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Lauree Arnold

I help women who have married more than once improve communication and connection in their relationships so they can be married to their soulmate for the last time.

Dr. Alissa Esposito

I help women overcome their perfectionism so that they can make their dream life happen.

Creating your dream life, and achieving big goals can be frustrating without first addressing the underlying perfectionism holding you back by keeping you stuck, frustrated, paralyzed in indecision and playing small.  You were not born a perfectionist. It’s an identity and a patterned way of thinking that you have adopted. This is great news because it means we can change this.


Amy Latta

Every coach needs two things to become a paid coach – to know what to do to sign clients and to know how to handle all the emotions that come up when you do what you need to sign clients.

Once you know the “what to do” and the “what to do with the feelings,” there isn’t anything you can’t handle.

And a coach who believes there is not anything they cannot handle? That’s a confident coach.
Money and clients bring security and confidence, but only for a moment. Then you set your sites on a new goal and it all goes away.

But not the way I teach confidence and business.

We’re gonna seek out and find all that conditioning in your thinking that tells you you can’t do this, show you how to still feel safe telling the world exactly who you are and how you help them.

This is the foundation of your business right here.

Want to become a six figure coach:

You know how to sign clients, you’ve made at least $5000 in six months, and you now believe you can make $100K in a year. You’re determined and resourceful and resilient.

And you have no idea how to get from here to $100,000.

Path to 100K mastermind is a six month mastermind that will teach you to replicate what you know is working on your business, remove what is not working in your business, and create the brain of a 100K coach who knows the difference.

You’re gonna know exactly how to talk to your ideal client and how to challenge that patriarchal expectation and hierarchal thinking so you can hit any goal you set your sites on.

Go to to learn more.

Sharell Weeams

You know how some people start a business because they want more freedom, but end up overworked and glued to their laptop 24/7? (This used to be me!)

Well… I help experts go from Booked & Burnt Out to Leveraged & Liberated. We start by turning your high-end 1:1 coaching and consulting services into a premium group program and then design a signature sales system to convert clients by the dozens.

Why? Cause… liberation!

… And because having a leveraged group program and recurring revenue is what allowed me to take months off when I had a health crisis… without ever having to worry about money, bills or taking care of my clients.

I want that for you too! More Freedom. Limitless Income. Infinite Impact.

Marijke de Jong

After decades of helping thousands of riders train their horses, I discovered that the main thing that is holding people back in their progress is their attitude and emotions – not their knowledge and skills.

So besides helping people optimize their knowledge and skills about training horses, I also help them actualize their full potential when it comes their own body, mind, heart, and soul.

This self-mastery is reflected in the words of Leonardo Da Vinci:

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself”.

I’m a certified life coach and founder of The ST Academy where I help equestrians on their personal path to mastery, and help you uncover the answers within you to make choices, create changes, and get the results you are looking for.

Ketan Kulkarni

I am a SELF coach. No more bandaids, no gimmicks, no hacks. Let’s get straight to the point. I will help you identify your authentic goals, and achieve inner and outer excellence.

Kathryn Binkley

I help business owners scale to multiple 6 and 7-figures without sacrificing their freedom.

Jessica Mejia

When we step fully into the highest expression of ourselves, we breakthrough to brilliance. I help women who know they’re meant for more, and are ready to do something about it before it’s too late. Whether you’re building your brand or building your life, together, we curate your lifestyle and curate your legacy.

Ann Konkoly

Ann helps Advanced Practice Nurses live the good life. She helps them kultivate personal and professional freedom through leadership and entrepreneurship.

Kathy Bourque

I help women redesign their lives. Some people call it a midlife crisis. I call it a midlife redesign. Your life is calling. How are you going to answer? I can help you find clarity and build confidence to tackle your goals. If not now, when?

Heather Hansen

I help high performing women advocate for themselves, their businesses and their ideas with the tools of a trial attorney. You’ve spent your life advocating for others–I help you start advocating for yourself.

Esperanza Lebron

I use Neuroscience in my coaching practice to help my clients overcome a lifetime of subconscious patterns and beliefs in minutes. My passion lies in breaking possibility open and helping business owners see themselves as confident CEOs.