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When you compare your life to someone else’s life, you lose.

You miss the point.

You either feel inferior or superior.  Not a good multiple choice.

It’s the opposite of abundance.

When someone is kicking ass and taking names and killing it in what they do-the best feelings to choose from are admiration and inspiration.

Those feelings feel good. They create abundance. They generate positivity.

When someone is struggling, making mistakes, or suffering in their life-the best feelings to choose from are compassion, hope and love.

Another person’s life can be art to your life.  You can see it as it is without any negative emotion-just goodness.

Your life stands alone. It’s not perfect. It’s not better. It’s not worse.

It’s exactly what it is meant to be.

If you aren’t like someone else, it’s because you aren’t supposed to be.

If you don’t have what someone else has, it’s because you aren’t meant to.

Use other people’s lives only to feel good.

And then get back to minding your own beautiful business.