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Johanna B. Moore MD

I believe that anything is possible when ambitious women come together to design their goals, empowered with performance, business and financial strategy.  As a supplement to Life Coaching, I offer mindfulness and visualization meditation training with a full guided meditation library to boost clarity of mind, creativity and cognitive function.

Kole Whitty

Kole’s coaching philosophy is a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science, seamlessly integrating the transformative potential of psychedelics with the art of coaching through the body’s intelligence. By harnessing the power of The Condor Approach, individuals embarking on their personal journey with plant medicines and ketamine therapies embark on a profound path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Kole’s approach is all about walking the walk, both before, during, and after these sacred experiences. Through this holistic journey, clients gain more than just clarity and purpose; they forge a deep, heart-centered connection with timeless wisdom. This connection, rooted in ancient teachings, serves as a guiding light, illuminating the way toward a life that is purpose-filled and aligned with their truest selves.

Lisa Binggeli

Lisa Binggeli is the Founder and CEO of Agent Leader® coaching and training platform, a Certified High-Performance Coach®, a Certified Life Coach with LCS®, and a Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker who is a consistent 7-figure earner.

Lisa is known for her out-of-the-box approach to real estate transactions and a master at relationship marketing. Lisa’s entrepreneurial drive is only overshadowed by her love of bringing others along for the journey so they can experience success as well.

Serena Hicks – Holy Wow Money™

I teach folks how to have, make and steward Holy Wow Money™

I teach my clients how to DO less to HAVE MORE.

I teach you the tools to CREATE the life you have been dreaming of and then I will LOVINGLY BUT TOTALLY hold your feet to the fire if needed.

Franchelle Caesar Boateng MD

Fran helps you pay off debt, including the mortgage, in as little as 5-7 years without budgeting or changing your spending habits. The rules for success with money have always been written by Savers. Fran’s program was created by a Spender, exclusively for Spenders, and guarantees that Spenders thrive.

Sarah Elizabeth Latham

We are our Brain (Mind), our Body (Health), and our Business (Purpose).

I help midlife entrepreneurial women create confusion-busting, CLARITY-bringing resources that brush away the cobwebs of confusion.

Confidence and clarity are crucial to finding purpose, and building a business.

If our brains are clouded with cobwebby eating, drinking, thinking, and feeling habits, forward motion is sloggy and not very fun.

Dr. Richard Mitchell

I help high achieving professionals overcome burnout so they can get fired up about their personal and professional lives.

Nadia Nadeau

J’aide les professionnels occupés à incarner leur bonheur, décider sans peur de décevoir et prendre soin d’eux maintenant sans devoir revisiter le passé.

Elise Sinha

I offer leadership coaching to leaders who are looking to create the careers they love, from early careerist and new leaders to seasoned executives.   I  create psychologically safe environments to explore, empower, and achieve their highest goals and possibilities.  I work with clients to discover and unlock hidden potential and purpose using evidence-based thought models.  Together, we provide a positive and supportive environment with patience and kindness to achieve transformation.

Kelsey Sorenson

I help teachers and homeschool parents live their best lives by providing time-saving resources and the mindset tools they need to thrive. As a former elementary teacher and current homeschool parent, I understand what it’s like to wear the hats of multiple roles, such as wife, teacher, mommy, and so many more. As we work together, you will unlock your full potential in all of those roles- while still taking care of yourself- by bringing awareness to your mind.

Iulia Mihai

I help female entrepreneurs launch and grow a profitable online business with zero burnout. I give them the tools they need to get started with no overwhelm, I help them build and lead dream teams so they can finally scale their business, and I help them manage their thoughts, feelings, and actions so they get exactly the results they want.

Amberly Deavours

I help Christian life coaches make an income and an impact without neglecting Biblical influence with the ones they love most.