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Mimi Velleca

I help student athletes increase confidence and decrease anxiety on and off the field. I offer a proactive approach to wellness by providing a safe space for these young adults to work through the pressures of being a young adult & a student athlete.

I teach tools & skills that these young adults can immediately put to use in their daily lives to take care of themselves, to learn to manage their mind & emotions as they juggle the demands of being a student athlete.

I offer a safe place with no judgement and no agenda for them.  I teach them how to become aware of how we all create our own reality & I teach them that they can change their lives with these tools.

Marci Owen

As an Advanced Certified Life Coach, I help Christian moms over the age of 30 improve your self-love and self-worth. I understand that it can be easy to doubt yourself and feel unfulfilled, especially as a mom, but my goal is to help you redefine your beliefs about you. You will learn to love yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself! I will assist you in reaching your potential.

By working together, we can revamp your beliefs about who you think you are and empower you to change the narrative with yourself to become kind and compassionate with your You.

By using my four foundational pillars, we are able to do this.
1. Letting Go of Negative Self Talk
2. Moving on from Painful Past Experiences
3. Understanding Your Divinity and Who You Are
4. Becoming Self Confident.

Let’s work together to fully engage with your life and create the loving relationship that you yearn for. Schedule a free Clarity Call with me.

Amber Taylor

I teach changemakers to infuse pleasure into every aspect of their life and business so they can amplify their impact from a place of joy and ease.

There’s always room for more pleasure in your life and business. Let me help you clear the noise so you can focus on actually enjoying the amazingness you’ve already created.