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Creating a New Religion

At The Life Coach School, one of the assignments students have is to create a new religion based on what they have learned and what they want to believe about their own lives. Learn more |  thelifecoachschool.com

One of the assignments my students have in class is to create a new religion based on what they have learned and what they want to believe about their own lives.

One of the students, Michelle,  gave me permission to share hers…


My New Religion……

1. What you want, give.

This has been HUGE for me.  Not only does it feel so good to do so but offering what I want to others creates such peace, harmony and ease.  I have really noticed such a shift in my marriage since I decided to love and accept and appreciate Greg on purpose.

2. I have everything I need in this moment.

Consciously realizing this brings me to a place of gratitude and peace and abundance.  In this moment, I have food, love, health, life, SO MUCH.  It makes me feel safe and abundant and gives me such perspective.  This belief has helped me so much with my fears about money, work and where we are going to live etc.

3. NOTHING has gone wrong here.

This belief really helps me see that all the fear, scarcity, thoughts, stories are just my creation and helps me to steer towards truth and that is so empowering.  It also has helped me get to a place of looking at my circumstances as opportunities to truly learn and grow.  Such peace.  It's all good.

4. I am in charge of creating the life I want to live.

So empowering. This takes me from blame and resentment and pity party and victim to a place of owning my decisions and actions and beliefs.  Complete responsibility is in my hands.

5. It's not who I am, it's just what I'm thinking.

This is such a relief to me.  Since starting this work, I have realized so  many negative thoughts and beliefs that I truly and deeply believed defined me.  I've spent years avoiding connection through spending, eating, drinking, tantruming because it was so painful to be with who I thought I was.  I hated and berated myself and had so much shame and embarrassment and felt so powerless and weak.  It's taken a long long time for it to sink in that I am enough, worthy of my own love and believe in myself, that I am perfect and good right this very moment.  It is time to stop the battle and to choose love.