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Kris Plachy

My business provides female entrepreneurs and CEO’s the CEO Blueprint for leading and managing high performing teams so female entrepreneurs can scale their businesses by tapping the skills of others.

Charmaine Platon

Charmaine Platon, RN, is a Sugar Cravings Coach, Certified Keto & Carnivore Coach, and a Registered Nurse. She is the creator of “Sugar-Free Self-Care”, and is an expert at managing food cravings.

Charmaine teaches people how to eat consciously and intentionally so they can finally reclaim power over their food and their weight.

Years ago, Charmaine was prediabetic even though she was in the best physical fitness and shape of her life (as a 27-year-old personal trainer and competitive athlete)!

She is now on a mission to prevent diabetes across the globe, and to help people stop caving in to sugar and carb cravings so they can live their healthiest lives.

Carla Rieger

These days, virtual speaking is the #1 way to increase your income as a coach or online expert. But have you ever tried communicating and marketing in a way that didn’t work? You might be going against your natural style and aptitude. Whether you attract clients through webinars, “lives”, videos, forums, blogging or 1-to-1 strategy sessions, going against your true nature can ruin the ‘trust, know and like’ factor like nothing else. Being congruent is literally 80% of your success. I help people clear through the clutter and access the truth of who they are, so they can finally get in the flow with how they’re communicating about their business.

Claudia Curran

I work with HIGH-ACHIEVING WOMEN who have a nagging sense that there is something more, something different, something better available to them. They have a good life, but feel stuck, frustrated, and too stressed to really enjoy the good moments.

We dive deep to get clear on what’s holding you back, what you really want, and make a plan for how to get it. I teach you proven techniques to manage your mind. You will leverage your problems to work for you and create new results.

I help you become a woman who gets what she wants.

Clair Mackenzie

I help female professionals and entrepreneurs, in the 40s and 50s, create a relationship with food and themselves that they love, so that they can stop overeating and lose weight for the last time .

Don’t embark on another diet, set sail on an adventure that will take you…

  • from diet deprivation to enjoyment of tasty nourishing food
  • from battling will power to total food freedom
  • from self loathing to self-loving
  • from living to eat to eating to live
  • step-by-step from overweight to permanently slim

I lost 6 stone after struggling with my own weight for decades when I learned how to look inwards and create a better relationship with myself, food and my life though mindset work and coaching. Would you like to find food freedom, feel self-appreciation and live a life you love too?

Suzy Rosenstein

Suzy Rosenstein is a Master Certified Life Coach and holds a Masters Degree in Applied Social Psychology. As someone who wasted too many years with career malaise herself, she loves helping midlife women over 50 who are stuck, confused and afraid of having regrets about what they didn’t do with their lives. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you’re starting to feel more sensitive to time flying by or are unsure that the best really is yet to come. Maybe you don’t love your career anymore or have empty nest concerns. Aging and menopause can be a sneaky difficult surprise. You’re not alone and I can help you. Clients love my laser-focused, upbeat coaching style and midlife podcast, Women in the Middle, that help them finally make the changes they want to make. I’ll help you get clear about what you want, start taking action and create a life you can get excited about again.

When not working with clients, Suzy loves being a mom of three young 20-something men, enjoys the company of her slobbery Newfoundland dog and talking parrot, whale watching, photography and practicing the art of living without regrets.

Dave Moreno

Entrepreneurs want success.

What they typically need is to get organized first.

Organized towards their goals, their business, and their focus.

Entrepreneurs Only are who I work with

Organized Success is what I deliver.

I bring accountability, focus, and structure to get you to the next level of success and six-figure growth.

That’s what Organized Success is all about.

Vikki Louise

I coach clients that to achieve more in 50% of the time.

Clients come to me with goals they have been working on for 2 years, we get it done in three months.

Want to know how long things take?

As long as we let them.

When we remove time from the success equation, we are left with what actually creates results.

1. How we manage our mind

2. How we make decisions

3. How we handle fear and failure

Focus on these things and you will blow your mind with what you can achieve, with more time off.

This is the opposite of hustle.

Click here to find out more.

Susan Trumpler

There are three things that a women entrepreneur needs to reach the level of professional and personal success that they dream of:  1.  The skills to create a connected and genuine relationship through great sales communication 2. Repeatable processes that will help them nurture their ideal prospects along the buying journey.  3. An UNSTOPPABLE mindset that prevents them from being distracted or waylaid by fear and uncertainty.  That’s it!  It is just that simple – and if you agree, you are my people!

Steffanie Anderson

Business Owners will double monthly revenue using my four secrets without drama or hustle.

Brittni Schroeder

I help entrepreneurs create foundations, systems, and strategies. I help you crush your six-figure goals.  You learn systems that help you automate, delegate, and eliminate the tasks that suck your time so you can work on the parts of your business that bring you joy!

Stephanie J. Stiavetti

I help intuitive, empathic, and highly sensitive people find peace of mind in a world that feels too damn loud.

Do you dream of feeling calm and collected, where no one can make you upset? Are you tired of feeling like so many things in life are out of your control? What if you could stop feeling overwhelmed and hurt by the world?

My clients find freedom, clarity, and most importantly, a sense of peace in their lives. Together we’ll dive deep, find what’s dragging you down, and gently untie the ropes so that you feel stronger and totally in control of your experience.

Spoiler alert: there’s one area where you have the most control, and that’s where you’ll want to double down.

I’ll show you where, why, and how.