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Angie Ahlstrom

I help mothers of children with ADHD achieve confidence in their parenting and personal lives without frustration or worrying they’ve messed up their kid.

Jacqueline Grosse

I help women whose self doubt and insecurity has prevented them from doing what they want to do. If you want to make changes in your life it all starts with your thoughts about yourself. Realizing your own self perception is the first step towards progress.

Barbara Katz, MD

I help women over fifty to lose weight without dieting.  I also use techniques from self-hypnosis and mind management to help with habit change and management of cravings.  I also do general life coaching with women over 50.

Pamela Treand

As a modern spirituality transformation coach, I’m committed to helping people live their full human lives in the age of artificial intelligence by giving them the skills, support, and direction they need to connect with their inner selves, live authentically, and design a life that is harmonious.

Jani Burke

LCS Model + God’s Word = The Best Life Ever
My approach to coaching is to utilize the Life Coach School Model in light of God’s Word. While they work beautifully hand in hand, it is not always obvious on the surface. I assist my client’s in dealing with real life issues in light of what they are thinking. We hold those thoughts up to Scriptural alternatives to those thoughts so they can discover their best life going forward.

Amy Behimer, PharmD, NBC-HWC

I help you shift from managing life with autoimmune disease to embracing it, by creating autoimmune health in your mind and body.  I’ll show you what’s possible for your health and happiness using the power of simple, everyday habits proven to help you thrive.  Get ready to discover how small (but mighty) habits in your thoughts, feelings, and actions truly are the key to living the life of your dreams.

Diagnoses happen.  Negative mindsets make them harder.

Kristin Romney

I help betrayed spouses heal and find peace after infidelity. Whether you are staying in your marriage, leaving or still undecided, I can help you find your confidence again to move forward and have an amazing life.

Elizabeth Freedman

I love helping the best get better, partnering with senior executives at some of the best-known companies in the world to achieve extraordinary results.  My clients hold roles at the top of the house, incredible men and women in C-level positions who are ambitious and want to be all they can be in every way – for their companies, their teams, and most of all, for themselves.

Amber Anderson

My purpose as a coach is to unleash the impact of soul-centered leadership for people and teams everywhere.

I’m not your typical executive coach – I’m a life coach for leaders. I work with leaders at the conscious and unconscious levels to produce effective change through an integrative coaching model that accounts for mind, body, and spirit – empowering and equipping people to move from ego-centered to soul-centered leadership to maximize their impact in a way that is authentic, joyful, and expansive.

Soul-centered leadership enables you to LIVE more fully. It goes well beyond your experience of leadership.

But if your unconscious mind and nervous system aren’t ready to embody a new identity, hold more power, wield more influence, and feel safe in a new level of self-actualization, it will slow down and sabotage all of your (consciously) best-laid plans. Through coaching with me you will learn at the unconscious level how to stand confidently in your new identity as a high-impact, soul-centered leader, get comfortable in visibility, and expand your capacity to receive positive attention, recognition and money.

Jolene Atkinson, LISW, LCSW

My coaching focuses on the power of emotional wellness.

Clients learn to:

Develop and practice skills to identify, process, regulate, and communicate their feelings
Take care of their emotions so they are in control
Learn the most effective ways to manage everyday stress
Take care of themselves in order to have more energy and patience
Understand how their habits of thinking create their results and make shifts to reach their goals
Learn how to set and communicate healthy boundaries
Engage in healthy, fulfilling relationships
Manage their schedule in a way that aligns with their priorities
Increase self-acceptance and practice an internal dialogue of kindness and self-compassion
Make confident decisions and utilize effective problem solving skills

I utilize over 30 years of experience as a clinical social worker to incorporate evidence-based approaches into my coaching practice. I am specialized as a trauma informed provider. A holistic perspective is important as I work with clients to support them to reach their highest potential.

Steph Tell

I am a coach who helps women recognize how their thoughts, feelings, and actions give them their current results.  I show them how they can get different results by changing their thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I show them how to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.
I am the Get Real coach for women; what you see is what you get!

Cledra Gross

I help Christian coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs  make more money without compromising their values or health through tailored private coaching. You can keep GOD first while building a successful business.