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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Faith Transition Coach for Moms

Burnout, Life & Business Coach for Physicians

Life Coach for Moms

Career Coach for Professional Women

Career, Life and Mindset Coach

Running Mindset Coach

Life and Mindset Coach for Gen-X Men & Women

Introvert, Shyness, Social Anxiety Coach

Overwhelm Coach

Business Coach for Artists

Life Re-Invention Coach

Relationship and Anxiety Coach

Veterinary Career Transition Coach

Business and Time Management Coach for Moms

Moving Forward Mindset Coach

Work-Life Balance & Negotiations Coach for Working Mothers

Certified Life Coach

Life Coach for Still Single and Divorced LDS Women

The Parenting Coach

Health & Wellness Coach for Educators

Confidence Coach for Q+ Hairstylists

Infertility Life Coach

Time & Productivity Coach

Life Coach for Creative Moms

Body Positivity & Weight Loss Coach

Certified Life Coach

Body Love and Weight Loss Coach for Women Over 40

Money & Life Coach

Drill Down Coach

Sleep and Self-Care Coach

Business Mindset Magician

Life Coach for Faith Centered Entrepreneurs

Financial Coach for Business Owners

Self Confidence Coach

Infidelity & Love Coach

Life and Career Change Coach

Mindfulness Coach for Midlife Moms

Coach for Midlife Women Who've Dieted Their Entire Lives

No Gain Weight Loss Coach

Share your gifts with this world without fear or doubt!

Depression Coach for Moms

Life + Triathlon Coach

Weight Loss Coach for Women over 40

Midlife Dream Coach

Certified Life Coach, Board Certified in Obesity Medicine

Life Coach for Widows

Mindset & Dating Coach for Men

Life & Relationships Coach for Law Enforcement Wives

Confidence Coach for Young Women

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