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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Life Coach for Still Single and Divorced LDS Women

Coach for People Who Grew Up with an Unavailable Parent

Body, Mind, and Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Life and Career Coach for Physicians

The Confidence Coach for Executive Spouses

Anne Thomas Life Coach for Empty Nesters

Grumpy Wives Coach

Brain Over Binge Coach

Confidence & Boundary Coaching

Business Coach for Holistic Nutritionists

Body Positivity & Weight Loss Coach

Relationship Rebound & Self Love Coach

Burnout, Life & Business Coach for Physicians

Business Coach for Creatives

The Curvy Girl Dating Coach

Dating & Relationship Coach

Coach for Artists & Creative People

Business Coach for Catholic Moms

Life Coach for Women Who Work

The Weight Coach for Your Whole Family

Leadership & Life Coach

Self Love Coach

Overwhelm Coach

Happy Eater Coach

Success Mindset Coach for Professional Muslim Women

The "What's Next?" Coach for High-Achieving Physicians

Birth Confidence Coach

Purpose after Parenting Coach for Moms

The Coach for Moms Whose Kids Don't Come to Church

Business & Marketing Coach

Body and Mindset Transformation Life Coach

Time and Mindset Coach

Relationship and Leadership Coach for Women Physicians

Life Coach for Physician Parents of Special Needs Children

Change Coach for Women

Life Coach

Life Coach in Coping with Emotions

Life + Business Coach for Artists

Money Mindset Coach

Women’s Empowerment Life Coach

Eating Disorder & Dis-ordered Eating Recovery Coach

Life Coach, Aging Expert, Spiritual Woman

Life Coach for Spouses of Entrepreneurs

Life Coach for Musicians

Moving Forward Mindset Coach

Up-Level at Mid-Life Coach

Life & Mindset Coach for Introverted High Achievers

Healthy Eating Coach For Women

Money Mindset & Business Coach

Mental Health and Addictions Life Coach

Coach for STEMM Doctor Moms & Latina Physicians