDS faith, the money principles of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, and Brooke Castillo’s life coaching tools to help you identify and manage the real issues behind your financial problems.

Monica Rezende

I coach women who don’t fit the standards to be more of who they truly are and do the hard things to live an unfiltered life. You know you’re different and meant for something bigger and better and I can help you show up for those transitional moments that scare the crap out of you and thrive through adversity.

Morgane Horn

I help women create the sex lives of their wildest dreams.

You are not broken, you have just been socialised in a system that does not teach or prioritise female pleasure. I will even go a step further and assume that you have been fed and have internalised information designed to keep you stuck and inhibited. But wherever you are right now, I want you to know that creating the sex life of your dreams is totally within reach and far simpler than you think.

Your sexuality is inherent to your being and your body is naturally wired to seek and receive pleasure. We just need to get you to tune into that part of yourself and bring it back to life!

Marta Madeira

I help women gain the confidence to start and grow their businesses by dissolving the doubts and fears holding them back, and unleash their inner strength and wisdom.

Catia Vas

Life doesn’t need to be complicated.

Making decisions doesn’t need to be confusing or take forever. Completing things doesn’t need to be exhausting.

Yes, all these things can be easy and you can do them gracefully and still have fun along the way.

All you need is to be able to see what’s causing the chaos in your life to then start creating the life you really desire.

I help overthinkers get out of overwhelm and move forward in life with clarity and joy.

Let’s go!