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Jill Angie

I help women who have never felt athletic start running and feel confident in the body they have right now!

Deborah Butzbach, MD

As a physician with more than 20 years in practice as a radiation oncologist, and now a life coaching degree, I am uniquely suited to understand and help women after they complete cancer therapy.  I have seen and helped thousands of women after breast cancer in managing their fears in my medical practice, and now have the ability to focus more time and attention on really helping women dig into their post treatment issues.

Mimi Gordon

I help mission-driven leaders achieve big goals without overworking.

Kellyann Schaefer

I’m help business owners who offer 1 to 1 services make more money, get more clients, and have greater impact in their communities.  My specialty is helping offline businesses market successfully in an online world.

I find that many business owners have a dream of doing what they love, because they want to make a difference. But then they step out into entrepreneurship and quickly get sidetracked with all the “marketing noise” out there.

I teach a proven marketing process that is centered around “nurture marketing”, which in real words means – building relationships, nurturing those relationships and creating referral systems that can create money on demand.

I teach what works, and only what works. (And tech isn’t required!)

Direct, to the point, spiritually awake, with a side of love and a side of badass all wrapped into one coaching experience.

Cristina Roman

I help business owners stop procrastinating so they can take all of their half-finished projects from half-finished to done, on repeat.

It’s time to take charge of all of those half-done projects that are taking up physical, mental, and emotional space in your business and life.

You’ll leave our coaching with mastery of three skill sets:

  1. Deep work (focused, uninterrupted blocks for high-quality, high-impact work), so that you can plan for one hour
  2. Monday Hour One, so that you can plan for one week
  3. Project planning, so that you can plan for 8 weeks

When you apply and evaluate these three skills in your business consistently with my support, you’ll finish all of those half-done projects and create the results that you’ve been craving.

Aimée Gianni, MS

I work with highly motivated individuals and couples who are willing to do the inner work that loving relationships and vibrant physical health require.

I use evidence based practices from Developmental and Positive Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Integrative/Functional Medicine and apply them in a practical, solution-focused way.

In other words, I use the Art & Science of Love & Health to help you create a strong, loving, joyful relationship and a meaningful life that you love.  One that is full of authenticity, connection, passion, fulfillment, and physical well-being.

Linda Street MD

I use coaching tools and negotiation techniques to help female physicians strategize their contract negotiations.

Nancy Anderson

I help women who are ready to create a bigger vision, define a clear path, and go after their goals to transform their life. If you’re ready to create what you really want in your life or business, a vision that excites and energizes you with more meaning, fulfillment & impact, with support to actually get it done, let’s chat.  My step by step transformation framework utilizes my unique Future Focus M.A.P. to identify your clear path with next steps, strategies, and tools that you need to create real change, real results.

Dr. Deb Butler

I love working with smart successful woman who have been struggling their whole life with their weight and body. NOW menopause is making it harder than ever.THIS is the one thing they haven’t figure out. It’s not too late, you’re right on time! Menopause is the best time to not only make this the last time you lose weight but also the best time to create the life you REALLY want.  If not now, WHEN?

To listen to my podcast click here.

Amanda Karlstad

I help coaches and online entrepreneurs take quantum leaps while building, growing, and scaling to multi-figures and beyond. I work with coaches ready to build to their first six figures, and coaches who are ready to scale to multi-figures and beyond. I combine high level coaching along with customized, leading-edge strategies that help my clients build, grow, and scale to multi-figures in the most accelerated and sustainable way.

Sherry Price

I help successful women stop overdrinking without feeling like they have to give up drinking completely. You’ll learn how to have confidence and control around alcohol. You’ll learn how to be able to take it or leave it. We do the work of changing your relationship with alcohol while eliminating any shame, guilt, and/or embarrassment.

I’m the creator of the Drink Less Lifestyle podcast and program.

Dana Skoglund

I combine the time tested wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga, Buddhism with life coaching, modern psychology and habit change science to help you upgrade your habits and align your daily routines with your goals, your core values and nature’s energy cycles. I teach you how to build self care into your day so you can cultivate balance, ease and thriving health to create a body and life you love to live in.