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Dominique Vandal

I help women embody their mindset work so they can be present in their lives and bodies NOW.

Thomas Couëpel

I help people to create a strong self confidence by managing time and goals in their business and life.


Cheryl Stevenson

I can help you feel better after leaving any kind of toxic relationship.  I create a space where you can trust that your thoughts and experiences will be kept confidential and free from judgement and reaction.

Brooke Randolph

I work with women and men who have overcome a previous addiction to alcohol/drugs, and find their addictive thoughts feelings and behaviors alive and well in food. Sober&Hungry is unique intersection of nutrition therapy, life coaching, and sobriety principles. In my program, you’ll achieve weight loss by increasing emotional sobriety and learning how to overcome “ism” voice with food. Clients describe this work as the “missing piece” in the recovery puzzle.