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Ashley Jangro

I help moms whose kids are struggling with mental wellness.
Mom, if your child is struggling because of anxiety or depression, you are the perfect person to provide support.

As a former teacher, certified life coach, and most importantly, a mom, I am committed to positively impacting the declining mental health of the upcoming generation.

This begins with arming moms with the knowledge and tools to raise mentally strong kids. Together, we can impact the mental health of our families, which will continue on for generations.

Nina Lacher

I help life coaches and entrepreneurs who are stuck on what makes them unique and show them how to grow their business by using magentic marketing so they create paying clients with ease by building a personal brand they are truly passionate about.

Kara Hackleman

FINISH losing weight!

I can help this be the last time you lose.

You can finish & maintain!

Gabriele Nicolet

I help parents raising highly sensitive children (we call them Orchid Kids around here):

  • Understand why their kids behave the way they do
  • Get past shame, embarrassment and guilt about their child’s behavior or diagnosis
  • Reclaim time in their day
  • Get more and better sleep
  • Stop fighting with their kids and each other
  • Experience more joy in parenting.

Jessica McKinley

I help Women Entrepreneurs & CEOs manage the emotions that often sabotage their business growth. Business isn’t personal, but it is emotional. Don’t let your feelings stop you from having the business and life of your dreams.

Elisa Fucci

I help first gen, immigrant, Latina women find their voice and identity, so they can create amazing family relationships without the guilt.

Sindy Warren

I help women start and grow side hustles so they can experience more freedom and passion in their lives. With my signature group coaching program Side Gig School, I teach clients how to step onto the entrepreneurial journey with confidence and purpose. I also coach all the humans 1:1 on professional and business growth. Through a combination of mindset and strategy-based tools, I work with my clients to set clear goals, create action plans, and troubleshoot and celebrate along the way. 

Dr. Alissa Esposito

I help women overcome their perfectionism so that they can make their dream life happen.

Creating your dream life, and achieving big goals can be frustrating without first addressing the underlying perfectionism holding you back by keeping you stuck, frustrated, paralyzed in indecision and playing small.  You were not born a perfectionist. It’s an identity and a patterned way of thinking that you have adopted. This is great news because it means we can change this.


Brittany Kolb

Weight loss can be simple, and lasting weight loss is possible for you! I help women in demanding and stressful healthcare roles, achieve permanent weight loss in a sustainable way.

Mary-Jane Leitner

I empower women to be their own money bosses & connect with their inner money maven.

Sangam Stanczak

I help mothers overcome intergenerational trauma so they can parent themselves and their children from love using their intuition. I help you minimize the behaviors, like yelling or being rough, that keep you trapped in the shame cycle.

Jenie Hunter

Helping families of LGBTQ family members learn to love and support without losing their faith.