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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Life Coach and Plant Spirit Medicine Integration

Weight Loss Coach

The Brain Cleanup Coach

Oncologist and Breast Cancer Coach

The Tech Mentor for Coaches

New Year's Resolution Coach

Purpose Coach

Business Coach

Deep Dive Coach

Working Mom's Weight Loss Coach

Peaceful Parenting Life Coach

Career Coach for Midlife Women

Academic Medicine Coach

Life Coach for the Ambitious Woman

Veterinary Career Transition Coach

Veterinary Life Coach

Human Design Specialist for Female Entrepreneurs

Love Your Daughter-in-law ~ Master Coach

Business and PR Coach

Weight Loss Coach for Women over 40

Life Coach for Women Who Want to Get Married

Career Confidence Coach and Mentor

Life and Intuition Coach

Weight Loss Coach for Women Over 40

Clutter Coach + Pro Organizer

Life & Career Coach

Life Coach for Stay at Home Moms

Sales and Business Coaching

Life and Health Coach for Women in Midlife

Empowerment Coach

Life Coach

Food Addiction Coach

Feminist Time Coach

Intentional Living & Alcohol Freedom Coach

The Emotional Resilience Coach

Celebrity Coach

Life After Divorce Coach

Certified Burn Out Coach

Business and Leadership Coach

Weight Loss Coach

Autoimmune Life Coach

Charting Coach

Self Confidence Coach

Life Coach for Catholic Moms

Emotional and Spiritual Abuse Recovery Coach

Successful but Unhappy Female Millennial Coach

Weight Coach for Dentists

Integrative Coach for Healing Focused Entrepreneurs