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Kari Elizabeth Enge

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to reach their social impact and income goals without sacrificing their personal lives or sense of wellbeing.

Stress, overwhelm, burnout, and financial struggle do not have to be part of creating a social impact in the world! I’ll show you how.

Amanda Walker

I help busy women build a body, life and business that feel amazing.

Marc Hildebrand

I help LEOs and First Responders break through mental, physical, and emotional barriers so they can generate the energy to own their health, connect with their family on a deep and impactful level, and change the trajectory of their career forever.

Samantha Siffring, MA

I help moms build their businesses online with simple business plans and smart time management. We are the revolution of moms who make lots of money – join us.

Jane Atkinson

Jane helps people who want to get paid to speak build the businesses of their dreams.  Whether you are brand new, wanting to speak to promote your coaching practice, or a seasoned pro who wants to increase revenue from speaking (virtual or in person), you’ve come to the right place.  Jane’s Ready, Aim, Fire roadmap provides a time tested proven formula to help you move towards the speaking business (and lifestyle) that’s perfect for you.

Ana Verzone

I help rebel yogis and wanna-be Buddhas design and live a life of no regrets, with TRUE freedom inside and out. I know you can be spiritual AND have a rebellious, naughty streak at the same time. I see that as a strength in this journey – and it makes it more fun! My clients learn to use radical mindfulness and cultivate the resilience they need so they can confidently get out there and do what it takes to create the life they were meant to live, with more freedom, adventure, and purpose. My motto is “free your mind, free your life.”

Chelsea Myers

I help dentists reach desired levels of success without overwhelm or burnout using a system-based approach.

Christine Watson

I help tennis players win more tennis matches and have more fun playing.

Megan Arneson

Thousands of years of Patriarchy have conditioned us to continuously look outside of ourselves for guidance. I help women stop depending on others for their own answers and return to Sovereignty in all areas from business/career to love/relationships, health/wealth.

Everything you need is already within you … you just forgot!

I’ll be your guide as you re-learn the practice of tuning in and trusting your higher self, so you can create everything you want from a place of wholeness and knowing (from the soul level), instead of making decisions based on conditioning.

I work with smart, successful, driven women, who know how to get whatever they want in some areas of their lives, but feel like they’re completely missing the boat in others.

I help my clients connect to their intuition as the compass for building the roadmap, then we use The MODEL and LCS thought work for management of the mind and to keep it from derailing your progress toward your deepest desires.

  • If you know you’re ready for deep transformation.
  • If you’re yearning to tap into ease and flow across every area of your life.
  • If you’re done running on the hamster wheel of do-er-ship, then it’s time to go beyond the mind.

Learn how to detach from the ego’s need to please others and practice tapping into your intuition on your own.

Build trust in your own knowing, then take action from there.

I’ll be your Yoda on your journey, but eventually you’ll see that you’re your own Yoda.

And that, my friends, is true Sovereignty.

Rose Watson

I am a Habit and Ritual Coach for high-achieving women who want to up-level their habits the fun and easy way, without stress, exhaustion, or deprivation.

Amanda Karlstad

I help coaches and online entrepreneurs take quantum leaps while building, growing, and scaling to multi-figures and beyond. I work with coaches ready to build to their first six figures, and coaches who are ready to scale to multi-figures and beyond. I combine high level coaching along with customized, leading-edge strategies that help my clients build, grow, and scale to multi-figures in the most accelerated and sustainable way.