Feeling Stuck In Life Ends This Week.

Brooke Will Show You How.


When you feel stuck how do you usually act?

My guess is you don’t take action. You feel bad about yourself. And then you end up with the same results that you’ve had for years.

The same stale job, the same uninspiring relationships, and the same feeling of frustration that gets worse week after week.

I felt the same way. I spent most of my life feeling this way until I discovered this one self development tool that literally changed my entire life.

This week, I want to teach you this tool.

In five days I will teach you the five steps of how to use this tool, and how to begin transforming the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the actions you take, and, ultimately, the results you see in your everyday life. Are you ready to get unstuck? Get Coached Week is the answer.

Get Coached Week is five days where we’ll meet live, every day, and I’ll teach you how to increase your motivation, get unstuck, and begin the next chapter of your life where you’ll be able to create exactly what you want.

I’m going to teach you my five-step framework to get you unstuck, and then coach you LIVE to overcome your limiting beliefs and show you a perspective on your life you may have never considered.

Learning this tool is one thing, but experiencing it being used LIVE is where your ultimate transformation will truly take place.

When you sign up for Get Coached Week, here’s exactly what will happen.

  • You’ll fill out the form below and pay the ridiculously inexpensive price for five days of world-class coaching and teaching.
  • Then you’ll receive an email with a free bonus mini-class from me introducing you to this tool that will change your life.
  • After that, you’ll get the link to join me live, for five days, from October 17th-21st. I’ll spend half of each class teaching you my most valuable tool, and then coaching you live using it. The transformation you’ll witness in yourself and your fellow students will be incredible.

Can’t make the live classes each day? Don’t worry—I’ll send you the replay each day so you can watch the calls on your own time and still achieve the transformation you’re looking for.

Case Studies

What I need you to understand is that you don’t need to continue living your life on autopilot. There is so much more out there for you, and I’m inviting you to discover your own possibility through the power of coaching.

Usually, my programs cost thousands of dollars and take longer to experience a full transformation. But I realize people need something quick and inexpensive that gives them relief right away. I sat down and asked myself what I could offer in only five days that would allow someone to go from frustrated, stuck, and feeling like their life was mired in one giant rut, to being in the drivers seat, motivated, and armed with the one tool they need to regain control of their life. Get Coached Week is the answer. And it’s my honor to offer it to you. I sincerely hope you join me on this five-day journey to a better life.

I’m Brooke Castillo. I’m a Master Certified Coach and the Founder of The Life Coach School. Yes, we’ve trained thousands of coaches all over the world; yes, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives with our tools and coaching; and yes, we’ve donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations all over the world, inspiring change at a local and global level. But none of that matters as much as one of my core values: to be an example of what’s possible.

I want to show you how you can also be an example of what’s possible. That might not be making millions of dollars or growing a global organization. It could be as simple as showing up as a better partner, a more confident leader, or a more patient parent. Join me for Get Coached Week, and I’ll show you exactly how these five steps can help you do that and so much more.

Here are your next steps:

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  • Check your email to receive the Zoom link to join the first call on Monday, October 17th.
  • Show up live and be ready to start your five-day transformation.

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What People Are Saying

“I’ve been coaching over a decade now and LCS has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, my wife and kids, my faith, my career (that I quit), my new six-figure business, and everyone who comes in contact with me.”

Glenn Lovelace

“Whether you pick one thing inside to focus on, or choose to dabble in different areas, the result will be life-changing. It was for me.”

Shaun Roney

“Learning about the Model and thought work opened up a whole new world. I changed my relationship with myself, my partner, my past, and my future.”

Helen Zetterlund