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You’re invited to an epic live coaching event. 

Coaching helps reveal your brain to you.

It shows you how your thoughts are determining how you…
Create Results.

This is your chance to experience it live.

Brooke Castillo is going to be coaching all day long.

What is a goal you’d like to achieve?

Where are you not showing up in the ways you most want to?

Come to Coachathon.

You will have life-changing insights.

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You never know exactly what’s going to happen when Brooke takes the stage. 

But it’s always a blast.



You. Brooke. Friends.

Get ready for a day of connection, laughter, and aha moments.

Date: April 2, 2024

Location: Miramar Cultural Center

Time: 9 am – 5 pm ET

Admittance: Purchase 30 days of Get Coached and receive your Coachathon ticket at no extra cost. 

**Free Admission for current Get Coached Members and Alumni Coaches**

What To Expect

Whether you’re asking a question on the mic or watching from your seat, you’ll receive something that speaks directly to you. A day of coaching can help you to:

  • Discover your purpose
  • Get out of overwhelm
  • Think about your future in a bigger way
  • Grow into your potential
  • Increase your income
  • Harness the power of your brain

Transformation will Happen

A Day Filled With Growth

This Coachathon is for anyone seeking to enhance their life—seeking more joy, fulfillment, and clarity. Whether you’re familiar with Brooke’s teachings or new to personal development, this day is for you. Bring a pen and journal, friends, curiosity, and an open heart.

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Your 30 days of Get Coached:

Inside Get Coached, you’ll receive group coaching sessions with Brooke, as well as weekly 20-minute one-on-one private coaching sessions with our Certified Coaches who are trained to help you find what is holding you back in your mind. With Get Coached, you’ll also receive 30 days of access to:

  • Group coaching call replays where you can see other people being coached (which gives you insights into your own life that are often the key to major breakthroughs).
  • Brooke’s Books: What’s Possible (digital + audio), Wisdom from the Life Coach School Podcast, Self Coaching 101, If I Am So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight.
  • Our entire course suite including: Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Self Confidence, Money: How to Have More of It, Achieving Your Goals, Relationships, The Possibility Formula, How to Be an Entrepreneur, and Monday Hour One (Productivity). (Valued at $12k)
  • Private podcast feed to listen to content on the go.
  • And so much more.

With the tools and coaching in Get Coached, you’ll feel your life change dramatically. This isn’t incremental slow change. This is massive, exponential change.

Get Coached is normally available as a monthly subscription. Your access will be for 30 days only, unless you choose to continue. You will not be charged again at the end of 30 days if you do nothing.


Experience Mind-Blowing Results


I just wanted to thank Brooke and your entire team for the amazing training and all of the time she donated to us to help make a difference in our lives. She truly cares about the world and wants to teach what she knows and make the world better. She’s a beautiful gift to the world and truly makes a positive difference. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you. You saved my life. The irony is, I save lives for a living. Yet, I had never thought to save my own. I take the tools and knowledge you have given me to make my life so much better. I’ve lost 30 pounds, taken a break from drinking alcohol, and improved relationships with myself, my husband, and co-workers.

This event is free to members of Get Coached and Active Alumni.
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