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Christina Marini

I help smart, sensitive womxn find their unique genius and kickoff their one-of-a-kind, purposeful side hustle.

We will build your side hustle around you, so that you can show up authentically and do work that is meaningful.

That means you will…

  • Actually SEE and deeply value your unique genius
  • Deprogram how you THINK your side hustle should look (by unpacking programming by the patriarchy, sexism, industrialism, capitalism and racism)
  • Discover your soul work
  • Be unapologetically as you are
  • Make your socially perceived “weaknesses” your superpowers

Jen Ryan

I help women reinvent their life with self-confidence after divorce. I believe divorce is an opportunity, not a setback.

Amelia Noel

I help Type A, overachieving perfectionists in finance, consulting & similar industries break free from the mental grind of your career so you can create a career & life you f*cking love.

Sheila Gravely

I help people create their healthiest, most vibrant lives – body, mind, and spirit. Using habit science techniques along with the latest scientific information about diet and lifestyle, clients make small changes to daily rituals to move towards greater vitality, better sleep, improved wellness, graceful aging, and emotional growth.

I help clients make positive and lasting changes to their physical and emotional well-being. I help the client develop a healthy mindset and daily habits, and encourage them every step of the way as they establish and accomplish their goals.

Stephanie Griffin

I’m a Life Coach for those ready to embrace their potential.

My passion is working with my clients that are stuck thinking thinking “this is as good as it gets.”  My passion for coaching developed when I was able to see how my fear of failing prevented me from creating the life, job and income I desired. I am ready to help you de the same.

Denise Vernieri

I help coaches, consultants, healers, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs scale their side-business into full-time entrepreneurship so they NEVER have to work for someone else again.

If I could build my business to +6 figures while working full-time as a teacher, and as a mom of 3… YOU can do it too.

You have the desire to scale into full-time entrepreneurship by working with soul-mate clients, hitting consistent revenue and enjoying the FREEDOM of working for yourself,  yet right now you feel like you’re working non-stop, barely breaking even and wondering  if you’ll have to give up the dream of entrepreneurship.

There’s a difference between where you are and where you want to be and its not:

  • needing more time to work in their business
  • having a large network or audience
  • having a complicated funnel
  • creating different offers for every potential client
  • paying money for ads
  • sacrificing wellbeing, family time, or free time

I can help you.

My coaching containers are designed specifically for the entrepreneur who wants to grow their business without sacrificing relationships, well-being and lifestyle.

My approach is simple:

  1. First we’ll create your SIMPLE business model and plan.
  2. Develop a clear offer and create a simple marketing plan
  3. You’ll learn a 6 Figure sales process that feels good.
  4. Finally we will focus on your Money mindset.

This process will solidify your identity as the CEO of your business.

Candice Clark Stevens

Candice helps parents make peace with their children’s choices. You can feel good about your parenting, without changing your children.

Jennifer Richey

I help caregivers stop hating their parents while they care for them. Caregiving is an amazing gift, but it can come with stress, exhaustion, resentment, and guilt. I help caregivers of aging parents feel better about their lives, take their power back, and love their parents in the final years of their lives. I also help caregivers release their worries through the Family Emergency Plan, which allows families to come together to make sure they are ready for the inevitable.

Jill Pack

I help women, just like you, as they navigate the different seasons of life.  I teach tools that can help you create the life you want and improve your relationships (with yourself and with others). I will tell you things no one else will, and will be there to cheer you on and support you.

Nola Gephart

I coach women, primarily mothers who are looking for purpose, self worth, improve relationships and to love their lives again. I help women shed the coat of shame, blame and resentment and look toward a life they create.  I help women discover that they have everything they need to achieve whatever they desire.  I believe deeply in every one of my clients ability to “have it all” if they are willing to explore what thoughts are keeping them “living in limitation”.

Evelyn Hsu MD

I’m in it as a leader and a coach because I want to bring calm to your chaos without compromising your dreams, cutting down your time, or quitting your job.

Amy Langford

I help you move from stuck in a relationship to thriving! I help show you how your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your children and your body is created by you and your mind. When you’re feeling stuck in your relationships, you are unable to see how to create the results you want.  Through my one-on-one coaching, I can teach you the tools to empower you move from stuck in your relationships to thriving!