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Jocelyn Chong

Helping ambitious female entrepreneurs over 35 and beyond create a multiple 6 figures business by utilising their personal experience, strengths and qualifications.

Lana Manikowski

I guide childless women with infertility as they discover a meaningful future after IVF treatments have ended. My clients are career-focused, success-driven women that are feeling failure and loss in their personal lives because they aren’t moms. The work we do together allows them to create a fulfilling life beyond motherhood.

Geraldine Carter

I help CPAs get their time and their lives back without forsaking revenue.

Many CPAs suffer under a broken business model: billing by the hour and being a generalist, for ill-defined results. This deadly combo sends many accountants’ businesses into a death spiral.

CPAs work with me to focus on a niche, while learning to price desirable client outcomes. While we’re at it, we update centuries-old thinking about money, time, and worth.

Natalie Berger

Natalie empowers moms who are members or former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to use their faith transition as a spring board for creating the life they really want.

Lærke Nielsen

I help high achieving women heal, learn and grow after breakup, so they can fully own their happiness and create the life of their dreams. My philosophy is that any painful or challenging situation in life can be turned into learning and growth and that breakups are a perfect opportunity to gain awareness and evolve as a human being.


Stephanie Taylor

Blow up your life!
Because now is your time

I help dynamic women over 40 discover their true desires and blow up their lives.

There are messages all around us that as we age we should live less, be less and do less.

These messages can lead us to hide, lead us not to hear our own desires, lead us to be confused and uncertain about what we want, even when though we’re dynamic and successful professionally.

They can lead us to be invisible.

F*&@ Invisible!
You were born to shine.
You were born to stand out.
You were born to share your gifts.
Your best moments are yet to come.
You’re a sassy, badass and you rock!

I blew up my life over 40.

Lost the weight with ease after believing it was impossible for me to stop overeating.

And after decades of thinking that business and wealth were ‘not for me’, I became an award-winning property investor with a multi-million pound portfolio, multi-6-figure business owner, number 1 best-selling author and was voted Inspirational Person of the Year by Potential Unlocked with Les Brown.

I now live a life I never imagined was available to me.
My only regret is living in limbo for so long and not even realising what was missing.

It’s my passion now to share the message with other women to unlock their desires, see the sparks within them and blow up their lives over 40.

Adrienne Hinton

As the mom of two sons with Down syndrome, one biological and one through a whirlwind adoption, I know that life sometimes throws us hard stuff!

It’s easy to feel like the unexpected limits us. It’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind of caregiving. It’s easy to set our wants aside.

I help women, who have children with special needs, feel better about navigating the variety of ups and downs on their unique journey. I help moms feel better when it’s hard. I help them cheer when they forget to celebrate. I help them to normalize life in a way that includes the dreams they’ve always wanted to go after.

I offer IEP support that will help your meetings feel positive and you to feel empowered.

I firmly believe you have everything you need within you to rise to what life has given. Coaching will help you more fully claim the life you’ve always imagined, and more! Can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Molly Kremer

With a BA in Philosophy, a JD in the law, and a certification in life coaching, I have come to realize all of these endeavors are simply my human attempt to understand, as best I could, the meaning of life and how to best live in it.

As one of my wise undergraduate philosophy professors said to me… “one of the best questions to ask and answer for yourself in deciding how to live your life is whether you want to live the good life or a good life.” Since that moment I have always been striving to live a good life but felt that somehow I was still missing what it meant to live a good life.  But now I know…

Being a lawyer gave me some great tools as did my philosophy undergraduate degree, however, it wasn’t until I began to experience the transformation that life coaching offered me that I really understood how you actually could lead a good life through the power of thought work.  I now know not only how to lead a good life but also how to live my best life, and as a certified coach, I can now help others lead their best lives as well.

Melanie Hill

I help women entrepreneurs build a biz that they LOVE (not hate) on their way to, and beyond 6-figures.

Using thoughtwork, intuitive coaching and human design, I will help you unlearn the patriarchal conditioning of disconnecting from the wisdom of your body and instead learn how to trust yourself again so that business feels good, not hustly, hard, or resentful. Burning out isn’t sustainable and you can build your dream biz without it.

Do your biz YOUR way, not everyone else’s way.

Becky Stickley

I provide personal coaching as well as coaching and training packages for organizations and teams who want to enhance their leadership skills. This isn’t just about being a leader at work. This is about becoming a leader in your own life by gaining confidence, better managing relationships, and reaching your goals with less stress, frustration, and resentment.

Christine Jull

Are you a leader with Vitality, and do you Like WHO you are, what you DO and HOW you do it,  even in the worst and best times?

Unfortunately, your loved ones or colleagues aren’t sometimes the right people for challenging or inspiring conversations to change our opportunities. Christine creates a safe environment to explore big and small choices for your Horizon.  You will see new choices that you have never considered.

You can RESET, DECIDE and ACT to move your Vitality to live now and create your Horizon.

You Only Live Once #YOLO, so use your Wisdom for learning how to change your Vitality NOW.

Connect as you are on the day, and that is where we start.  Connect online to book today.

Lisa McCurdy

I help women navigate their life after the unexpected and sometimes tragic loss of their loved one.  In my personal experience, it was the loss of my son.  I understand the challenges that you face not just initially, but over time.  You may feel as though you can’t really move forward or engage in life again. The idea of ever really being happy again may seem like a distant dream.  I work with you where you are now and help you to take those steps toward creating the kind of life you’d like to have in the future.  I teach you the some skills and tools you can learn to use on your own in your every day life.