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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
Search the directory to find the coach who is right for you.

Life and Weight Loss Coach for South Asian Women Professionals

Life & Holistic Health Coach

Life Coach for Veterinary Surgeons

Spirituality and Relationship Coach

Life & Money Coach for High Earning Women Who Overspend

Stress & Anxiety Coach and Educator for Women, Tween, and Teen Girls

Expert-Certified Coach & Physician Mom

The Journaling Coach

Millennial Clutter Coach + Feng Shui Practitioner

Trauma-Informed Story Work and Life Coach

The Discouragement Coach

Burntout Dads Coach

Mindset, Money, & Life Coaching for Physicians

Physician / Certified Life Coach

Life and Confidence Coach for People in Tech

The Midlife Upgrade Coach for Women

Empowerment Coach for Women Over 50

Life and Fitness Coach

Self Love & Self Care Coach

The Mindset Coach for Midlife Men

Certified Life and Business coach

Life Coach for Midlife Moms

The Timeless To Do List Coach

Autoimmune Life Coach

Life Coach for Rare Moms

Life & Mindset Coach for Introverted High Achievers

The Big Birthday Coach

Mindset & Life Coach

Mindset & Dating Coach for Men

Coach for Caregivers in The Sandwich Generation

Life Coach for Women in Climate

Physician and Certified Life Coach

Happiness Coach

The Post-Traumatic Growth Coach

weightloss & general life coach

Adventure Mindset Coach for Women

Working Mom Coach

Life Coach for Women with Brains


Life Coach-Beyond Sobriety

Life & Confidence Coach

Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach

Life and Intuition Coach

Sports Mindset Coach for Athletes, Parents and Sports Coaches

The Thriving Coach

Anxiety/Confidence Coach for Teens & Adults

Next Right Thing Coach for Parents of Q+ kiddos of Conservative Faith Background

Chronic Health Issues Coach

Mindset & Life Coach

Life Coach for Purpose Driven People

The Trichotillomania Coach

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