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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Master Life Coach

Life, Mindset & Self Mastery Coach

Expert-Certified Coach & Physician Mom

Christian Coach for Christian Mom Business Owners

Master Certified Life and Weight coach, Scholar's Coach, PCOS to Pregnancy Coach

Relationship Life Coach for Women Professionals & Realtors

Life and Weight Loss Coach for South Asian Women Professionals

Success Coach

Life & Relationship Coach for Women

Life Coach for Athletes and Artists

Life Coach for Elite Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Psychedelic and Altered States Integration Coach

Teen Confidence and Social Skills Coach

Career, Mindset & Life Coach for Physicians

Beyond Being Childless Coach

Physician Life Coach

Life Coach

Life & Mindset Coach for LGBTQ+ Individuals and Allies

Life Coach for Veterinary Surgeons

Intuition & Confidence Coach • Hypnotherapist

Master Life Coach

Certified Life Coach

Master Coach for Experts

Transformational Money Coach

The Authentic Confidence Coach

ADHD Coach

Transformational Life Coach for Women over 40

The Life Coach For Immigrant Businesswomen

Life and Goal Coach

Coach to Gifted Introverts

Master Certified Feminist Time Coach

How to Stop Looking at Porn For Doctors

Master Mindset Coach for Coaches

Empowering Women Physicians


The Midlife Upgrade Coach for Women

Life, Business & Dharma Coach

Master Impossible Goal Coach

The Single Dad Coach

Physician Mom Life Coach

Mindfulness & Productivity Life Coach for Professional Women

Coach for BIPOC & Equity Centered Business Coach-sultant

Physician Life Coach

Women's Empowerment and Life Purpose Coach

Emotional Health Coach

The Deep Dive Coach

Certified Coach

Life and Parent Coach

Master Life and Weight Loss Coach

Self-Love & Body Confidence Coach

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