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Life Coach Training

For questions related to Certification & becoming a Life Coach through The Life Coach School, check out our Certification Page and enroll in the free mini training to learn about becoming a Certified Coach.

Self Coaching Scholars

Kim Job

Self Coaching Scholars Customer Support

Kim is responsible for all customer support and technical issues for Self Coaching Scholars members. She can help with your materials, update payment methods, and answer any technical questions you have about accessing the membership site and coaching calls. Self Coaching Scholars members can contact Kim at [email protected].

Books, Materials, & Technology

Corey Littlefield

Customer Support Books & Materials

For any books & materials related questions, contact Corey at [email protected].

Kim Job

Customer Support Technology

For any technological issues, contact Kim Job at [email protected].

The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo


Master Certified Instructor. Author. Curriculum Creator for The Life Coach School. Director of Self-Coaching Scholars.

The best way to share your experience and thoughts with Brooke is in the comments of her podcast. She responds to many of the questions in her Q& A podcasts. If you would like to schedule an interview with her or a time to speak with her, please contact Kim Job at [email protected].