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Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

My coaching practice, Miracles of Courage, is for parents who are managing the challenges of caring for their child who has been diagnosed with childhood cancer. These parents are members of a club that no one asked to join. This is a club that is forced upon them, most often during a crisis. This club is not a popular club, and there is no waitlist. What it does have is an initiation fee in the form of anguish, overwhelm and tears along with smiles, hugs and bravery. I have also paid the fee and now I’m a lifelong member as my own child was diagnosed with leukemia at 3 years old, he is now 40. Parents can learn to survive and at the same time thrive by learning how to be vulnerable, but also courageous enough to stand up for their child because “Kids can’t fight cancer alone.”

Roberto Candelaria

As a Business Profit Strategist, I help coaches and entrepreneurs find the money gaps in their businesses, and fix them.

Through a combination of results driven coaching and strategy, I’ll help you create a plan to build a business you love without sacrificing community or connection.

Work With Me If You…

  • Desire more platforms to share your message and increased lead generation leading to profits
  • Lack Confidence in who to partner with or how to partner with them.
  • Overwhelmed because the right infrastructure and processes in your business are not in place.
  • Stuck in your current phase of business and don’t know how to move forward.
  • Interested in speaking on more stages and/or crafting the right product or program for the platforms you have access to.
  • Confused by all the “free resources” online and ready to get a customized strategy and plan for your business.
  • Tired of leaving money on the table.
  • Excited about having others promote you to generate more passive affiliate commissions.

Ready to tell your story, partner with others, and propel your profits.

Bryan Goodwin

My core philosophy is that you have the power to do whatever you want in your life. Nobody can make you miserable nor can they make you happy. That is all up to you. I do live my life with the 4 pillars of a relaxed male. These pillars don’t provide you with fulfillment but they give you a good foundation to pursue that fulfillment.

The 4 pillars are

Man’s Mind – Keep reading, keep learning never stop learning.

Man’s Body – Keep moving. Eat right and get some movement n each day.

Man’s Soul – This is the passion project you want to work on. What feeds your soul? This right here feeds your soul.

Man’s Community – This pillar is the one that is the most egregiously ignored in today’s man. Men don’t have a group of strong masculine men in their life. They often turn to their wife or girlfriend and this creates more aggravation and resentment. It doesn’t fix the problems found in a good strong marriage.

With these 4 pillars, men are able to find the purpose and energy needed to help build a better relationship with their family, neighborhood, town, and society.

We are meant to find fulfillment and purpose in our life. When we are aimless and aren’t striving for the better this is where our unhappiness and discontent come from.

Elizabeth Salazar

I help coaches make money online running a 3-focus business…even if you’re brand new or struggling at the 30k hump.

To start, get clear on your offer, talk to the right person in content and develop a process for you and your clients…so you can confidently talk about what you do knowing you can deliver.

Rachel Schwartzman Murphy

I help women that are running a business and a family feel present and fulfilled in both without overwhelm, resentment, and exhaustion.



Gabriel Omat

I believe that what creates a successful coaching or healing business is having a balance between feminine & masculine energy. If you combine that concept with radical responsibility, you will turn your glass ceiling into a dance floor.

Kathryn Morrison

Kathryn helps spiritual entrepreneurs grow to multiple six figures using intuition, mindset, and strategy. She blends mastery of the Model with somatics and energy tools to engage with clients holistically– mind-body-soul.

Her foundational program, the Brand Alchemy Accelerator is the path to creating a Brand that both stops the scroll and has ideal clients coming to sales calls looking to hire you specifically, not someone who “does that thing you do.” Many Accelerator clients decide to continue working with Kathryn in her Mastermind, which blends the highest level mindset work and razor sharp business precision while constantly expanding creativity, pleasure, and intuitive receptivity.

Faith Mariah

Faith helps online business owners take their side-hustle to full-time income without the drama. She has been making fulltime income online for five years and she believes if she can do it you can do it too!

Anna HeardinLondon

I’m Anna, a confidence coach, empowerment photographer, feminist, Buddhist with a strong focus on social justice.  I help people marginalised bodies find creative solutions to help people reclaim their bodies and minds.

I’m on a fierce mission to equip people with the mindset tools they need to break through their own self-sabotage and live their wildest dreams.

And I don’t think resolutions should be just saved for New Year.

Lilly Beyond

I help purpose-driven coaches to reach their impact and income goals without sacrificing their personal lives or wellbeing. Get comfortable getting paid for your coaching and serve beyond your wildest dreams.

Stress, overwhelm, burnout, and financial struggle do not have to be part of creating impact in the world! I’ll show you how.

Daniel Lim

I help good folks build purpose-driven businesses that create true wealth and freedom on their own terms.

Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, MD

Time is the most valuable asset we have.

When you keep arguing for your limitations, you my friend get to keep those.

My coaching philosophy is: I call out bullsh*t on your limitations because I see your TRUE potential.