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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Life and Weight Loss Coach For Women

CPG Food Business Coach

Faith Based Life Coach

Mindset & Life Coach

Embodiment Performance Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Sugar Rehab Coach

Working Mom Coach

Body Image & Weight Loss Coach

Self Advocacy Coach

Relationship Resilience Coach (LDS)

Better Than Healthy and Better Than Sexy

Healthcare Worker, First Responder, & Military Personnel Coach

Beyond Therapy Coach

Life Coach for the Overwhelmed Single Mom

Public Health Career Coach

Personal Life Coach for Emotional Resilience (FR/EN)

Executive Career Coach

Coach for Women Physicians of Color

Time & Productivity Coach

Love Your House Coach

Confidence Coach for Women and Teenage Girls

Sex & Intimacy Coach

Midlife Redesign Coach

Teen Life Coach

Mind Body Weightloss Coach

Physician Burnout Life Coach

Life & Adventure Coach

Adventure Mindset Coach for Women

Life Coach for Mothers with Mum Guilt

Life and Leadership Coach

The Billing Coach

Down Syndrome & Special Needs Mom Coach

Dating Coach for High-Achieving Women

Faith Transition Coach for Moms

Coach to the Childless After Fertility Treatments

Copywriting Coach for Life Coaches

Business & Mindset Coach

Weight Loss Doesn't Have to Suck

Life & Business Coach for Advanced Practice Nurses

Coach for Career-Minded, Christian, Single Moms

Life & Wellness Coach

Business Scalability Coach

Work-Life Balance for Social Entrepreneurs

Physician Wellness Coach

Loss & Life-Change Coach for Christian Women

Mindset and Confidence Coach for Introverted Professional Women

Life & Relationship Coach

Living Intentionally Coach

Life After Divorce Coaching

Business Process & Mindset Coach, LGBTQ+ Advocate

Life Design Coach