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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Life Coach for Elite Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Certified Life Coach

The Midlife Sex Coach For Women

Master Life, Weight, and Binge Eating Coach

Self-Love & Body Confidence Coach

The Deep Dive Coach

Holistic Health Coach

Mindfulness & Productivity Life Coach for Professional Women

Weightloss Coach

Life Coach for Female Breadwinners

Life and Weight Loss Coach for South Asian Women Professionals

Stress & Anxiety Coach and Educator for Women, Tween, and Teen Girls

ADHD Coach

Calm Mom Coach

Mindset Coach for Moms

Life and Fitness Coach

Master Coach

Career, Mindset & Life Coach for Physicians

Master Mindset and Health Coach

Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Resiliency Coach

Mindset, Money, & Life Coaching for Physicians

Master Weight Loss Coach

Master Life and Productivity Coach

Life Coach & Leadership Trainer for Women Leaders

How to Stop Looking at Porn For Doctors

Life, Business & Dharma Coach

Physician / Certified Life Coach

Weight Loss Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Life Coach for Women in Their 50s and Beyond

Master Executive and Personal Brand Coach for Women

The Thriving Teen & Sports Mindset Coach

Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach

Master Parenting Coach

Chief Financial Mom Coach

Certified Life Coach

Life and Parent Coach

Master Life and Weight Loss Coach

The Overcoming Pornography Coach

Business Coach for Doctors/Dentists

Brand and Content Specialist & Coach

The Coach for New Coaches

Career Strategist for Women in Tech

Overcoming Addiction Coach

The Dad Coach

Master Life Coach for Widowed Moms

Master Certified Coach and Personal Stylist

Psychedelic Integration Coach

Career Coach for Pre-Tenure Women Faculty

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