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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
Search the directory to find the coach who is right for you.

Empowerment Coach for Sensitive Souls

Running & Mindset Coach

Master Life Coach for Widowed Moms

Master Love & Relationship Coach

Brand and Content Specialist & Coach

Grief Coach

Life Coach for Anesthesiologists

Mental Endurance Coach

Success Coach for Women of Color from Ambition to Achievement

Burntout Dads Coach

Life and Fitness Coach

The Coach for New Coaches

Weight Loss Coach for Men

Life Coach for Elite Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Life Coach for Human Resources

The Authentic Confidence Coach

Master Certified Coach and Personal Stylist

Life Coach to Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Certified Life Coach for Women Physicians

The Deep Dive Coach

Self-Love & Body Confidence Coach

Life and Empowerment Coach

The Coach for Stressed Out Moms

Coach to Gifted Introverts

Mindfulness & Productivity Life Coach for Professional Women

Career & Personal Brand Coach

The Midlife Sex Coach For Women

Relationship Life Coach for Women Professionals & Realtors

Intuition & Confidence Coach • Hypnotherapist

Life Coach For High Achieving Women

Master Feminist Perimenopause Body Image Confidence Coach

Time and Business Coach

Life Coach and Mindset Mentor

Business & Time Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Burnout Coach for Women Lawyers

Master Certified Feminist Time Coach

Weight Loss Coach to Food-Lovers

Sex Love & Over-drinking

Peaceful Relationships & Parenting Trans Kids Coach

Menopause Health and Life Coach

The Workout Mentality Coach

Family, Relationship, Stress and Anxiety Coach

Master Life Coach

Career & Life Coach

Mind-Body Resiliency and Burnout Coach for High Achieving Professionals

Life, Mindset & Self Mastery Coach

Relationship & Infidelity Coach

Master Weight Loss Coach

Copy & Content Coach

Weight Loss Coach

Empowering Women Physicians

General Life Coach for Mid- Career Women Physicians

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