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Brooke Castillo

17. Directing Your Thinking

Directing your thinking means to be aware of what you are thinking and then to consciously decide what to think.


For example.  If you have a large plate of food, you will need to stay connected by thinking the thought-I am at 1 I am at 2 etc.


This is the opposite of fogging out. Fogging out means you ignore your thoughts and feelings and let them unconsciously drive your action(overeating).


Will power is not the same as directing your thinking.


Will power is trying to take action without changing the thought driving the initial action.


Ex: T:  I will always be fat   A: Eat Less


This thought/action combo contradicts so it requires will power.

If you “direct” your thinking by choosing to think: It is possible for me to lose weight and then having the action of stopping at two-you don't need to use will power.