Weight Loss Is Hard, Get Coached in Overeating.

Camilla Groen

I work with freelancers and solopreneurs who want to build a business that’s truly FREE – both financially and mentally.


Hi! I’m Camilla.

Certified Coach. Freelance Copywriter. World Traveler & Expat.

Taking the leap, going all in on myself, and building my ‘one woman business’ was the best decision I’ve ever made.

The freedom.
The adventure.
The fulfilment.
The people.
The places.

I was going full speed towards having it all:

Laptop life style. Living by the Mediterranean sea. Creating a multi-cultural family.

Until one day; a mental breakdown nearly tore my whole dream apart.

My brain completely shut down.
I lost ALL my energy, my passion, my desire.
I almost couldn’t get out of bed, let alone serve my clients.

And then I realized I’d forgotten the most critical part of running a solo business:


As a freelancer or solopreneur, you ARE your business.

If there’s no you, there’s nothing to sell. And if there’s nothing to sell, there’s no business. It’s that simple.

So when my life turned upside down, the keys to my business turned as well.

In a desperate attempt to save my mental health, and my business, I hired a Life Coach.

(This was a scary investment to make at a time when my income had just dropped drastically, but the truth is: I just couldn’t see how I could afford NOT to take care of myself.)

Little did I know, this coaching experience was about to COMPLETELY change my life. For the better.

I not only managed to bring my brain – and business – back on track.

I also learned how to:

  • Purposely gain back my passion (even though I thought I’d lost it)
  • Manage my time and my energy in a way that works for ME
  • Reconnect with my own desires and make business fun again
  • Create more money (even though I reduced the hours I worked)
  • Set loving boundaries that helped me attract even dreamier clients – AND the love of my life
  • Cultivate an unstoppable self-confidence (Goodbye self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism! I don’t miss you!)
  • Have my own back, no matter WHAT happens to me (This is the ultimate freedom)
  • Go out and create a life that was even better than I ever imagined when I set out to become self-employed


Coaching taught me how to life-proof my business and build an even GREATER life than I ever dared to dream of.

Now I am here to help you do the same.

Kathrine Weissner

She helps high achievers, leaders & entrepreneurs end repetitive, painful patterns in their life using evidence-based mindset, strategic, energetic and somatic tools. If you want to uplevel your life & business, you have to uplevel yourself. End the self doubt, people pleasing & anxiety for good. Connect in with your true (unshakeable) inner confidence and trust and create rock solid loving boundaries to get the success, life & relationships you know you are meant for. Just imagine how good it will feel to be free from your self doubt, sabotage and have the confidence and clarity in your decisions & direction to get what you want in your life. You only live this life once, make it something you are proud of.

Katie Stolp

I spent more than two decades struggling with confidence and feeling like I was never enough until I found solutions that finally worked for good. Now, I’m on a mission to help other women breakthrough to authentic confidence, live their best lives, and change the world.

Deborah Thomas

As a woman over 50, it can be difficult to navigate all the changes in yourself and your life. You may find yourself feeling . . .

> Like you’ve lost touch with who you are and struggling to find yourself again.
> Confused about what life means now.
> Unfulfilled and lacking purpose.
> Stuck, don’t know what you want, and unable to move forward.
> Your future is like a blank screen with a buffering icon spinning in the center.

Who you were and the life you intentionally created has changed, and now, you find yourself wondering what’s next and if you’re supposed to just settle where you are. But settling means feeling empty, lost, and dissatisfied with your life. Deep inside, you know there’s more for you and your life, but you’re not sure what to do or how to start.

That’s where I come in! I help women over 50 achieve the clarity, confidence, and purpose they crave so they can stop settling for what life give them, start creating a life they love, and a future they can look forward to!

When you do you . . .

* Achieve more clarity.
* Gain deeper meaning.
* Increase your confidence.
* Discover newfound purpose.
* And become empowered in midlife.

The goal is not to change you but to change how you think, feel, and live so you can thrive in the second half of life as the extraordinary woman you are. The world underestimates what midlife women are capable of, and I’m on a mission to change that!

Your life, midlife and beyond, is filled with potential, purpose, and possibility. It’s calling you! Time to answer the call, realize your brilliance, and discover how to create a life you love and a future you can look forward to!