"You are worthy of the change you seek. Join Get Coached."

Jeanne Ann Cannon, LCSW

All of us have inner strength. I have a talent for tapping into that for you, empowering you to confidently change your thinking, feeling actions and results. Coaching is an opportunity for you to learn new tools that will change your life and sustain your new found glory forever! It works, I’m good at it and it’s a total win for you and your loved ones!

Adriana Cloud

I help women to stop overdrinking and I teach them how to relax, have fun, and feel confident without alcohol.

Many of us live in societies that normalize drinking, and we’re surrounded by messages that glorify alcohol as the best way to cope with stress and enjoy life. We are taught that alcohol is a reward, that it’s sexy and fun and sophisticated. We are taught that if we can’t “drink normally,” then there is something wrong with us.

But there is no such thing as “normal drinking,” and there is nothing wrong with you if you want to drink less but are struggling to cut back! You don’t have to identify as an alcoholic, and you don’t have to wait until you’ve hit rock bottom to change your relationship with alcohol. If drinking too much is keeping you from being the best version of yourself, I can help you stop!

Liz Mayer

I help working women in corporate environments gain confidence and career growth without compromising alignment to their values. I help show them what is possible and how to transform the way they show up in their lives in order to create a life they love. My approach to coaching leverages a strong business acumen rooted in over 20 years of leading and consulting multi-billion dollar companies.

Elizabeth Wallis

I help parents of children with anxiety.

Your influence, as a parent, is powerful enough to help your child manage their anxiety and increase their confidence.

Kristyn Arnold

At the heart of my coaching philosophy lies a deep commitment to guiding individuals in their journey of transformation and the cultivation of self-trust through daily habits. I firmly believe that to create genuine personal growth and lasting change we need awareness, accountability and responsibility. Coaching encompasses the essential task of uncovering our often hidden and unconscious thoughts that steer our decisions so we can make them conscious, empower ourselves, and then choose what we want to create intentionally.

Heidi Allsop

As the ‘Boymom’ Coach, I specialize in empowering moms to transform their relationship with their son.

With a Bachelor’s degree in social work, 28 years of experience raising five boys, and certification as a life coach from the Life Coach School, I’m well-equipped to guide moms through the challenges of parenting. I understand the frustrations of poor communication, media concerns, and parenting confusion firsthand.

My passion is to help moms stop feeling like they’re doing it all wrong. I offer tangible tools and proven strategies that lead to effective communication, reduced stress, improved resilience, and greater confidence in your ability to teach and guide your son.

My ‘Strong Moms, Strong Sons’ philosophy has transformed families, offering clarity, confidence, and a fulfilling motherhood experience. Imagine parenting with confidence and truly enjoying your son at every age.

Camille Scow

Everyone deserves to feel God’s love. It is unconditional, unlimited and unending. It can heal any wound, provide limitless strength and comfort. I believe every human is whole and is capable of knowing what they want AND how to get it. Coaching makes it possible to gain the awareness necessary to clear the fog that often prevents us from accepting God’s power.

Quinn Lindsay

Life is tough but so are you! Life coaching can help walk through some of the highs and lows.  There are times when you may need a little direction and help to improve yourself and make the best of things.  We can work together to learn new skills to build resiliency and to learn how to better understand how our minds and thoughts can have so much control over our lives.  Let’s work together to help you improve your life and your mindset

Is life coaching for you? If any of these apply to you, let’s chat

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious

Feeling like you’re failing at home, work, or school

Challenges in relationships, whether these be with family, friends, work or school colleagues

Struggles with work-life balance

Just wanting to be happy

Arthur Patton-Hock

I help grad students, postdocs, and professors in the humanities and qualitative social sciences think expansively about careers for which their PhD has qualified them. You can build the professional life you want – within the academy or beyond – without “selling out.”

Synthia Simonsen

I coach smart women who want to feel physically and emotionally energized with general life coaching and my weight-loss program called, Mind & Macros. In Mind & Macros, I use a combination of mindset tools and personalized macro-based nutrition plans to help my clients achieve maximal wellness and feel confident with their eating.

Nicole Perrotte

I help mid career women physicians who are stuck, overwhelmed and burned out from doing all the things pivot to find time, flexibility and freedom.

Dr. Diedra Manns, PT

I help women relieve their symptoms, and build physical-emotional health and well-being so they thrive during and after menopause.