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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Body and Mind Life Coach

Money & Life Coach

Marriage Coach for Moms

Parenting and Kids Coach

Golf Mindset Coach

Life Balance Coach for Overwhelmed Moms

Life Coach for Teen Girls

General Life Coach

Master Coach for Moms of Teens

Life Coach for Teachers

Work/Life Balance Coach for Working Mums

Certified Financial Planner and Money Mindset Coach

Career & Life Coach

Professional Certified Life Coach

Anxiety Coach for Teens

Self-Discipline Coach for Teachers and Business Professionals

Adult Child Relationship Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

Embodiment Performance Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Business & Marketing Coach

Alive & Thrive Life Coach

Physician Burnout Life Coach

Latine, Veteran & Health Care Worker Coach

Gut Health and Mindset Coach

Confidence Coach for Mothers of Teenagers

Gottman Certified Couples Counselor & Relationship Coach

Life Coach for Parents, Youth and Families

Life, Money & Connection Coach for Entrepreneurs

The Life Coach for Jewish Women

Life & Career Coach for High Achieving Women

Creative Expansion Coach

Moms With Teen Daughters Coach

Postpartum Weight Loss Coach

Conversations with Connie

Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach

Life & Marriage Coach for Women Whose Husbands Have a Mental Illness

Time Management for Hardworking Go-Getters in Corporate

Teen Anxiety Coach

Share your gifts with this world without fear or doubt!

The "Get Organized" Coach

Business Coach

Mindset Expert for Business Owners

Post-Traumatic Growth Coach

Certified Life and Business coach

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