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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
Search the directory to find the coach who is right for you.

Confidence Coach

Life Coach for Midlife Moms

Corporate Employee Empowerment Coach

Certified Life Coach

Master coach for parents to teach their children about sex

Weight Loss Coach

Divorce + Confidence Coach

Confidence Coach for Latter-Day Saint Moms

Business and Marketing Coach

Relationship Coach for Stepmoms

Life Coach for School Leaders

Confidence Coach for Mothers of Teenagers

Retirement Coach and Money Coach

Certified Life Coach & Divorce Mentor for LDS/ Christian Women

Golf Mindset Coach

Relationship Coach

Marriage Coach for Orthodox Jewish Women

Gut Health and Mindset Coach

Certified Life Coach for Moms

Faith Crisis & Transition Coach

Midlife Coach for Women Over 50

The Corporate Women's Resilience Coach

Weight Loss Coach

Brain Over Binge Coach

Grumpy Wives Coach

Life Coach for Physicians

Coach for Beauty Industry Professionals

Climate & Sustainability Solutions Coach

Teen Life Coach

Dating Coach for Women in Their Prime

Energy Healing Coach

The College Coach

Coach for Working Moms Parenting Boys with ADHD & Emotional Dysregulation

Home + Life Organizing Coach

Dating & Relationship Coach

Weight Coach & Chief Rebel Officer

Anxiety/Confidence Coach for Teens & Adults

Life & Business Coach

Business Mindset Coach

Life Coach for Teachers

Relationship Coach

Coach for Career-Minded, Christian, Single Moms

Burnout Coach for Female Physicians

Coach for Divorced Women

General Life Coach & Executive Coach

Beyond Therapy Coach

Mind & Body Intelligence Coach for Entrepreneurs

Coach For Mums of Kids With ADHD, Anxiety, or Other Unique Needs

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